The 5 Best 1 On 1 Moves in the World UNGUARDABLE SCORING MOVES

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” s up i love basketball tv. It s coach wineries uki and today we are are talking about the five best one on one moves so to begin we re start with our misdirection move and we re gonna look at some different fakes and some different ways to step into our moves that just change them slightly that can make the biggest difference in the world now the number one move right here the first one we re gonna look at is that we re cross jab. So what i want to do here is i m gonna start the ball. And i m are in my right hand.

I m going to simply cross it over and after i cross over. I m gonna go ahead and shift my entire body weight to the opposite side a couple things to note here is that the jab happens after the cross and then i must shift my body weight otherwise. It s not gonna work here s one of the ways. I see players do it a lot that s incorrect they re going to cross tap and then they re gonna go again to that side.

But what i need is cross jab or now you could see my whole knee my body weight is shifted and this leg is mostly straight. That s going to be the easiest way to do it and by getting low shifting my weight. I can then shift. My defender and then continue to attack so number one i m cross jab boom and then continue shifting here s my footwork.

I m cross right foot right foot and now i m past my defender if i can keep the ball away that s gonna help me as well to make sure i don t get ripped if i go here i might get ripped and i can t push the ball out in front of me to then take my next steps so i m one two and throw that ball forward because now i m past my defender so looking at it downhill. When i m this way and crossover boom. Jab and then drive to this left side. That s going to be our first number one move crossover first jab second.

Do not cross over and jab together that s a totally different move that looks like our iverson. More we re not trying to one two here i want to cross first jab second great moves both of them are awesome just this is the first one we re looking at to really sell our defense give them that misdirection and then blow past them so our second move is gonna be very simple and of course. A lot of you have done this before. But i want to show you how you can do it better.

And it s gonna be our in out crossover and so what i want to happen with this is gonna be just looking at the footwork and look at that at the body positioning to help you to really improve. This move. So you can actually do it a lot better. Now.

Number. One is gonna be turning that ball right of course getting that in out dribble when that happens right foots gonna step outside so i m right hand right foot together..

One now. If you can notice how low my left knee is to the ground that is a huge staple and doing this move correctly a lot of players will go here. But they re not actually shifting their weight. And they re not really selling so when you watch guys like kemba like kyrie.

Some of the best ball handlers you can see how low they get on those crossovers and actually pay attain pay attention to their knee. And the angles. That they take it s gonna be a lot more shifty so i m turn and step together. So i m now 1.

I m real real real low here this foots gonna slide and then i cross. This foot over a second issue is that crossover step a lot of players might get this part down crossover and go into a hop huge issue because now all the momentum. I had me shifting my defense and then trying to get past them i ve given them so much time to recover and get back on me. A lot of players will make moves and go back.

And then kind of go into this little hop before they drive again real real real hard. It s hard to get past them there it s okay in certain situations. If i want to go into a shot or if i want to read my defense again and then make another move. But right now trying to get past them i want this one to and keep running continue to take steps of course.

I m going to dribble again. But i m here one two and keep running so going downhill to the basket. I m one right hand right foot together sly cross and keep running on my way to the rim. I m gonna show you how to do it wrong here and this is gonna be our one two don t pull hop explode.

But you see that little gallop there i m losing everything that i had i got past that defender boom and then they recovered so i need to get that foot across and go here. One two run and just continue to take steps now making sure you can see how low this knee is i m one two really shifting my weight really getting low and really selling them to that side make sure one that i m low enough. But i keep my back up straight. And i can cross over now our third moving.

Actually my favorite a signature of damian lillard and deer and fox those are some players that use this one. A lot is gonna be our step between so what i m trying to accomplish here is that i want to take this dribble..

First and then take my step now so now me selling to this left. I got i get this directional change. Here. And what i want is bang boom shift in this direction.

Here s gonna be our next one so i m one step between and as you can see the angles. That my feet take to these diagonals. There s one step between here s the biggest thing is just getting my hips to go boom. This way and then turn this way so i can really sell with my hips and sell with my shoulders so bounce sell between bounce step between two issues that i commonly see the step.

The initial step a lot of players struggle with this part before this part. So. What they ll do is let s just go dribble between or dribble baby step between. But that s the most important part is the step anyone can go between the legs.

