Surface Laptop 3 13″ is the Best Surface Laptop!

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“As you guys know i ve reviewed the microsoft surface laptop 315 inch on the the channel. I reviewed the amd version. I said i like the fact that microsoft creating a 15 inch version of this product. I just don t think going with amd this year.

Was the right move. They should have waited for the next. Gen. Amd.

Processors. And for software companies to catch up optimize. The software to work better with amd parts because right now in the mobile space. Intel.

Is still king now. I did finally get a chance to play with the 13 inch version of the surface laptop and i personally feel this is the best bang for your buck surface laptop. 3. You can buy so the first thing to consider is portability like if you travel a lot or you re constantly on the move 13 inch version just makes more sense.

It s just a lighter and smaller laptop to carry around it s not like you re getting more ports. If you go up to the 15 inch model like both of these laptops share the same io the usb a port usb type c..

Which is not thunderbolt. 3. Audio jack and the surface connect like when you go from a macbook pro 13. To a 15 inch version.

You re getting two more thunderbolt. 3 ports. These laptops are not giving you anything different the next thing is display. This is probably the only area that the 15 inch version.

Really excels on and that s only because the display itself is significantly. Bigger but here s the. Thing i actually think the 135 inch version is the sweet spot. You want to be working with because you re using that 3 by 2 aspect.

Ratio because you have that vertical space this 135 inch display feels a lot bigger than it actually is color. Accuracy. Brightness is exactly the same between both of these laptops hard drive. Speeds are exactly the same between both of these laptops same goes for keyboard and touchpad if you re looking for the best windows touchpad right.

Now you re gonna find it on a surface laptop sound quality has improved this here as well. But it s still coming out of the speakers..

It s really nice and clear at the high end with good trouble and good mids. The bass is kind of lacking. But for sound. That s coming out of the keyboard.

I think they did a pretty good job performance is another area where the 13 inch version just excels over the amd 15 inch. I mean like the intel processors inside of here are just better optimized by most applications especially true for using adobe even if you re just watching 4k video. If you re rendering something if you re using photoshop or even if you re just compiling code. This is just a faster experience now the amd version does offer slightly better performance in games.

But at the end of the day. These are not gaming laptops and i imagine. Most people are not going to be gaming on them repairability and upgrade ability is the same on both of these laptops. It s a lot easier this year compared to last.

But the only thing you can really upgrade is the drive like if you want a bigger ssd you can do that but everything else is pretty much soldered on to the motherboard now. I know there s a business edition of the 15 inch microsoft surface laptop. 3 and that does offer intel processors. But again if you go with the 15 inch version.

Doesn t matter if you go with amd or intel. You re gonna take a big hit on battery life..

Both of these laptops. The 15 and the 13 both have a 45 watt hour battery. I don t think it was a good move for microsoft to put the same battery that s inside the 13 inch version into the 15 inch version. I m getting 10 hours of battery life.

Doing productivity with the surface laptop 3 13. Inches compared to only 4 or 5. With the amd version now i ve personally not tested the 15 inch intel business variant of it so i m not sure what kind of battery life. You re gonna get.

But i imagine you re not gonna get any more than 7 to 8 hours of use so here are my closing thoughts. If you have your mind set on a surface laptop. I really think you should consider the 13 inch version. First yes.

It has a smaller display. But you re getting something that s smaller portable and even though it s 13 inches. It feels like you re working on something bigger plus you re saving money because it s a few hundred dollars cheaper than the 15 inch model and you get much better battery life. Now.

If you really have your mind set on the 15 inch version. Get the business edition..

In fact right now. It s actually being sold cheaper than the amd model. You can t buy it directly off the microsoft website. But i ll place a couple of retailers in the description.

Down below let me know your thoughts on the surface laptop. 3. Probably. One of my favorite.

Ultra books that you can currently buy right now. I think for the next iteration. I would have loved to see microsoft play some better ports on the sides like the video. If you liked it subscribe.

If you haven t already and i ll see you guys in the next video you ” ..

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