The Problem With Andraste

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“You remember that harry potter open world rpg league back in october 2018. Some people people in supposingly a mall were asked to watch a console trailer of this new potter game and then give feedback. But nobody was watching them when they were watching the trailer. So somebody recorded everything and then leaked it on the internet.

I ll be showcasing some of that leaked footage in this video. But not too much because warner did not like it when it happens. The first time around and took some videos down basically confirming that it was real as well. But we haven t heard anything about this promising looking game since well until now because we could be very close to a big reveal looking at many sources and rumours that are out there.

So i want to refresh your memory in this video and talk about what this game. Is and why we will likely see a reveal soon and like on the video would be super. Appreciated and let s go and by the way. If you haven t participated in my march giveaway for a 20 20 game of your choice on your platform of choice then totally do it find a link in the paint comments you have to be a subscriber of the channel as well to win and when you win you can choose a special edition for a game of your choice.

I will announce the winner on april 1st. It s very interesting and weird that we never got a to open world harry potter rpg for consoles especially when those movies came out and we re so popular like we only got bad short games based on those movies. And you will see some trailers of those games by the way in this video. Because again.

All the footage that we got of this new upcoming game are from that very short leaked trailer. We could already see though in the small footage that would be a huge step up from the previous harry potter games. The trailer started with a character creator with quite a lot of options and the game had some pretty awesome and brutal looking combat taking out this goblin with an axe to the chest. So when his one minute footage was leaked the game was still in early development.

So it was really just a proof of concept the game would be set in a 19th century harry potter world where we played a character who earns a late acceptance to hogwarts so we would go to that school as a 5th years. But upon the rifle strange things start happening in the forbidden forest and also within the school. So the idea is that we go and find out what is happening while of course also doing all the other harry potter stuff that we see in the movies and read in the books like craft potions master new spells discover fantastical beasts and it should be battles against the dark wizards goblins and other creatures. Yes.

It sounds like a game that i want that really lets you live that harry potter fantasy. I really hope that there are also some social features persona style. Where we can choose to spend time with certain friends. Students maybe have some romantic relationships.

I just want that full harry potter experience and this game. Seems to at least be the first that really tries it one of the features that was listed in a league document was a choose your house and friends at hogwarts and decides to pursue a path of good or evil. So sounds like there are totally some choices. Involved and of course that bullet points and freely explored the wizarding world for the first time.

It all sounds really good. And when this footage was leaked eurogamer had sources confirming to them that this game was indeed in development and by avalanche software. They were first owned by disney and did a ton of disney infinity releases and other disney games but in may 2016..


They were shut down. Although not for long because warner bros interactive reopened them again in january. 2017. Then they still have to release a car three video game.

And that one launched in summer. 2017 so likely after that they started working on this harry potter game and now as of march 2020. They are looking for an associate lightning technical artist to work closely with a talented group of artists and engineers on an exciting soon to be announced a triple a title and there s not a lot of other new info in his job listing apart from the fact that the game is being made with the unreal engine. 4.

Because this person needs to have experience developing in unreal engine. 4. And it was actually this fan project from oak nyan. Who made dumbledore s office in unreal engine 4.

And it looks awesome. And it can t only be an indication of what we ll be that we see in this new game. But yeah. That s soon to be announced it s of course.

The key takeaway from this new job listing. Because it seems like we re looking at an e3. Reveal reverse flash on recent era noted that a harry potter game reveal could mean that the batman game from warner. Montreal would be announced later that game was of course teased.

Many times before and it seems to be launching this year. So yeah seems to be weird. If this harry potter game would move that right well jason. I are from kotaku who of course reported on many correct leaks in the past and took it to recent era to say if there were a venue in which multiple games could be announced at the same time of course referring to e3 and warner s presents at the previous editions has been pretty lackluster without any major triple a games.

So it makes sense that they would reveal two games this year. On top of that we also have troy a lead designer at avalanche software who notes on twitter that their game will indeed be revealed soon there we go to his linkedin. Page. Then we.

See that he has been working on this game as a lead designer since of february 2018. So yeah. That also makes sense that you reveal a game that you ve been working on for more than two years and maybe they started even earlier than that and by the way shout out to death claw bowling on reddit for making a trap and collecting some sources that all point towards this imminence revealed yes. We will likely see this harry potter game in june 2020.

If iii of course continues like that s still the question right now with all the conventions being cancelled left and right and la is now called a state of emergency via as i discussed in my previous video. If afree is canceled then i still think we will have some sort of week of gaming celebration. All the publishers prepare for e3 like six months ahead and they still need a time to announce and promote the games that are coming out this year or later so why not do it during that same week..


Microsoft wants to do that a free style press conference to announce more of their neck jam plants. I mean they already prepared that show and i would not be surprised if we saw. The harry potter game during that press conference as well it could also be during a playstation event. Although i don t think it will be during a playstation.

5. Reveal because this harry potter rpg will likely be cross gen. If they plan to announce it soon although for party games for the coming two years will very likely be on both the current and next generation of consoles as we saw during the previous generations as well and we learned during an amd presentation at the ps4 and xbox. One are at 150 million ship.

Now so it makes a ton of sense to release a harry potter game. It has such a wide appeal on a larger install base and going back to the leaked footage. It doesn t look like a next gen game to me. So if it s indeed iii.

