Taste of India Restaurant Review

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“Up everybody. It s dinner time sorry. The light is bad like that s like like the one light. I won t put the yeah.

There you go that s the one light that s over the table. The other lights are like way over there so it s gonna be kind of dark that s my bad well i got some dinner. I got taste of india for dinner. It s been a little bit since i had some indian food and i had a light lunch and so i was like you know what i want something that s got some nice kick to it because i had that uh that ceviche ceviche and mmm that was nice of flavorful.

I want something else flavorful and that s what indian foods known for is being very flavorful. Their spices sorry my phone vibrated get a work email. So i got some food from them. So i got a few things i ll show you what we working with first of all there s a second time in this location.

Where i have not gotten any silverware for my food so i mean i m alright eating indian food. I m not really any eating any food by hand. But like yeah oh. There s rice.

I prefer to have some chopsticks or something so i can eat my rice you know i m sam so here. We got the rice and then here we got the tandoori mixed grill. So it s this is a tandoori chicken tandoori like beef. Let s see some sausage in here.

And there s like bone chicken. So it s like a different mix of just all kinds of meats. Then over here. I ll show you this first so this here that is the okra masala.

So they have different masalas. I wanted some it s been a little bit since i ve had okra that wasn t fried..

So i got that and then the bread here that s like aloo paratha and it s it s like it s not spinach in there that s it s some veggie. But it s not spinach. I know there s cauliflower baked in there. But there s something else in there too i forget so that s the dinner tonight and let me just tell you i m not disappointed at all the okra.

So most people feel real iffy about okra right they re like i either hate. It it s like one of those things where you hate it or you love it and it s like a real fine line before you know whether you go like the okra or you gotta hate it if it s fried like i don t see how you can dislike fried okra. It s just great unless. People don t see something even if it s like unseasoned that s still good it s just a few season.

It then it s amazing right. But then when it comes to okra stood or sauteed or anything else then i guess people real quick sorry another work email. It s gonna keep happening. If if it gets cooked.

Too long or whatever then it gets mushy and nobody likes mushy okra like okra is one of my favorite you know vegetables yes they have vegetables it s one of my favorite vegetables and i don t like it when it gets mushy either so i get it. But i do love it in gumbo. That s like the only time i m fine with like mushy okra as if it s in a gumbo. Just cuz everything else is mushed around anyway not like washed around.

But there s so much other stuff going on that you don t really notice it too much. But if it s in something like this i definitely don t want it mushy and it s not it s cooked really well there s still it s not like a crisp on it. But it s still like it has a slight firmness that you re looking for and the seasonings are really well the other veggies and the onions and stuff in there are pretty on point. It s just got a good flavor or all it s not overbearing at all which can happen.

I ve eaten my sawdust where the the the flavor is just a little bit overbearing and so then you re like quick give me the yoga desert. So i can like cleanse. My palate and i don t need it i did not get any yogurt dessert. But i don t need it it s it s really good the aloo paratha is really good that like i said the cauliflower is baked in there.

It s really nice. It s my first time having that i ve never had it before usually people just always give you the you know the traditional naan and so i wanted something different..

And this is really good. It s not as thick as the naan. It s more like it s like a it s it s like a slightly thicker tortilla. That s got the cauliflower and stuff in there with the the flavors.

A lot better. It s not just like you know plain tortilla. You know almost all at one point the masala. The the sauce on there is is or nothing masala.

The tandoori a little a little strong not bad. It s just a little strong. I am always fine with spicy. But like i don t work trip and i want to get like their spiciest thing because i know they can make it spicy and if i was at home.

I would but i m not at home. So i just got some medium spice and it s got a little kick to it so i m satisfied with that i was worried when i got to the medium. That it would just be like what so if you are not a fan of spicy food. Then you d probably want to go with the medium cuz.

They ll give you just enough spice. So you could be like oh okay. I ll see what it s doing. But not so much where you know you re gonna feel like you re gonna die if you can t handle spicy if you love spicy food like i do and it s not spicy.

But you can see that if you were to get the spicy you be in for some some crazy shenanigans so it s really good it s really good all of the meats cooked well the smaller the bone chicken breast is cooked. It s really juicy not like top and juicy. But it s like tender the the chicken breast pieces are little dry. But that s okay the beef and the sausage.

They re cooked well there s some veggies in here. Some some lettuce and some green peppers and stuff..

So you know you can eat that with it. If you need there s a little lemon here i um. I never squeezed the lemon on left foods or in my water. I never do i know some dishes.

It s like well you should but for me. It s like i want to eat the dish. Without it if i need the lemon on there then i shouldn t have gotten that dish. If i wanted lemon on there i d get a dish that has lemon in it naturally.

The rice itself is fine. It s the you know basmati rice. It s it s it s as it should be so overall good. We ve been doing pretty decent on these on these food excursions well there was actually there was one really bad place.

I got food from i ll tell you all the place real fast olive let me pull it up. I didn t do a video on it was that bad like it was so bad i couldn t do a video on it. And the reason. Why i couldn t do a video on it.

It s because i couldn t even eat the food so this was when i was in another state. I got this place called skyline restaurant. I m gonna put them in like the title they just and i got like their golden fried chicken golden you think you know you hear golden and you think and you brain like the color gold. No there was like a off brown.

All of the chicken was extremely dry kind of brittle. I took two bites of the wing. And i tried a piece of the thigh and that couldn t eat the rest. And it was like a it was like double down.

I was like what does that mean cuz. I bet he knows like the doubled..

I was like the chicken sandwich thing. I was like is that what it is the mean you didn t really say so i ordered it and it was just double order of the chicken. So i had eight pieces of chicken that i did not eat because it was that gross there coleslaw was disgusting and really worn their sweet potato fries were very floppy they were more like steak fries not really sweet potatoes. It was just bad.

And so hmm then they had a what they call the resolution destroyer. And it was supposed to be a deep fried hotdog with bacon and cheese. I was like okay i ll bite come on intended let s see what s up and it was just horrible like when i got it the hotdog bun was like three days stale. No joke.

It was that hard it was like three days till. The hotdog itself was extremely dry they barely put any cheese on the thing. And the bacon was like bacon bits. So it s like okay.

So i took like half a bite of the of the like hotdog and i touched the bread and then i threw it away because it was too gross and then they had like occasion version of heaven tater tots. I don t know what their idea heaven is but it definitely wasn t them tater tots that s for sure because those tater tots were like dry and crispy. Like over crispy like burnt crispy and just extremely dry not like brittle crispy. But they were cooked definitely too long like they were rough so i didn t even do a video on it because it would have just been to me complaining longer than i complained now and i threw it away so i wouldn t say bad.

I didn t mean anything else. That was that was supposed to be my dinner and i can do i think i had like a good another granola bar in my backpack and i just hate that that was bad. But this place munch was good the nectar place that i had earlier with the ceviche that was good this place was really good so yeah. Well.

It s this place called. Oh yeah a taste of india. So it was good and i don t know i m gonna eat i m gonna have to go get a washcloth and like a damp washcloth cuz. My hands are gonna get pretty messy eating this that s okay time to release my inner child just not get food on my clothes.

We ll see how ” ..

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