The THINNEST Monitor EVER C-Force Portable Display Review

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“Say that this thing is cutting edge would be a gross understatement. This is care care project. Apparently and it is demo zero zero. 1 of something that absolutely blew freaking mind so inside this box.

We ve got a bunch of accessories and stuff and this that doesn t really look like much but what it is is it is a super thin external monitor pretty thin right oh wait sam this is the thinnest external monitor in the world. This is the thinnest in the world right and we are gonna check it out. Oh. When did i mention that it s like just over 200 bucks.

You know what else weighs nothing this segue to our sponsor cable. Not cable mod has added even more flare to your custom build with their coloured aluminum combs click the link below to add them to your order in their configurator to spice up your pc. Okay so come on in here. Let s have a look at this thing like how on earth do you build a display that is this freaking thin.

I mean i guess if you think about it you know the display that s built into something. Like you know your smartphone or your. Even something like oh yeah. Here we go.

Even something. Like a laptop is honestly probably not a lot thicker or maybe even thinner. But for some reason nobody has ever done something like this in an external monitor. I mean especially the part at the top like that has to be just the thickness of a panel.

Which means that quite a few of the other components of a display look like they ve had to be externalized now if this was an oled. We actually seen tvs. That have a design kind of like this where they re thicker at the bottom. And then they re basically just the thickness of a piece of glass with an oled panel on the front of it.

But it s not it s an lcd. So that would explain well one of the reasons. Why the bottom has to be a little bit thicker. So what we re clearly looking at is the actual lcd film itself here.

And some kind of light diffusing layer on the back at a minimum. There s other components as well. Then we ve got some kind of light source. So it s actually edge lit from the bottom up once we fire it up.

We re gonna want to take a look at what the uniformity looks like to see if we ve got hot spots along the bottom now one of the other things. That s noteworthy about this is many external monitors. Include a battery. So you can run them just.

When you re on an airplane or whatever else..

But this one clearly doesn t like there s just no possible room for our battery inside this display. And the thing is shockingly light like i would imagine if it had a battery in it it would have to be quite a bit heavier. I actually brought along a scale for y all. Here so let s go ahead and tear this through our panel.

On there. It is just over 200 grams. That is about half a pound for our american friends. I m thinking real one of their pitches is that you can like prop it up on a handheld controller and game like that not 100 sure about that we re definitely gonna try that later for now i want to take a closer look at some of the accessories because some of them under normal circumstances wouldn t even be considered accessories first we ve got a usb type c.

Cable. So that is one of the only things that s actually present on this bottom io module here a usb type c. Port on the other side. We ve got this rocker switch button that we actually aren t sure what it does so then one of the things that had to be externalized is of course.

The power supply and io. Normally you d have a thicker monitor. And you d have room inside for these components. Here now see for says that you can actually run it just like this.

But the kit that we ve got comes with this external hub that allows for more i o options anything we ll be connecting it to will be using this hub. So there s our display inputs. We ve got type c as well as hdmi. It apparently has a built in usb hub.

So that s pretty cool my phone jack and all that and there s your power in as well as your output to the monitor itself. It s also available with a bunch of different mount options that we can check out in a bit more detail later because i want to focus on the mount that i think most people are most likely to use. Which is this kind of sleeve like tablet sleeve style mount so let s go ahead and pop this in one thing of note guys is that they ve got kind of this carbon fiber finish on it but and it s light enough that honestly i think probably believe it but we actually dinged this corner of it you can see that there s some exposed kind of like a low luster metal. Here.

So it looks like it s either aluminum. Or magnesium. Or some alloy of the two that s giving it its light weight it does not appear to be actual carbon fiber. Additionally.

There are clear machining marks in this piece here so this also seems to have a metal backing. Obviously at this kind of thickness. The screens a little bit on the flimsy side. But to their credit.

The bottom piece is shockingly robust. So that s pretty neat. The way that it sets up is a little something like that so you re counting on like kind of your magnet to hold it in place. So it seems not the most amazing american.

I m actually kind of like it better just out flat this way so then you can use the grooves from the folds to sort of yeah..

It s it s not it s not perfect. I mean. It is a prototype in fairness. But i don t know that they will improve these elements of it so now we re at the point.

Where it s time to kind of have some fun with this thing so we re gonna start by just trying to go straight usb type c. Into usb type c. From this predator gaming laptop. This thing working no there we go helps when you turn the power button on it now that s curious it detects a secondary display.

