Surface Pro 4: 9 Months Later

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” s been nine months to review the surface pro for abusing. It as pretty much much my daily computer every day since then so that an update. My thoughts on how things have changed or not changed. And that review came out soldiers fresh shirts is 2056 gig.

Hard drive eight gigs of ram and core i5 processor. One of the biggest issues that i had as a surface pro. 4. Was battery life.

Microsoft claimed about 9 hours of video playback. Obviously that s totally subjective depending on screen brightness and what you re watching. But i was not getting that originally i was getting usually between 4 to 5 hours there s been a lot of software updates that have come since this computer was released and a lot of them famously addressed really old code that never should have been the compute in the first place to fix battery life. I m getting about an hour.


An hour and a half more than i did originally i am also getting something new. I didn t get before and that heat and fan noise coming out of the side of the computer. I originally loved how quiet and cool. The computer was so that s quiet and a little less cool nothing that is annoying.

But something that s definitely changed originally. I also gushed a lot about the new type covered side cover for this is not the one that has a fingerprint reader built in but i liked how easy it was to type and the more i typed on it the more i appreciate having it as a mobile option. I m traveling i do travel a lot with this but using it as a computer at home i m using now an external keyboard i found it to be a little bit cramped and the trackpad starts get a little jerky for me it was originally very smooth scrolling at the beginning. But then the more i would start to scroll and where i used it i tend to get a little less fluid.

I don t really like that so i went to the external keyboard and a wireless mouse. I m using this at home actually the surface pro 3 dock. And it works pretty well just for whatever that s worth windows hello. I still absolutely love it seems like a magic trick to me that it works.


But i have to worry about passwords. I can just look at it and it will sign me in i think when the big features about the surface line has always been the hinge. No microsoft calls laugh ability if an angle hinge is still really good. But there is a little bit of give a little bit of flex that was not there originally just probably from wear and tear.

There s a little bit of wiggle and noise. When you get to a little bit of the higher angles. That tends to be diminished a little bit. But it s not as tight as it once was nothing that would prevent me from using it something that i ve noticed the screen has held up really well traveled with this thing.

Quite a bit about all over the world. I don t have any dents or scratches. And i ve got protecting. It is just the type cover on the front.


The surface line is kind of interesting now it was rigidly put out as a reference design to show manufacturers what windows 8 at the time could be there s a lot of other windows 10 computers out there less expensive windows. 10 computers. That do something very similar. What i still find very attractive and alluring about the surface pro line devices the magnesium build it just feels really premium to me.

And i appreciate that and for me that s worth the extra cost. But if that s not worth it for you there are now a ton more options than there were back nine months ago would i buy this again yes i would absolutely buy us again. I ve loved using it it s still for the same people that i said in the review it s for those that aren t into heavy 3d rendering that aren t doing heavy gaming that aren t doing much video edit the more changes coming to surface pro for windows 10th anniversary edition. Is coming for all windows 10 devices can bring with it things like windows inc.

Essentially an entirely new area that the operating system their new sticky note options. Cortana is a lot smarter just little improvement. The operating system a little bit more elegant if you want to see us do an updated video when windows hannover tradition hits give the video a thumbs up to let us know you want to see that overall though boils down to this or surface pro 4. I still recommend it as much as i did nine months ago.


I ve been happy with its puddling. The best computers i own and beyond that probably the most reliable computers. I own throwing this guy in my bag. It weighs almost nothing if you want to computer that s light.

It s gonna be powerful enough. It s gonna get the job done and look good doing it i can still recommend. ” ..


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