Telephone Lines, Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP

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“Days. There are so much choice available for ticklin sometimes be difficult to know. Which which telephone lines will best suit your business in order to make the decision you need to know your usage requirements and the equipment s you would like to support you will also need to consider how your needs might change in the foreseeable future ads midland networks. We offer a full range of business telephone lines and we are committed to finding the best solution for your business.

If you run a very small business with minimal requirements from your telephone lines then pstn or analog lines may be a viable solution. These are the most basic lines. Available and other than allowing you to hold a conversation. They do offer some basic features such as call a display three way calling call.


Waiting and call diversion. If you have a need for simultaneous conversations. Additional lines can be added multi lines. Allow you to have the same telephone number for multiple lines in your premises.

So. Incoming calls can be routed to any available line. If you have more advanced requirements. Isdn lines may be better suited to your business.


Isdn lines and digital collections that carry voice and data over copper wires. They come in two varieties is d into and isdn30 iestyn to is best suited to small businesses with up to 8. Employees isdn30 is better suited to medium or large businesses. That s have a need for more than 8.

Simultaneous conversations with isdn you can make multiple calls by the same time over a single line as well as all of the basic features as dm lines. Also offer some more advanced features such as core. Barring call forwarding individual ddi numbers. And more.


If your let s take advantage of the latest technology. Then a voice or sip. Trunks is the perfect alternative to traditional telephone lines before it converts voice into a data signal that is then sent by the internet. You can either make calls using a and headsets.

A special voip. Phone or a traditional phone connected to an analog telephone. Adapter. Voice is a cost effective option.


That offers a whole range of advanced features at no additional cost. It is also cheap to install and call charges avoid by typically lower sip lines are suitable for all businesses. Large and small whether they need a single line a number or hundreds. If you would like advisor information about the best telephone lines for your business.

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