The Academy – “How to Level Up Fast in SWTOR”

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“To the academy. A series focused on the basics of star wars. The old republic republic in this episode. We ll be discussing how to level a character quickly there come a time when you want to level.

A new character class either to get to max level quickly. So you can participate in endgame activities. Or to simply. See the main class story with this little distraction as possible if this is your first time playing star wars old republic.

I highly recommend taking your time and not to rush..

There s a lot to do and see before you hit max level. And there s a lot of cool side quests that fill in the lore and story of sodor. A lot of these tips also require credits. Which are a lot easier to earn on a character that s already maxed level with that said here s how to level.

A new character quickly and sit or if you want the quickest leveling experience subscribe free to play and prefer players receive a reduced experience for every quest. They complete you can also use an xp boost you can buy either a minor or major experience boost from the gtn that temporarily increases all your experience gain by 25 buy yourself a mount and improve speeder piloting from the gtn and mail. It to your new character that way you can use your speeder at level 1. If you ve got a large amount of credits you can buy either a darth malgus holo statue or asset eel shan hollow statue from the gtn they re items that you can use as a personal trainer.

So you can train your skills as you go instead of having to find a trainer every time you level up you can join a guild just joining a guild gets you a 5 excuse and joining a larger one will get you a 10 xp boosts try to do just your class story as often as possible if you find you re having difficulty defeating enemies because you are a lower level in them do the planetary art quest you can usually pick it up near where you land on a planet..

And it has a purple triangle symbol just like your classic west don t forget to also upgrade your armor on the fleet in a supply section every once. In a while you can also get yourself a vendor to quickly sell junk to you can buy a deployable field repair droid in your character perks located in your legacy panel that way when your inventory fills up you can empty. It quickly. And you don t have to send any companions away especially if you re just starting.

And you only have one make sure to also have access to either a stronghold or guild flagship that has a bank in it that way when you collect items while leveling that you want to keep what trash like cool armor crafting materials or companion gifts you can easily travel to your stronghold dump them in the bank and then exit the area to return where you are leveling it puts you right back. Where you were as long as you don t logout in the meantime you can buy the improved experienced character perks. If you re trying to only do this story by all the levels of the class mission perk. You could also pick up the exploration.


If you have extra credits you can also buy the legacy of travel unlock from the other tab on your legacy panel if you buy all three your quick travel time will be reduced to zero. I highly recommend this one as it will save you a lot of time while questing you just pop around with your quick travel whenever you want another unlucky can buy is the personal starship priority transport unlock in your character perks. It will allow you to immediately travel back to your ship. When you ve completed a planet a cheap alternative would be to travel to your stronghold and then exit to your starship.

Don t forget. If your goal is simply to be max level you can purchase at level 60 character. Token they cost about 2000. Character points on the cartel market or you can buy them onto ggm from another player.

Then all you have to do is level..

The last five levels by either working on nice stuff on empire or doing heroics with all these tips combined you can become a speed leveling champion. One of the nicest things about using these perks is that you can see the main storyline. Almost uninterrupted. This is especially nice.

If you ve already seen all the cyclists and planets and just want to focus on your new class story. If you ve got any tips tricks or questions about leveling fast feel free to post in the comments below. If you want to show support for this series and these videos or you want to be notified about when the next episode comes out don t ” ..


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