Tepoinn Shinecon 3D VR Glasses / Headset – Unboxing and Review

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“Is an unboxing and review of the tipo in 3d virtual reality headset. Let s s go ahead. And take a look. What s in the box.

Now this type pets that should work with any kind of. Smartphones sized with screens from. 35 to 55. Inches.

Let s go ahead and see what s inside alright looks. Like we got everything inside this box. Let s take a look at this one right here it s in a really nice box now the positioning. Amazon said.

That this is from a company called tipo n. But it looks like the actual brand is shine. Con vr and there s the part number and nothing in the other sides let s take a look inside alright so we get first some warranty information instructions we get microfiber cleaning cloth or your phone and the headset itself and it s like we get also we also get a stylus for your phones or you or your tablets. That s pretty nice.

I wasn t really expecting this and this looks like some of some pads not sure how this wants work yet. But we ll find out closer look at the headset. There you go like i said. We are shine.

Con. It s the name of the brand looks like if you kind of just a few features here and the right and the left. And the top as well probably for focusing straps really nice padding here with probably some fake leather material elastic bands that s just a nice feature as well i like the really nice padding. Right here.

Where your face would go i ve had some other vr glasses..

That don t have this padding and make it really hard in the face. There s no padding here and no section of the headset and as far as materials. The this side right. Here is all plastic the front.

Here is also plastic as well as this exact same material. And this opens like that has magnet that holds it together here on the top there s the lenses and here s where your phone will go looks like this is like adjustable location for your phone and like i said it should fit phone from three point five to five point five inch of screen size so pretty adjustable and yeah. The materials look pretty good it doesn t feel that heavy so i shouldn t be too bad to put on i really like the material here that they have for the padding and for this for the straps. As well this is kind of like a soft adjustable dance and like i said before this is a padded back leather or fake leather kind of material padding here and the back of the strap.

You don t get this padding here in the sides. Though anyways. It feels pretty good ok. So there s actually a few things that forgot to mention during the unboxing first of all there is a slot right here and the sides of the headset that allow you to pass the the charging cable for your phone.

While you are using the headset. Even though. The instructions clearly say that you re not supposed to use the headset while charging the phone. So it is really up to you if you want to use the headset while charging your phone.

Another thing is that this i figure out what this. Two knobs are for this one. And this one right here. It is the exactly same function.

It is to move the headset forward or the the front part of the headset forward and back both knobs. Do the same exact same thing is to adjust the focal length of the headset this knob. Right here separates or puts together the lenses here of the headset as you can see i m just moving the top knob for the to adjust it to your to your face. Another thing is that don t forget to take out this little plastic things from the lenses before you use them those are there for protecting the lens.

There you go and one more thing is that the straps themselves are very adjustable..

I didn t see that at the beginning. But this is actually velcro you can take it out and you can adjust it according to your preference same thing for the top and take it out and adjust it and the left side as well of course so a lot of ways to adjust it to adjust it to your face. Which is very very helpful in my opinion. I just tried it on i haven t tried with the with the phone yet.

But it feels so good it just stays right in front of your face. It doesn t feel heavy. It doesn t feel uncomfortable at all especially with this padding right here. Okay.

So let s talk about setup. And functionality for the 3d glasses and i brought in to my phones i brought in my iphone 6 and my samsung galaxy s3 to test the functionality and in case you re new in the world of 3d games. Or vr games. The installation is very simple you just go in to either the app store or the google play store and you do a search for either 3d games or vr games.

And you should be able to download some some of those games. And you might be also able to download or to watch some of these videos on youtube in the case of my iphone 6. I installed this one called the freight elevator in the case of my android phone i downloaded this one called vr rollercoaster it s a roller coaster experience so let s try it on let s try the iphone on first on the on the glasses. So like i said before the installation is actually fairly straightforward you just place your phone like that and actually.

I was able to put this on with the case on which is a really nice feature there s so many ways to adjust. It that makes it really easy there you go. And i the nice thing is that you can also move it up and down like you see right there i prefer to have it higher their phone higher on the screen so i put it on like that and then you click on your game. And you should be able to start playing and you want to have you at the center of the screen right on the center of the headset.

Obviously and you shut it off closed. And you put it on and you should be able to play the game. And you can also hear the audio. Very clearly there and like i said before you can also adjust it like according to your preference here with the focal length and the separation of the lenses right here now i played around with this for a few hours.

And it it feels really good that there s so many ways to customize it that you can t really complain that it is it is very very customizable and you can really adjust it to whatever your preferences are and you shut this off just to cancel the audio..

But anyways. I was pretty happy with it it didn t feel uncomfortable at all the padding really helps a lot at some point. It started dipping down a little bit so you start touching my nose here in this section. But it s still it didn t fit.

I didn t feel uncomfortable even when this started dipping down a little bit and like i said before this area. Here you can have it the phone charging at the same time. But the instructions say that you shouldn t do that. But yeah.

That s it about about the functionality with the iphone let s test a real quick with the android device you have to be a little bit careful with this parts right here they re very thin. I don t think they will break. But just be careful they feel a little bit fragile now my s3 and my android phone is actually a little bit thicker than the iphone as you can see right there. But it still it fits on the on the 3d glasses.

Let s check it out even with the case on still fits as you can see you can still move it up and down. But just a little bit because it s a wider screen and then you click on the game. And you should be able to start playing there you go okay so as a final review of the people in or i guess shiny convey our glasses. I m gonna give it a good.

Review i m gonna give it a 45. Out of 5 mainly because it s so comfortable. It is it is so comfortable and so customizable. According to your preference you can customize basically everything now you can customize or you can change and adjust here the focal length you can also adjust the separation between the lenses like i said before you can the place to put in your phone is so customizable or adjustable and can be flexible to fit.

Many different kinds of phones and models. I love that feature and as far as comfort. I love the fact that this is so well padded. I ve used other brands of vr glasses.

Before and this one has been the most comparable that i ve used so far this like i said this very pad really softly is very comfortable you can use it for a longer period of time and the straps themselves are very soft and you can also adjust them with the velcro really easily so it is a very comparable and padded product and vr glass especially something that s going right on your face..

It has to be something that you can that feels good and and you can use them for a few minutes at least at least. So that s my review. I love the functionality it works really well with android and iphone. And as far as negatives.

The only thing that i can think of the negative is this slats right here this opening right here. I guess they are so you can charge the phone while you have them inside. But if you re in a very bright location like outdoors during the day or in a place where you have very bright fluorescent live lights some of the light is gonna show up from here it s gonna pass through and especially if you have the headset like this you re gonna be able to see or some other light. It s gonna go through and you re gonna be able to see it and it s going to affect a little bit of experience.

But either way it can t be solved very easily you can just put your hands. Like this or you can just put a little bit of tape here to cover those those slides right here. And it really is not a very big deal and this part right here that it s not padded. It s not a big deal at all i actually did not feel this at all on my nose.

So it was very very comfortable. And even if you did you can also use that the padding right here to make it more comfortable for you i also like the fact that it comes with extra accessories like the microfiber cloth and the stylus in case you want to use it for your phone or for your tablet. So that s a nice a nice little gift or a nice little feature from the guys that tip people in as far as functionality. Like i said.

Before is very flexible and i enjoyed an iphone and a good product overall. I look forward to using this a little bit more with my 3d apps and like i said before a four point five out of five for a really good product and let me know if you have any questions about this product. Thanks for watching and take care. ” .


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