Survivor: Ghost Island – Jeff Probst s Cast Assessment

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“A lot of really likeable people you might like them as a villain. You might might like them as a hero. But just they re fun to watch michael. I this kid.

I forget he s 18 in his real life he lives a lie he tells people he s in his 20s because of his job. She s a bizarre thing pretending to be 24 is not the same as being 24. He s still 18 and i m gonna be looking for those moments when the 18 year old comes out to see how he can handle desiree. She s a threat really young.

But people won t know it super smart people might overlook it physically gifted. I d prefer in my favorites category of having a shot of winning this game. Chris is a puzzle to me i can t figure out if this game is going to play to his strengths or his weaknesses. But he comes in with a really compelling story he s out here playing for his mom.

My mom was diagnosed with ms at 27. She s still smiled she still got up the next day and kept going on she s just a super woman he s a likable guy. He s obviously physically imposing and a good looking guy. The questions gonna be how will he do socially chelsea.

What i love about chelsea in this game..

Is that there s much more beneath the exterior of a young attractive woman. She s an emt so she s put herself in a career in which she is often in these life or death situations with the highest stakes. There are my hope for chelsea would be to downplay as much as possible who i really am and let you think i m only this because when the pressure hits. I m going to be able to handle it better than most people james is one of my favorites james has the highest iq of anyone that s ever been on our show.

I liken james to a machine. I hope that james gets out on the beach and we watch a guy learn how to behave with other humans in front of our eyes. Laurel is somebody we ve wanted on the show for a while she s so threatening in so many ways and she s gonna have to downplay that early if somebody says are you smart not really if somebody says you have let it kind of because the truth is she s a threat on every level and that could work against her i love sebastian. I think kids are gonna love sebastian.

He has that air about him that is nothing s really that serious figure. It out man jena is one of my favorites out of the gate. And here s why she came up with this idea that my face doesn t always express what i m feeling turns out she started looking at herself differently and working on that and realizing i want the world to know that i m happier than it must look like i am. And she said her whole life is starting to change.

So i love the jenna s coming into the game so tuned in to her social dynamic play and i m really curious to see where that takes her to me. Wendell captures everything we want in a survivor contestant everything likable he s smart he s got cool background of skills he s got a great sense of humor he can play the social game. He s a threat. Which means he could be out early.

But he s so gifted he could go all the way to the end those guys when they walk in the room men or women for me..

It s instant. It s not a second guess. I like stephanie. She works in the family business and we ll use flirting to get somebody to open themselves up to a conversation and then it becomes all business.

The women who can use their charm to get a guy in a conversation and then immediately start working him they tend to come out on top let s give it a go. Jacob is a superfan who blogs about the show. I really like him jacob was not the most popular kid and he was bullied a little bit. But he stayed with it and now he s more powerful and i m really excited for him to get out here and try to engage with other people.

The other stephanie really impressed with gone through a lot of life changes. She s been checking off a lot of boxes. I m changing this i m changing this i m getting rid of that and getting rid of this survivor. I m ready the downside of having momentum as you enter survivor is you can have too much and blow people away with your heightened energy.

So stephanie s gonna have to i don t want to come out of me like wow i mean my outfit alone is gonna be whoo brendon represents. What is beautiful about survivor. He s a good looking physically fit well spoken confident leader. He s got it all.

But the way the game works is i could just vote you out..

So brendon has to get out of his own way kellan is one of my favorites. She s flirting with the universe in the best possible way what do you got. I m open let s play. And that s the theme ghost island is here to play.

I don t know how well she ll do in the game. But i think she s going to be a spark plug and a livewire and i would imagine she s going to attract people to her question will be does she make the right decisions with who she aligns with dominic. He s super funny big opinions colorful past big story a lot of emotion. He s primed for this game.

And i don t know whether he ll be first out or win. But i don t think anybody will forget him libby you re not sure if she s gonna be a gamer or a fader because she s unproven still but when i look at her history in life. I would bet on her being a gamer and that she s going to dig in and get dirty flirt. If she has to it seems like she would do very well socially donathan.

One of a kind he deserves this adventure that kid spends his life taking care of other people. And he s getting out of the country and getting this experience of a show he loves nothing would make me happier than to see donathan just thrive out here and get deep in the game. We loved morgan the minute she walked in i loved her energy. I love what she does for a living.

I think she s really likable and spontaneous..

I will be really curious to see how she handles split second decisions. I think she would be a great alliance member as far as getting to the end don t know bradley. I loved when he walked in he was one of the most confident arrogant guys. I ve met in a long time and when you talk to him he s pretty gifted he s sharp.

He s smart he wants to work in divorce court as a lawyer. Because he loves conflict. Oh you found the right game. Angela is another person coming into the game at a really interesting point in their life.

She had a long career in the military along marriage. Now she s out of the military out of her marriage. Both her kids are out of school suddenly for the first time in her life. Angela has time to just focus on angela and she chooses one of the most difficult.

But exciting adventures you could choose angela could flame out on day one it could overwhelm her or angela could bare your head for a minute take a look around get her bearings and be phenomenal here s the thing about survivor. The players know do you have a bar that s been set that you better get above because if you come into survivor. Now and you don t believe that tribal council is truly alive you re probably. ” .


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