The BEST Chargers for Sony a7iii, a7Riii, a9, a7Riv

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“It s wes and i remember way back from the day when i first bought bought sony a nine and all i had was this one lonely charger and even all i had was one lonely battery. They came with the a9. There weren t any available online and in stores. Really wasn t much that you could do charging was a bit of a hassle.

Oh how times have changed. I really had no idea consciously how many chargers. I was juggling until i had to plug all of them in here for this video boy are there a lot of them and i bought them all nobody sent me these i actually had an argument with one of the manufacturers because i said that i was going to compare it head to head with other charges and they said no you can t have it okay. I ll just buy it whatever so i bought all these myself just so that i can tell you which one s the best and maybe just in any given situation.

Which one s the best for you so let s get started. What do we have here of course. We have the sony in the box with the a nine and a seven arc. I don t think the a seven three comes to fun no it doesn t or i would have to this is the gold standard and we ll talk about why that is in a minute now we have old faithful for me at least the dual lcd ac powered charger.

I have been using this for a long time since way back when i just had an a7. 2. With the old fw 50 batteries. And the great thing about this charger.

Is the charging sleds are swappable. So i can change this back to an fw 50 charger. I changed this to and have said 100 charger. Just by buying these sleds for a few dollars each on ebay very nice.

I ll show a my charging wall some time. But it didn t have to move anywhere. It s magnetically attached to the wall so that s old faithful not great for traveling takes up a lot of space. Even more than this guy so let s move on to our usb chargers.

I have four of them just as a note a lot of these chargers not this one will reappear under many different brand names. So i m not gonna talk about the brand names. I ll have links in the description to a representation of each of them it doesn t really matter who makes them they re all pretty similar just different badges on the outside. So first what are my favorites this little guy.

I call this the dual lcd usb charger again you ll see this from a few different brands when you plug your battery. In here..

You have a little readout. Showing your charging status its approximate. As it is with many of these you get that with the giant jus of dual lcd charger you got that to a small degree with the sony charger so you can kind of spit ball. Where you are in the charge is the battery dead half dead.

Almost charged. I find that extremely useful and will charge two batteries at once now this guy another dual charger. I call this the dual led charger cuz. All you have is a status light.

Telling you whether or not it s charging the light changes when it s fully charged. I m not a big fan of that i like a little more information in my life. We ll get into performance all of all these real soon. Though.

Then we have the ravpower charger. This guy actually came with two ravpower batteries. I have run this through several charge cycles. No issues yet.

I m not willing to recommend or not recommend these batteries specifically. Yet because i don t feel that i can vouch for a battery until. I ve been through at least ten charge cycles and then done a load test on it so so far they re working great. But again.

We have two charging slots and again. We just have some really run of the mill status lights charging or not charging a little disappointing. But not very expensive and then we have the cream of the crop of the usb chargers. This is the knight core.

I had a past video about the original fw 50 charger from nightcore and i was a little disappointed that only charged one battery at a time well here. We go. It s got two this one s a little complicated when i first got it in i noticed that for some reason. It would only charge one battery at a time.

I didn t read the fine print. My bad this guy charges via usb..

But in order to charge two batteries at a time you have to use a quick charger. Now i didn t have any quick chargers. I m a iphone user. I have so many usb chargers for so many different things but i just didn t have anything in quick charge.

So i searched amazon for what i thought would be the most kind of future proof. But also high value chargers. This is from ravpower it does quick charge. But also what would be considered the next generation of that usb c.

Power delivery. So i like that it does both and obviously. It s backwards compatible so this will bump this guy up to its quick charge rates. What are those rates.

I wanted to test how effective all these chargers are so we ll start with the actual sony charger. That will say sets the standard for how these things should be charging batteries. I was a little worried that using the quick charge function on this using the high versus low charge. Power function on this maybe.

I d be charging my very expensive. Sony batteries too fast well the sony charger. When measured with a watt meter. Which is what i did with all of these charge these batteries one battery 15 watt charge that is potent and just to get ahead of myself.

None of these chargers charge a battery as fast as the sony charger. This one pumps. The current into those batteries faster than anything else that i found so if you need to charge something fast you use this guy how fast. I charge times will vary.

I use each of these chargers multiple times on a more or less dead battery to try to get an average. But depending on how old the battery is thus affecting its capacity. How warm the room is how warm the battery gets your charge times are going to vary. So take this with a grain of salt this one takes about an hour and a half to fully charge as n type battery so this is our benchmark moving right along to the dual lcd ac charger ac power this guy will expand 15 watts in total but shared between two batteries even though that is less this will charge two batteries in about an hour and fifty minutes.

That s not a lot more time now why is that a large portion of the time spent charging a battery is actually in the last like 20 or 30. So chargers can just jump charge like crazy into a battery for the first 70ish percent and then when it gets up a little higher with a lithium ion battery it has to trickle it in so that last portion is really what takes a lot of the time..

And so. If you can charge two battery is at once you re combining that last portion into one jump. And so you re not really losing out on a lot of time. And it doesn t really matter.

How powerful your charger is at at that point any of these chargers will trickle charge at about the same rate from seventy eighty percent up to a hundred so this guy is powerful not as powerful as that well this will get you there fast we ve got the usb lcd charger. This little dude you ve got a screen on it if you plug this into a powerful usb charger. Will charge two batters at once drawing 10 watts in total and just a little bit less power. But that pulls us all the way back to 3 hours and 45 minutes arge time.

It s quite a bit longer. But it is a lot smaller and very similarly this guy maybe it even has the same charge controller in it 3 hours 45 minutes for two batteries and now let s move on watch just a little bit. We ve got the ravpower looks a little bigger. It s also a lot lighter.

Though and this is actually going to take over 4 hours to charge two batteries it s only drawing. 9 watts. This is actually the weakest of my chargers. Then we move on to the knight core.

This beefy boy. It has what appears to be air ventilation holes in this and maybe it needs it because this guy is actually going to draw. 9. Volts instead of usb 5 volts through with the quick charge method.

And it will charge two batteries with quick charge in an hour and 45 minutes. It s actually a tiny bit faster than this monstrosity that s pretty interesting. But that s only if you have a quick charge brick. If you re not using the quick brook just in standard mode.

This is going to take over four hours to charge two batteries. Although it s it will draw 12 watts. Which is unique it goes over the 10 watt standard of usb and draws. 12 watts from that ipad charger.

It s only charging one battery at a time. So you re taking that slow trickle charge portion..

And you have to do it twice. So that really draws out the time. I ve used all of these multiple times. None of them have broken.

I didn t really expect any of them to break i ve taken someone travel some road trips. But if you want a conclusion for me here. It is i m still using this guy for my base station. Because it plugs into ac power works great on my power wall.

We ll talk about that when i do a studio tour after i hit 10000. Subscribers for travel. I m a little bit torn between these two guys. Most of the time.

I m charging overnight and most of the time. I don t have any reason to carry around this usb power delivery brick. But if you have a phone that already has a quick charge charger. You already have that with you and i would say this guy.

It s kind of a no brainer sure it costs more. But it s more effective. It charges your batteries fast again not unsafely fast. It s still a tiny bit slower than the sony charger.

But it costs a whole heck of a lot less so there you have it take what you re will buy what you want but those are the numbers. I bought them all tested them all wasted my time well hopefully. It wasn t a waste. So that you don t have to if there s anything else that you think i should be testing.

If you think there s something i missed let me know down in the comments. I m always there well not always but notifications at all so until next time go take some photos. ” ..


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