Targus Universal Laptop Charger Unboxing

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“Everybody so this is a targis universal laptop charger. That i picked up at best. Best. Buy.

And it s supposed to work with a whole variety of different laptop and mine in particular is a dell so i m thinking. It s probably this tip number three p right here. But let s take a look inside and see what all you get when you buy one of these. So this one says.

It s a 90 watt charger..

And it looks like comes with a little instruction set here looks like it s got some free tips you can get if they don t give the if they don t have the right one in the box. So that s pretty cool sometimes when you buy these maybe not from target. But some other suppliers. It doesn t come to the right one you have to buy it extra.

So here s what all this says and the back back down. There and see what s the goodies are okay. So here is targis universal power supply so it says right. There.

The input is 110 to 240..

And it will put out up to 90. Watts max. So it has your three prong connector for the power to the wall and then this funny targus. Adapter so this should be the us.

Model yeah so this one has your three prong us. Wall outlet. Just your typical plug and then this side connect into there like that so just plug that in the wall. And then on this side a convenient little velcroed keeper and then you have to pick.

Which connector you invite me depending on what laptop and all sorts of little connectors..

So ok. So. Let s take a look at these little connectors here and then on the connector itself. You ve got a little code that tells you what its name is so this one is a three what s that say it looks like it s 3w.

So if this was the one i wanted just take it line up the little triangle and plug it into the connector adapter and then that would be good to go for that laptop model. So i don t think that s the right one there s a three h. And this one is a three h to see what differences. I really see much of a difference there and yet this one 3p.

This is the one i think i need and then it s this funny square..

One here looks like that s 3 x. 9. So i m gonna need 3 p. So just take this line up the little triangle and then it s good to go so pretty cool well.

If you have any questions or any comments post them below and thanks for watching and if you ” ..

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