But getting that step forward to really sell it s very crucial to get this move done correctly. So i m bounce sell between bounce sell hips shoulders eyes ball bone and then between back in the next direction. And then of course continue to run right dribble and continue to run when you watch guys like dame. Even deer and fox like i mentioned that are credible with this fake staying low with this well i love it so much because now.

I m here step knee down go step knee down and i m pushing you can really get past. My defense. So easiest way is talk about feet on the line bounce big left foot towards that elbow big right foot towards that elbow and then drive again bounce want to make sure you guys get this one right so i m bounce. One to attack the basket finish laughs next.

We re looking at a signature of kevin durant and also tracy mcgrady. These players were both incredible with their hesitation pull up and so the difference with the hesitation pull up is just the footing and making sure that we step with the outside foot or the ball side foot first to sell our drive drop our shoulders. And then a rise up in a shot so with the past couple moves. We ve really blown past our defender and made it all the way to the basket to finish our layups.

But now with our hesitation pull up they re prepared for that they re ready for that they know that we re looking to drive. So we need to sell the drive and then actually pull up for our jump shot..

So let s again start with the left hand here. It s gonna be a lot easier for your righty players and of course. If you re left handed then you can go ahead and switch this but i m gonna bounce first so i m bounce boom left foot step just like our step between so bounce left foot step. Then the right foot instead of going between the legs like we did before we re just gonna step forward into jumper.

So left right shut shoulders drop left shoulder drops right boom lifts. Make sure you keep that ball outside your frame. So you can really sell like you re gonna drive this direction. And then pull up for a jump shot right there if i was to do it with the right hand right left lift bounce right left lift.

I actually do want to get my eyes down on this because i really want to sell it as best as possible so what players do wrong with this one is they don t really sell that first step and they kind of bounce and kind of go into it with baby steps and we really want to sell both that drive you can do it with short quick ones. But as long as you sell boom boom and really get down. But i prefer if you can eat up that space make that defender back up and then lift up into it so you can start with any setup. Move.

Let s say. I m here in katie s great at this one where he s between behind hanging. It left right between behind hanging left right you could do it off of any hang. But you want to get that hesitation boom boom.

So hesitation boom boom sell and notice that every time whichever hand has the ball that s the foot that i got to step with first it s not gonna make sense to go dribble sell and then shot there for this move. I want to go dribble sell with this foot step in a shot so looking at it downhill. I can start with any setup. Move 1 2.

Shot 1 2. Shot the last move in the next. One that we re gonna be looking at is gonna be our hesitation shot fake so with this one it s amazing. Because you actually get to keep your dribble alive throughout the entire move while selling a shot fake and the beauty of it is that you actually don t even have to take an extra dribble so while i m dribbling.

I could do this at any moment. And that s the beauty of it is that i don t have to take extra dribbles that don t need my coach john i mean that i m dribbling too much so that i m doing anything wrong..

Because really i m just dribbling normally shot fake and then continue dribbling and of course. If you have some freedom to make those moves and attack the basket penetrate get into the paint good things are gonna happen that s the beauty with all these one on one moves is that we can attack and get to our spots. Once we get there we make the next read finish or pass. But we need to be able to get there so these moves are gonna help you to get to those spots.

So now let s say i m dribbling left hand again this is the easier one for righties you can always switch it. But i m dribbling with left hand and at any moment boom. I want to get this hand as close as possible to the ball without touching it of course. I won t ever put this one under so i m gonna show you here sell the shot eyes on rim and my feet must stop right i can t sell a shot while running.

I got to come to a stop. But then what players do wrong on this is they don t actually bring this hand close to the ball and they don t pause. Very well and sometimes players don t look at the rim. You gotta have all three of those i want to dribble.

I m stop sell my shot eyes on the rim. I know i just carried. But i m trying to show it to you slow so i m here boom shot boom shot and then i keep dribbling stop eyes on rim hand close to ball those three things have to happen you can t have two of them can t have one of them got to have all three you got to come to a complete stop boom boom. Hands got to be real real real close to the ball as close as possible and you ve got to get your eyes on the rim stay low would be a nice way to do it.

But you could also change your heights. I ve seen some players been really effective while going boom like they re really about to shoot it lifting up their body both ways we re good just depends how quickly you need to do it. And depends. How you can get that defense to react so coming at you downhill.

Let s say. I m running run stop sell shot and then continue run smell shot and continue i could cross over run shot cross over and attack. The basket run stop crossover an attack. But i got to stop hand close to ball eyes on rim.

He s ever ” ..

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