The Legend of Korra – 2×2 The Southern Lights – Group Reaction

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“We re here to watch legend of korra book 2 episode 2 where the normies normies surge mickey remedy. Hey that s me what and this is the southern lights to be confused with the northern lights aurora borealis. You guys know i m talking about the iceland. I would lo.

I would love to i ve been trying to go. And if you want to go see that i heard yeah. She s going matt is going in june with her sister and grandpa yeah she s gonna iceland matt he s like low key like a very adult person for a very young person her dad is like a artist like a chef and a mathematician or sometimes an actress like her got the other day was she got a pretty creative family yeah. It was like i watched some of your videos.

Just the beginning parts watch. The skits right mom s like yeah. I like those i really like i m sorry steer backs your back you guys think of that premiere. It was solid intriguing.

I would like to see board shit you know it s kind of cool that it everything is its own separate little story. Because i have no fucking idea. What s but good to happen. Oh wow.

Story you knew like he has to learn her at the estephe. I don t think she s gonna like it there hopefully be a good blast in past oh. If this guy s evil or has like an alter him. I think he probably does have an alternate motive.

Because he just has i don t know the way they re presenting him motive. Ulterior motive. I think what do you think i think that like mako s gonna end up leaving kora at some point during her journey because like they just look like carbon buttheads yeah they gonna dig home very good not break out really all i m saying with this swing you go that way uh uh. I don t know i don t foresee that yeah you should go that was good we ll see you maybe they because every conversation.

They ve had is like you don t get me excited. He s like what do you fucking what my girl. I learned that bridge that was it awesome brixton burn. Yeah.

That was maybe you should have stuck with a saw me bro yes. How he was she be alright the southern raiders. I mean i m like a reptile cold blooded as fuck reptile. She cold blood dude that spirit was so cool.

I swear to god yeah. It looked like the owl. Oh yeah. Yeah i see now i see that out what luck yeah dumped by avatars go on vacation misters.

I want to see one of the kids who think like a boyfriend or slave. Yes yes. Oh yeah now i want to see you i will make you mine. By making statues that are then reduced oh you re right what yeah.

What are these another spirit carol little pokemon man do you think he s fucking conjuring these bitches. I don t think he has anything to do with that but i think i ll tear the southern water tribe depends on you a dangerous trip scary oh where s this vacation southern air temple. But it s flourishing again it was abandoned last time. That s awesome.

Oh mom oh they got more leavers anything for the mother of the next generation of airbenders. Sorry. I thought you were the servants. We re not airbenders.

Oh. This is cool to be story like that like they re actually following them thanks families on adventure and like without without it s different weight maupassant going with her she needs someone to watch after her she s literally the avatar. It s men like your father who have put the spirit water baozi. He s ignored my warnings in the past and hasn t learned i believe it what happened in the past.

It doesn t matter his voice harry from dexter days. I m coming. Oh. Shit also raiden.

Yeah. A cognitive really i think so yeah john mac who what s the freeze dried cucumber quats yeah did i interrupt a conversation i had come if you want just don t interfere with my training you d like that to your dad way marco is slowing it down yeah they re just ride with one of them james remar is i heard yeah. Yeah. There are no evil spirits.

There is light and dark in them all when they re unbalanced the darkness takes over there s a reason. The glacier spirits festival ends on the winter solstice and that s when the spirit world and the physical world are close together..

Only then can the avatar open the portal. The winter solstice is tomorrow. What and we can t afford to wait another year. I think he s in with the spirits out.

Yeah. Bro yeah. After they ve never been to the southern tip of the wood southern water. I like the south pole.

I like how they make nagano spirits are there because like in real life. I say dogs and other animals dogs yeah. Oh my god uncle why do you think the dark spirits are following us can we not talk about daughters don t worry. I will protect you my feeble turtle duck laughter.

What s her name. Again jessica haven t you ever wondered how your father ended up in the south pole tattletale you where i was banished alright. Let s go i would try to shame because troy the entire trouble is 20 years ago. I was a general in the northern water tribe brother we re being attacked fire nation and that stuff lets the battle know.

This is 20 years. But parliament rosina borneo is so fighting they re just like raiders lush green forest rectum deep into an ancient forest this forest was the home to spirits and the barbarians retreated. There because they thought we wouldn t attack on such a hallowed ground yes brett they thought wrong. But in the process.

We destroyed. The forest they threaten to destroy everything dispersive clatters. They re like fish. There is all them.

Nothing yeah. Oh control old man. These spirits are kind of like making. Me.

Feel for them my alive. Yeah. Like they re just angry. Yeah.

Just trying to get free. Yeah. This is all this is all happened my father banished me from the northern water tribe out now like i mean yeah i mean it s unintended consequences. But it s ancient forests man.

Her dad s good looking whoa. So you were supposed to be chief. Then he became but like further than sent them to destroy the forest cores grandfather is like the person who ran the northern water tribe when aang and then we re alive oh yeah maybe he s related to us somehow yeah. Sacred place in the entire southern air temple.

