T-Mobile Nexus 6 first impression

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“Guys welcome back to another video so this is the first impressions of the motorola motorola google nexus. 6. Whatever you want to say it is in any event this a beautiful device and i have been extremely happy with it thus far so the first thing. I m going to do with this normally.

I do a first impression. I just talked about what i like about it and how its impressed me. But i got to point this out immediately one thing. I would suggest that you do is go into your settings and go to apps.

Find cloud print and disable it because cloud print is going to annoy you for some reason it just if you re using the phone. It will pop up and crash. And i don t know if in a lot of other users have had this issue. But it s it s done that to me and i m talking about it s annoying.

So i suggest that you disable cloud printing. If that s happening to you shots are rolling to hear. He s on google follow matthew 9. He s a techie as well cuz.

I don t know he does videos. But he s definitely attacking he s keeping up with everything so he hit me up on google. And i think we turned ours off at the same time and we even know it. But yeah that that cloud print immediately i had to shut that off that was definitely no but other than that people um.

Another thing. That is kind of annoying is this back cover it definitely looks like it s an old device already and it s just this almost can pass for a fake leather. I don t know it s just it s weird how his fingerprints just won t go well you have to really smudge it down and wipe it off a little little damp rag or something to get it to actually clear the thing of fingerprints. But you know that s that s kind of a it s not really uh uh something to make you upset.

But it is a little annoying at times. If it s there something else a shot to marques brownlee in his video. He pointed out that he lays his phone on the table and texts and i do too and he was right of course. You probably won t be able to do that you need to get something to prop it on and then you ll you ll be able to do it.

And it won t be so bad. This is a one of my leather walls. And it s got a little curve to it so it s not that bad. But i will say that you know you won t be able to do this because it s going to rock.


But in the same in the same token. This isn t a deal breaker for me that doesn t bother me that much at all i can live with that because i just won t sit it on the table or i ll put it on something if i want to text fluid pneus of the device it s just ridiculous and it s there is absolutely nothing that i don t like about a lollipop super nice one other thing i wanted to point out was in the unboxing. I said something about blow. We re from t mobile well there is no bloatware from t mobile the my t mobile application app that installs on first for my sim in there it installed but you can actually take that off so.

That s not something that should deter you nothing like the att version with branding and you know it s locked to at t. All those things you know don t don t worry about that it s not there. The device is extremely fluid. There was nothing on here i put all of this software that s the social the games.

The other apps. I put all that stuff on there myself so there s nothing on this device. But just google stuff and they have it one thing. I didn t change was they have a create folder now which i think that s nice is you got all your your docs your sheets.

It s like everything s in there you got your play with your games. Movies music newsstand books and they have the google folder over here. I m leaving that as is because i use those and i thank them for grouping them together for me. And i added the social and i had the games and pretty much you know i m sticking with it the way it is it s really really nice.

I think the device is definitely shining when it comes to build quality. You know it basically you know isn t oversized moto x. 2014. But it s definitely a much more killer device compared to the moto x.

2014. I was contemplating getting a pure version from the google play store. Another group authority. The from motorola and i still might but not yet because this device suits every need that the the killer features of the phone that i like is the dual speakers and i m talking about these are dual stereo speakers they re not boom sound.

I know that s the question that people have been asking me. And you don t you put in the comments. Too. But if you re watching this video.

I m telling you now you don t have to ask these aren t bone sound. It can never be balloons down. But these are super clear they re right under the htc one m8 speakers there right under boomsound. I mean.


It s not that it s bad they re just not as basie and but other than that it s pretty much louder chambers on the 18 mm eight. It s definitely a lot bigger. So it s better. But other than that i mean the speakers on here are going to satisfy you don t think they re not another thing that i ve been enjoying is when i pick up my phone.

As you can see here it ll it ll unlock my device. That s something you can set up in your the features of the phone. You can put the watch as a trusted device and every time you pick up your phone. I have a passcode on here.

But when i pick up my phone. The watches recognize it and it unlocks it for me. I think that it s one fantastic fantastic feature you just that is just amazing because i m happy with that i ll have to put my password in every time. I pick up my phone when i m wearing my watch.

And i wear the watch i guess all day when i m doing my day to day tasks. I ve gotten used to it. And it s there especially now that i have the phone to match. It s just a perfect combination and i know that s crazy coming from me.

Because wearables is just not my thing sato for a review of this and the and also comparing it a little bit to the gear s. Which i still like still have but this is definitely a hotter item. But you know coming from me under the wearable thing is shocking. But you know i guess.

It was just a matter of how i would pay for it or having the right device to actually get some real use out of it. And i m actually pretty happy with it especially now that i have this device. But the nexus. 6.

Isn t too big and i may have big hands. But i know women that carry galaxy notes or while i send make 4 g. s you know so sighs. This is where we re going people.

If you can t get on board or you just don t like it don t get on board. But don t bash a large phone just because you believe it s a bad idea or well you know i retract that you can do what you want to do. But i m telling you this is the way technology is going and even in stubborn as i was about the wearables like i just said eventually. I found a way to like it and you know i actually have great use for because i don t take my phone out all the time and i can reply right from my moto 360.


Which i didn t think it will be useful. When i didn t have it. But now that i have it i m excited about it i m really been enjoying it but 6 inch phones. This is where we re going dual speakers next you know we ll see quad.

Speakers on. Here we ll see dolby 51. Surround sound. I think that s couple phones that might already have that software or whatever.

But we ll see four speakers are two in here. Too and it will see crazy stuff here coming up. The phone that i gave away the sharp aquos crystal. That is a great design.

If they could just took the entire bottom and turn it into a speaker. Wow that would have been fantastic. But 6 inch foams and i don t call this a phablet. I thought i just think this is a large phone.

The galaxy note line is those are fabulous everybody who claims to have a large phone as a phablet. I don t think so i just think this is a big phone. The galaxy note line. There the phablet creators.

There they actually do things for productivity with their devices. And it s just a different realm for me. This is a big smartphone that s about it so i brewer game joint. I haven t done any camera samples.

It s raining out so i haven t done any baggage. I could i think it ll probably still come out pretty clear though. But the moto 360 and the nexus 6 linked together. It s just fantastic people i got to tell you i really been enjoying it the nexus.

6. Is everything i thought it was going to be and better and more i turn on my phone clean up my office area or my bedroom that the speakers are so loud. I can control everything from my watch fantastic man just fantastic so the first impressions of this this device you know other than the cloud print. Thing um.


I ve been pretty happy with it out. I ve been using it like i would any other device. And i m extremely excited about it and that s where i ll start from now and i ll go ahead and start what i m gonna work. I m working on some other reviews of some stuff.

I have coming in and you ll see those posted as well stay tuned. Be sure to rate and subscribe and share. The video also leave a comment because i like to talk to people on google or twitter. And definitely in the comments of the youtube videos.

I like you guys sound also if you have the device let me know what you think about it on your first impressions. What s bothering you whether you do you love about it. If you hate anything about it sound off. I see you guys on google.

Mr. Jo williams on twitter. As well instagram. Mr.

Jo. Williams same thing m. Rj l. Wi.

Ll. I ams everywhere you want to find me somewhere on social media. It s going to be mr. Jl williams period us after nash them all so i will see you guys in the next.

Video. This is my first impressions of the nexus nexus. 6. Nexus.

6. And tongue twister for me. And i will be back shortly with more reviews on this see you guys in the ” ..


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