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“If it does we re gonna tell a little story time. We re also gonna gonna do a little confession cuz. Why not myself. So if you don t like you don t like me.

Then you don t need to be here and you can just leave. But if you do want to know a little secret shh. Then i am going to tell you one i have searched high and low for the right booty pads. It s something that i had to do especially because i was anorexic for about a year after a really bad breakup and honestly i could not wear any of my clothing.

No matter. How small they were i relied on wearing the butt pads just because honestly i didn t have any money and i couldn t afford new clothing. So sadly. This is what i actually turned to now these were bought as a joke.

My sister bought the first pair that i ever had kind of as a joke because she was in a beauty store and she happened to run across these and these are silicone and their inserts that you put inside of these underwear that came with it now girlfriend. I don t know about you i am not interested in wearing on granny panties. But honestly with the fact that these just slide in that would be how it would go so you know so you just wanna make sure they re in the right side so before i had my lovely daughter shylu. I was a lot curvier and the curve was in the behind.

But all of a sudden that curve went to the front and i lost my butt. I have not been able to get that back and because number one i m lazy af and i really don t feel like doing it i knew how long it took me to get the bed of my dreams. And i can keep dreaming because momma don t have time for that so i want to introduce you to a few of my friends and they really helped me out in a lot of ways. If i m wearing a tight pencil skirt if i m wearing a nice pair of jeans.

These just really help to accentuate that idea and they re very discreet so i will show you each one and how they work and i will show you them on because i think that s important too so i m going to show you them in a skirt and i m going to show you them in jeans you can also wear them with leggings workout pants. But the thinner the material the chances are you re gonna be able to the outline. But what s really frustrating is that i wanted also lose weight. I mean who doesn t want to lose their baby weight who doesn t wanna lose weight in general when you re not feeling comfortable by yourself.

And that s a personal decision. But i went vegetarian and this is a blue zhang..

I don t know 20 pounds or something. And i m happy with the way my body is but because i do sit on my rear. It s become pretty flat. Now i have a good underneath curve.

But as far as the top. I just don t have enough room. I don t know if that s what you want to call it. But there s just nothing on the top for the most part.

I mean i m trying to build up that area and i know deep squats and i know what i need to do to get there because i ve done it before. But i just honestly don t have time and when i when i lost weight. I lost a lot of that butt and honestly if you want to judge and say that s disgusting you re wearing butt pads. I don t see the difference between wearing a padded bra and wearing padded underwear or giving yourself.

A little padding to improve the curve of your body. I m just gonna fake it till. I make it to be honest with you and it s just too bad. But those of you who are really interested in this then keep watching just slides into the pocket.

Just like that and the other one slides in the same way. So then you have this shape. Which is honestly a very good shape. But unfortunately for me i kind of need the upper part and as you can see it doesn t really have that upper part.

But these were very comfortable and they worked really well when i was in that stage where i d lost so much weight that nothing was really fitting me and they just did the trick. Didn t even really look like i had that much bigger of a butt. But it definitely accentuated that area. And it made me feel comfortable knowing that my pants were not gonna fall down as i was walking so let me show you what these look like in a skirt and in jeans.

So here s my booty without anything so these are pretty good they re pretty much seamless. But you can kind of feel seam right under your leg..

But other than that i really like of course. They do ride really high up. So that s something you gotta get used to because if you wear low rise jeans. Probably gonna be a problem or if you re into those high waisted shorts.

Because these look good in shorts as well but just be careful now here s something you can do. But this is only for photos do not do this because if you re like out on the dance floor are you doing something crazy don t blame me when they fall out. But you can do this for pictures and just put them right in without panties and they look really good okay. So what did you guys think so.

Give this video a thumbs up right now. If you ve learned anything new about butt pads at this point in the video. So those are nice and everything. But you know i ve graduated to other buff pads at this point.

And i m not sponsored. I wish i wish somebody would sponsor me for this but they re called bubbles body wear and i m sure there are other videos on this and i love how cute the little packaging is it says curves enclosed. Now i will tell you that the first size at word was a small extra small. I think and it was way too small for me even though.

I m kind of tiny. So i would not recommend these unless you re super super super tiny and i m sorry about the back. I got makeup on them. So that s nothing that s not doodoo.

But um yeah anyway here they are now there s two options and i love it they re very low so they re low on your hips. But again i would not recommend extra small if you re small get a small so you can always exchange them for another size if need be but i actually went with a medium. So i just skipped the small because i was too afraid that the small wouldn t fit. And i was going to a special event.

So i just ended up getting the medium and i am 411 and i m a size zero. So the medium fit just fine and of course you re gonna see both and i ll show you why i didn t really want to go with the extra small you ll be able to see what i mean and they are so great if you call their customer service..

You don t need to be embarrassed. You don t need to feel bad they are so accommodating. They understand. This is made by a woman who also needed this so they re so sweet.

I mean they helped me so much they were like you know what these are the small pads so they re actually supposed to go into the extra small underwear. But you can actually put the small pads and these are a foam pad. So we re gonna go into the difference between the silicone. Which is this one and a foam in a second.

I ma show you both so this is the small foam. They work a little bit different than the other ones. There is a double pocket. Where you put them in one pocket and then sort of enclose them and another one i m going to show you these in a skirt just like i did before and in jeans.

So you can kind of get the gist of what this would look like on you okay so these are much lower as you can see. But the problem with the extra small is that you re going to have he s noticeable band marks especially across the back and also under their leg area so they re really really tight okay and as you can see again you have that little crease there from them and the panties on the bottom because they re so tight. So that was the extra small and you could see kind of what i was talking about with the hole. These weren t exactly right for my size.

I just didn t think they were that comfortable around the legs. They kind of hugged too tightly and also they don t feel as natural. If somebody were to touch a bootie you can kind of hear that sound of foam. So if you are interested in going with something more natural and something that s gonna even hold up under some pressure meaning.

If somebody slapped your bootie. Then i would recommend the silicone let me just show you the difference between the small which we just had and the these are large and the large so these are the actual large foam and i also got the large silicone. I m sorry i got the small silicone and the large silicone pads as well. So you can see that this is the large foam and the small silicone.

This is the large foam and a large silicone you can actually see the difference between the two whatever the large silicone into the medium panties right now so this is the way that they look. And i m gonna go ahead..

And show you what they look like in a skirt and in jeans. While my camera died right when i was about to phone. This part. But here are the next set of panties.

They re not a foam and they re not really a silicone. But they look really fabulous and really natural so let s take a look at them in jeans and in a skirt. So these are my favourites if they look natural to me. I ve tried them in a lot of different outfits and not only that they give you a lot of curves a lot i really feel like the girls from fashion ova actually wear these under their pants.

Because i don t know it just gives you a lot of booty and these are them in jeans. And again. I just love them so much i think they look really really good. But it s personal preference.

So to each their own okay so i want to know your guys s thoughts. Don t be rude and hateful in the comments. This is a safe place for women to come to get advice and truth about products you just don t like this please just leave the video and if you have any questions and real comments and you re just curious about something then please leave it below in the comments. I will be so open to answering those questions.

I just want to thank you all for watching i really really appreciate it if you need anything from me you can find me on instagram twitter or on snapchat snapchat. Is always gonna be behind the scenes of everything i do so your interest in seeing stuff that i don t show to the public meaning just on youtube. Then feel free to follow me on snapchat again. Thank you guys so much for watching and keeping an open mind i will see you in my next video.

” ..

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