Take Screenshot on iPhone Without Home and Power Button

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“Back guys munakata with a geeks blog. Another video. We would be taking a look look at how to take screenshots without even basically pressing the home button or either power button. So basically.

It is like taking a screenshot without even pressing the power or the home button..

I think i quite excited so guys let s all waste any bit of time and get right into this video. So let s get started order the guys. What you need to do is that first of all you need to go ahead and turn on excessive touch as this touch as a sort of virtual home button. So how you might think how to go ahead.

And do that so we now to do that just go ahead and tap our settings..

What s that under settings you need to scroll down in hit over general and the general hit on accessibility and when you scroll all the way down you get an option that sees assitive excessive touch under the subcategory that is interaction. So just go ahead and tap on that and you basically totally turned off just go ahead and tap on so that s it guys you would get a virtual home button right out of there you can see over here. So how to go ahead and take a screenshot using this virtual button so guys in order to go ahead and do so what you need to just go ahead and tap on your virtual button tap on device once you re done the device just go ahead and tap on more under more you get the full option earlier that screenshot just go ahead and tap on that and your device would go ahead and take a screenshot. So as you guys can see this is the screenshot that the device took it right now you can see this is a screenshot in a when i go back this is home screen over here.

I thought so guys..

I thank you enjoy this video. If you then please do give a thumbs up to this video subscribe to idx block. You have a subscribe button down right there we also have animation over here because it helps us a lot yes guys it helps us a lot which is subscribers you like our videos this helps us to make such more create and amazing content for you guys. Which help you in daily life order so guys.

That s about it and i ll talk to you guys in my next..

” ..

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