Every avatar who ever lived oh. Where are your brothers oh lordy ruin their goes. After kyoshi. Oh.

They did it if she s so smiling wait all the feels you got seriously the field there s the badass. But what what happened did she hear. She hears all i guess did they whisper without whisper. Yeah that we missed something not if she just heard someone whisper.

I should have never gone into that for ya rating over here and we shouldn t be going to the south pole. Now dad. It s my job to be the bridge between the spirits and the physical world and i live up to my potential you don t even know if what unalaq says is true you want proof the northern lights. There used to be lights in the south as well during the hundred year war there are two year war from avatar oh that s spirits that s the upper shock yeah.

It s pretty that s not as pleasant as the northern lights here man. I will send the rest back and go do something all they re stealing all their like little cybermen where are you in a lot then her dad. I don t know i think he s gonna get hurt fight these guys like the hell. I can t oh how does she even know she s trying no almost it s like a wizard you know like how s he doing laughter could someone please deflate me the solstice is tonight oh circus.

This mission is too dangerous we re leaving no dad you re a bigger job someone with those twins right now yeah. They are pretty funny. I have a bad feeling melvin s in this portal bed. I watch too much super feeling about to leave off on a cliffhanger.

Yeah. Yeah..

No no no i touched ammonia to hangar right. Now being open about good things perhaps. I m a little clay. Talking that looks like a south pole ago.

He was just worried about you that s all you know sometimes door under whose side. You re on there aren t any sides you have to trust that we re here for you yeah calm down. We ve arrived in fortress of solitude. It s just like the sacred forest tonraq destroyed in the north tips rubs that another chance against like i believe in you i guess.

I m just so used to people telling me how to do things that i forgot what it was like to have someone who trusts him wow very serious come on they want it s gotta be a really good dude. He s actually telling doing the right thing so we feel about tarlac rumor and so far it seems that way. But he looks like tarrlok move it another day. Yeah.

He knows a little bit tagawa kun. A lot noah talk. The other side. Okay.

Wonder. If you ll ever. See. Co.

Face stealer. Oh yeah. No shit looks like dragons. Nice so far not a good introduction.

Even though she blew it up him back. Oh. She s connected somehow this is yeah like an air right here. I don t like earth dog was like a tree behind connect woman meditate loneliness.

Been attained all my charts. A and this nicholas morph. Into one. Oh wow.

But the avatar state dog. Yeah. He s like meditate. Why wouldn t that be obvious to you push it with her fingertip.

My god i didn t think she was gonna get it holy grab the lights going up in the sky. All right how do i know i need her if you wanted that how did that thing. It s beautiful sounds like the avatar theme yeah. It s like a variation and i was like why are you have a dark aura.

You have taken the first bringing balance back to the south soon. The whole legacy. It s hard being the avatar. It s harder being the avatars boyfriend.

She didn t i started to think she liked me didn t think that was gonna go the way. I was supposed to go yeah what the hell is that that s the heat fucking twitter is that the northern water tribe yeah it invaded us out there s more difficult work to be done before our two tribes are truly united he s not to whip them into fucking shame. He s about the use about to take the annex. What is he he just went all freakin.

I he s trying to destroy their culture and make them exactly the more than oh there s a mistake. Yeah okay. So this is where i get me. This is right.

This is this is why i think okay. I think it s mistake in a way because i feel like the northern water tribe. But they re all like little luck and they can like harnesses first lot better you know so they give them an upper hand makes them a lot stronger like the biggest problem that we weren t remembering an avatar last errand. The base problem.

We had with fire nations. They wanted an attacker the solar eclipse was made in this another close wait was it was eclipse right. I think so yeah cuz it made the strongest right so what if opening the spirit world on it yeah. The commas are my bad.

So does calm was it that s when they were gonna be strong is so what if opening this portal. You know buddy the spirit world is making the northern water tribe a lot stronger..

Yeah and then it just gives him a way bigger advantage over the southern water tribe. And he s just going in there right now but but having the portal open is good for the spirits. Yeah. That s what i m saying the door iii think i don t think what she did was necessarily wrong.

But i think she jumped the gun without knowing what she did yeah without what his intentions are yes and i think with the northern water tribes. We do they re gonna use the spirits thing as a southern water tribe because they re not adhering to their ways. But do they even have a spirit anymore since their forest was burnt down yeah. There s poor they re supposed to burnt down.

But now the spirits have been released in the and obviously what a lock is for the northern water tribe and they have experience with hard pina fighting the spirits who are dealing with the spirits in general so i m guessing that there s more people in northern water tribe that can do that ability to have that power so that just means whatever if that portal was open like you said at the end and those guys now have a bigger upper hand. Do you think they re there to attack. Oh yeah. I think i think i think i think they re they re there they re there to come in and infiltrate their own beliefs.

The way they wanted to happen they re not okay with this free living and they re either. It s i mean i m not trying to compare to like you know like nazi hitler and all that good stuff. But it is kind of i mean i don t know what kind of got that with the modern. Yeah.