As jason hints. Then i think it will be during the microsoft show in october 2018. So when this harry potter game got leaked lizzo from the bbc noted that he earths that the game was currently titled harry potter magic awakens although other titles including magic forever are also in the mix other potter games are also to be on the way and while while year later we got the announcement of a new rpg card game for ios and android made by the chinese games company nettie s called harry potter magic awakens so yes the name that lizzo heard was true. But it is not for this council game.

I gotta say though this mobile game looks quite cool with a pretty nice art style and from the looks of it some pretty deep gameplay. Itt and saint catherine of alexandria instructing her to support charles the seventh and recover france from english dominion late in the hundred years war archangel michael. If you don t know. It s mentioned quite a lot in the bible.

Such as the book of daniel and in revelations. If we compare the archangel michael to the maker overall this would seem like good news. This would mean the maker does care about his own creations. And he will see an end to their corruption.

If we think certain types of things and thetas are sin. Which would be correct in the chant of light. So yes the maker would accordingly care. But then again the maker is went exalted ondraw stayed to her position of course.

It caused the rebellion against the tevinter imperium and it ultimately martyred her for it throughout andhra stays life. She truly tried to understand the maker to understand why certain events happen the way they do and she blamed tevinter her main mission was to end their sacrificial religion and evangelized the true faith of the maker. Rebellion. The people of thetas needed a hero a reason to keep going andris.

They rallied the armies of the alomari to claim land against tevinter. This was the result of a divine mission and seemed to vinter paying for their own mistakes. The maker was even creating earthquakes droughts and even wildfires..


He was spreading them across status to wreak havoc. Upon the apeiron for their own sin. They were ultimately found weary and isolated during her rebellion. Many know of shorten.

The elven companion of andraste who fought to have their freedom brought in the dales as promised. But the problem with her rebellion shone brightly in the battles of valerian fields. Where they won by mass rafts. Masterful siege and on dras days inspiration that drove her people on despite their advantages they had many losses.

Many alomari leaders died in battle. Who supported on dress day and dis led to the wrong outcome of andhra. Say s tragedy. She just needed to kill the main heretical monster.

That was controlling to ventures chaos. Evidently upon trustees rebellion was a failure. It wasn t meant to win at all which is her downfall crucifixion as we all know mara s betrayal was the main cause of andra stays. Death teaming up with the enemy has seryan to conspire and kill this heretic.

Who believes in this maker. She was taken to moon rathus and burnt on a pyre. The alum ari s cried for her martyr. But she did not weep his aryan took pity of this ending the final blow on his blade taking her pain out of misery.

If the maker truly exists. His actions were of wind and storm after her death on that pyre guilt was felt throughout the imperium swalls. The chant blamed math wrath. But in retrospect by his hidden actions.

We can only assume math for a predicted. What would come this is often overlooked an element of self sacrifice to the story. We must grant the betrayer humanity and forethought his actions are in fact both that he was instrumental in her death. And that he acted to preserve her legacy mathuroth knew this event was coming and as he seems the scapegoat of her death.

It doesn t withdraw his actions from the situation of this prophet. At all i really believe he knew the events of the makers miracles that was helping them conquer. Most of these lands. But due to her blind faithfulness.

She was killing thousands eventually threatening all of the alomari in the elven who fought by her side and rossi was trying to wipe out all of tevinter. But to venters armies were a force to be reckoned with and they would ultimately win over all math rath knew of war and he knew the strategies and he saw through this he knew on dras they went too far ashamed of his betrayal. He loyally gave his land to his offspring to leave some sort of preservation in his wife s death and due to his actions..


It results to what makes thetas today in lance legacy andra stays ashes. Harvard aigis of math wrath and mattress old his friend sacrificed himself to protect andraste being chained and taken in for execution inman rathus. He recovered scarcely and hurrying to the gates of the imperium. Only to see her remaining ashes from the pyre.

A vision came to him from on droste herself. That he would be the aigis of faith and lead her destiny by the makers well he led her ashes back to the frostback mountains belonging to the temple of sacred ashes. Which are eventually taken away after the fifth blight ends andra stays offspring under st. According to religion consisted of having five children.

But she only bore two daughters ebrush and viviane ebrush and her daughter died young ending her side of the bloodline. But vivian s offspring lives on bearing. Only daughters and their names are lost due to some flights because their daughters married into other families in another video. I claimed for lineage to come down to flemeth.

But the three sons belonged to malthus concert isa rath. Eldest of the sons united syrian tribes that would stand as one unifying them to what is now known as or lay. Everyone was a leader of the nomadic group now known as the free marches and barreled youngest of math claimed his father s name in navara. But after the betrayal was found out barreled and his court were killed and barreled fled to his brother isa wrath.

Due to lineage they exchanged in a lengthy power struggle. Eventually barreled conspires with isa roth s wife. Josh abbas to kill his own brother and eventually. Marrying her josh travis.

Actually killed verrill becoming the first syrian leader of orlais. Which some would recognize this is the first game in orlais finally this raises. The statement that religion of historic events. Leads us to believe different events that actually happened undresses legacy lives on and many significant people in the world of famous believe in her existence.

If the inquisitor is led by the maker let us hope. He will help us in the future of the upcoming dragon age. I ve delved into many misconceptions surrounding this right of the maker and truth be told. We don t know what or whether his existence will ever be revealed.

So the problem with on droste are just as much a problem regarding. This maker and his religion have any questions or comments leave them below and we can discuss them together happy holidays. Everyone and like and subscribe for more dragon age content like this see you in the next year. ” .


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