The Best Amiibo Ever Released! Hands-On with Link, Snake, Squirtle, & Ivysaur

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“There folks my name is amiibo jason and today. As you can probably tell i i m really excited because before brand new amiibo just came out so today we taking an in depth look at all four of these amiibo. We re comparing them to am evil that have come before taking a look to see what they do in the respective games. And just appreciate how great they look so without further ado.

Let s take a look all right let s dive in right off the bat with my favorite amiibo of this batch and this is of course. The link s awakening amiibo. Now link s awakening came out today. It s a remake of the absolutely amazing game boy game by the same name link s awakening and this figure is so distinct from other link amiibo that it s definitely worth a pick up even if you already have maybe one to 11 other different link amiibo.

But this one is pretty great link in link s awakening is kind of designed to look like a tin toy and this amiibo is obviously a toy to begin with. But it does capture that likeness very very well it s very shiny. It s super small and of course. It s the cutest link amiibo.

We ve seen so far now everything about this amiibo is just kind of screaming of quality from the hylian shield links sword and of course we have that awesome distinct legend of zelda base that we ve seen so many times before now if you re keeping score at home or if you re an insane amiibo collector. Like i am. This is the thirteenth link amiibo. We ve seen so far so link has by far had the most unique amiibo compared to every.

Other character in nintendo s arsenal. Which is a bit surprising if you think about it you would think mario would be the one with the most amiibo. But since link can technically be a different character in almost every game. He s in it doesn t totally surprise me especially with how many unique iterations.


We ve seen of link so far all right it s now on to what this amiibo does in the game alright. So here s what we do so once you get past about the second dungeon in the game you get access to dan p. Now. Dan p.

Is a character from ocarina of time he is the gravedigger he s a pretty cool character and essentially what happens is he and by into a shack and tells you about how to create your own custom dungeons. Now before you get too. Excited. This is not like mario maker.

You can t essentially set up the dungeon. Anyway. You want you essentially get access to pre designed chambers for your dungeon and you get to put them. In any order.

That you want and tapping this amiibo into links awakening unlocks special chambers for your dungeon on top of that if you tap this in when you re playing one of those dungeons you start getting stalked by dark link and i think he looks absolutely amazing. I can t wait to see people make custom dark link amiibo maybe nintendo might release their very own dark link amiibo. I would absolutely love to see that but that s about what you can do with this amiibo in game. And once you re done and you want to save that dungeon you can tap your amiibo onto the pad and save the dungeon to the amiibo itself.

So if you go to a friend s house. You have access to that dungeon pretty simply now finally other amiibo that are in the legend of zelda line also work on this mode as well now this one is the only one that can unlock dark link. But if you re looking to unlock custom chambers or things for your dungeon you can tap in those amiibo as well. But there you go that s what you can do with this absolutely adorable link s awakening amiibo.


I love this thing. And honestly. If your zelda fan. This one is pretty much a no brainer so on to these super smash brothers amiibo.

I have been a massive super smash brothers amiibo fan since day one it s what obviously got me into amiibo collecting to begin with and today. We get three amiibo that i ve been waiting for for some time so right off the bat let s take a look at snake. Now snake is obviously from metal gear. Solid.

He s a character that was in the super smash brothers games prior to this one he made his debut in super smash brothers brawl. So it s really cool to see snake make an appearance as an amiibo and i ve mentioned this before if you re a fan of this channel. You might have heard me talk about how amiibo have evolved since they first came out and you might remember when amiibo first started coming out especially the human characters. It was really hit or miss with how they looked.

I think the easiest one to take a look at is marth mars had a goofy face almost no matter. What you did. But even if you zoom in on this face. The eyes are perfectly placed his beard.

Looks. Great he has camouflage on his face. These little details really carried over to this amiibo. And i absolutely love this thing alright moving on to the last two amiibo.


These are the pokemon amiibo and these are ones that i ve known people have wanted for quite some time so. The first one we have is squirtle and squirtle looks absolutely great he is essentially up on his tail. He s looking really happy to be an amiibo. I really dig this thing.

And there s really nothing to be really upset about with this amiibo. He looks exactly how you would imagine i i like the added detail on his shell. The shell is actually really smooth. It s kind of reflective.

It is that kind of reflective plastic that we saw on the link s awakening amiibo. Which really does look like what a shell would look like so. If you re a pokemon fan or if you re a squirtle fan. This one is definitely gonna be a no brainer now on to my favorite amiibo of the super smash brothers line so far and i might even say not just in this wave.

This amiibo might be the best looking amiibo that i ve seen in the smash series. So far and this is iv sword ivysaur is one of the most detailed amiibo. I ve seen to date the vines that are coming out are just absolutely perfect. They re bendable they just kind of stick out it looks really neat.

The leaves that are under the bulb are incredibly well detailed they have lines on it they re cut to this just really nice perfection. I really like how that looks too. But i d say the best part about this is the bulb itself. It has a really nice texture to it you can even look inside of it there s added detail there too and like i said before nintendo has come a very very long way when it comes to amiibo and this one is absolute proof of that everything about this screams quality and yes.


I know i m evil are 3. More expensive now than they used to be but with this amiibo you can really see where that 3 went i love this thing if you are a pokemon fan in any respect this amiibo is definitely gonna be right up your alley and like i said. Before this one might actually get my pick for favorite amiibo in the super smash brothers line to date. I have to think about that one but at least right now i m leaning towards yes.

But there you go four count them for brand new amiibo that just came out today. It s it s a really exciting day to be a nintendo fan. Honestly i m just absolutely excited to have link s awakening. The switch light came out and obviously these amiibo are really nice to add to my collection.

Too now. If you are curious about the switch light. I did happen to pick up a switch light today as well i have a full review coming tomorrow. If you want to check that out and i highly recommend you to you if you re on the fence about the switch light.

I really think you could tune into this one. I absolutely love this thing. There you go folks thank you for tuning in i ll see you next time with yet another video. But as always until next time stay wired in bye guys.

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