This beauty more like us maybe well we kind of knew how we couple go into countries and then we try to instill our beliefs and our systems and our way of government. But it s already their system ones up they just keep trying to reboot them read whatever. He s trying to that he s true. It s like a holy war.

Yeah. Is it crusade. Yes. Yeah.

Yeah. Is it crusade literally is interpretation of our you know their god or their their their belief their belief in the spirit. So it looks like the majority of this season is gonna take place that like i think we re not gonna see a lot of city stuff. Which is fine like it s like we re in a different yeah at least.

I like it i like we re kind of back to our roots. Yeah. I don t know where this is gonna go this is like they re doing good so far yeah i blue don t know what s coming next. But he didn t know that the forests would get destroyed earlier yes and have all these spirits.

I could do it i guess like if they water bended like you know the floor. They could have cleaned up they could have like siphoned the water back out and just like gave the forest a chance a little bit. They did kind of kind of new though because like he said they didn t think they would anybody would attack there because it s holy you know land and nobody ever attacks there but they re like fuck it we are going to talk there. But so they kind of knew.

I wasn t saying maybe children bash cuz. He didn t know but in a way. He didn t know he did know and they could have cleaned up a little bit like that they just there s no way creaming that shit. I mean they re water benders like they flooded the force that could have just tries were destroyed they could have just cited as much of the water back because they ve been basically flooded all the plants if they would have taken some of the water out of some of it couldn t survive.

I m sorry they broke two ice attacks. You know what they yeah. If anything i learned from that publication like those they they went active bad guys what i mean they they were like you know what we re gonna go ahead and swear and what they interview they started estimating that their land a lot more than they were situation for then my dismay in atlanta. It s kind of what happens in wars man like people they go at fight.

More than destroy fucking cities destroy everything just to have like a warrior duke. It out. And make sure. One person has the upper hand over the other other person or the other group and like yeah so we re gonna patent into uh freaking cores that accord that like you know they went after the bandits they got the bandits.

But in the long run they lost her forest yeah what are you calling a barbarian barbarians. Damn barbarian barbarian yeah the barbarian no i mean i with her hoping the spirit world they like her dad turnarounds like oh. She didn t he was kind of happy about it again. I don t see it as a being a bad thing.

I think. He said. It s just it s just the steps of taking over try and make people do what they want to do by like in the end hopefully when they win the southern tribe will keep the spiritual out and live as meant to be without being the third mind control basically just and let him attack or he s at a like what s like ah. I think she just had a moment of like maybe.

I don t know everything about this guy like when was like five percent bad. Five and ninety five is like it s gonna be no he makes sense. He s speaking the truth. It s like fuck.

He does have a power suit. It s just extreme idea..

And she s smart shoe try. And learn that from him fortunately turns her back on him all right. I mean surely being able to dish. What she saw just can t do it all the way that s what i was thinking.

I was like i thought this guy was supposed to train her and he was like well you got this so. What what do you guys think about that that statue that oh yeah ya see my dumbass. I was like that you are frozen. There so i was like i thought was very male airbender.

It was a female heir. But it wasn t really that yeah that interacted with she was like whatever ii was kind of nervous. But like it really know who the kid was you think it s like a yeah. I don t know it was weird it lit up what if she did the spirit thing.

Yeah like before that avatar state right when you go to avatar state. Doesn t everything know. But still why did you know something she was a waterbender. Yeah.

That statue was a waterbender. I think the kid was so attracted to her though before i was a bit out in the middle night to go back to the statute. Y yeah just spirit somehow she s she s tapped into the spirits too when she is part of aang s bloodline. Obviously you know it s hard to have her bloodline.

But still it s possible for some humans to interact with the spirits iroh are interact with the spirits even as the painted lady visited katara. Yeah also i mean like say the last episode like we re in a world. We receive avatars. I mean we receive avengers were certain skills that are stronger than the avatar of the avatar who develops done yeah.

They don t know they re not a handle it man. I like mutants and shit you know for sure evolution yeah. Damn i really want yeah no good so ever your friend s birthday. Yeah.

It s just enough because i m still interested in what the hell is going on this season. I wish we could just binge it up binge it all off i don t know how i feel weak to especially because i ve read the title of the next steps. Oh. We re watching two three tomorrow for sure okay okay.

I got this make the rounds. We gotta watch at least two tomorrow. We weren t yet yeah we go there s no to passing out tomorrow on some budget. If we can watch three the night boy.

Yeah. Boy. Yeah. Where s the jab.

Oh. Yeah. Cordesman well alright yeah. Thanks for joining us for the korra.

It s so good let us. Know what your thoughts were in this episode. The animation. Yeah.

Oh. My god yeah the twins and ball in relationship. Why you have another woman. Oh.

My god my favorite oh asami noel something here here alright yo peace out hey everyone thank you for watching season 2 episode 2 of legend of korra with us hit the like button. If you are enjoying this series and leave a comment down below for us to read later on when we finish this series. Because we re trying not to read any more comments. Big shout out to all of our patrons and subscribers for keeping this channel going and we will see you guys.

” ..

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