But we re not actually getting any output here okay so phase two we re gonna try using the cf 120 central hub. So we ve got a nice high quality cable here depending the input side not actually expecting this to work wait what that worked why very interesting so apparently this is getting enough power over usb type c. To run the hub run the display and also power the apparent cooling fan in here. So our cooling fan in this thing.

That is really sharp check this out this thing is 4k alright. So that s not very ergonomic over there obviously you wouldn t do something like this with it. But i m just gonna i m gonna put this here for illustrative purposes. That s it 4k display so initial impressions color.

Really stands out as a strong point. I wouldn t describe it as oversaturated or anything like that like this is this is a brightly colored game now they claim that it s got full adobe rgb coverage and according to our benchmarks. That claim actually checks out now. One area.

Where they don t make any claims and probably rightly. So is when it comes to the pixel response times or or ghosting. It is a bit of a smeary mess to be perfectly honest you can really see now that we re on the desktop this such edge of this white window in the dark background is pretty darn nasty. I mean honestly if you re more into like perfect response times in gaming.

You re gonna want to check out the review. We have of uses upcoming monitor that has both a lm b. So that s motion. Blur reduction and variable refresh rate in the same display at the same time that is a first so don t miss it for now.

I think. It s time to experiment. A little bit more with this guy so this worked. But not necessarily every laptop will compatibility on this thing has been a bit hit or miss for us so here we re trying the exact same configuration on an lg grams.

Usb type c port and nothing so what we found was that this device needed supplementary power from the wall. So the magic arm down. There is going to go ahead and plug that in for me. Thanks james and there we go so now with supplementary power into our hub.

We are running i m going to let it boot up before i plug this in though i guess while we wait you guys can go check out ltt store com..

Awesome shirts like this one hey there we go alright. So this is more like what i would consider to be a practical application for this thing. Now one thing they obviously have to figure out is kind of the jank enos of this type c. Connection down.

Here. You can see there s a lot of wiggle wobble. There and you guys have seen the display flicker on and off multiple times as i ve been sitting here fiddling with it that s something that clearly can t make its way into the finished product if we were gonna recommend this thing this is a pretty sick travel set up a grand plus this thing total freaking weight in your bag basically negligible like it s like half a gaming laptop of thickness. It s crazy well as risky.

As this might be the next thing. I want to try is with my phone now off camera. I tried going straight from the phone into the monitor that did not work. But hey look at that this is way more promising boom.

Hdmi connected just like that so with another 200 grams of weight. I can use samsung s crappy browser instead of chrome on a display this size. No i don t want to set as the default. Why would i want to do that oh my god.

It s got a usb hub. In it do we have a keyboard let s get keyboard it up here. This is freaking. Awesome now obviously for the ideal experience.

You wouldn t have like a freaking full size 104 key keyboard like that but with like a super compact or like a foldable keyboard or something you just tie a big rubber band around that in your external display. This is a shockingly functional like coffee shop setup. Mind you you need it you need a power outlet or you could probably run it off a battery bank. Okay so the ultimate set up continues here we have taken the power brick out of the wall.

We ve got our mophie. We re gonna plug that into our hub hey hey hey there it is now in fairness we ve kind of gotten to the point. Where you might as well just have a laptop versus this particular setup. But hey i think we ve made our point in terms of the versatility that s afforded by a super thin super light display and we are just getting started.

This is the part of the video. Where things get really crazy. So. This is just it seems to be an off the shelf.

Ps4 controller phone. Mount and then this is kind of a similar doodad for the xbox. One now what see force seems to is a gopro mount that fits in a phone controller adapter mount and this bracket doodad that goes on the back of their monitor and screws in so it appears. The intent is that you put this on here and you hold it like this and of course because this is not a game console.

It still needs an external signal..

So you ll also need this now one thing. I hadn t actually noticed before until. I was digging around for adaptors is that they are appear to be aware that this connections a little janky. They went ahead and wrote a little note for us velcro fix self adhesive tie.

This is for fixing the connector. Thank you no no no that is not a solution you guys got to find a better one when you actually release this thing. So i guess i guess. It s you know what why don t we move on to the switch ones before we hook up our nintendo switch.

We did get some clarification as to why this hobby requires active cooling. Most monitors include a scaler this one has basically nothing on it so. The scaler is in here as well so that takes the signal that s coming out of whatever device you re using be it a laptop or a blu ray player or a game console. Or whatever.

The case may be and then translates that into something that the panel that it s connected to can understand so. This is basically just a bare ass panel. So if whatever you connect it to happens to output some kind of signal that s compatible with it then peachy keen. If not you re gonna need one of these alright.

So we ve got this working. We know how to block. So this is not a great experience for a variety of reasons. One this mount is super stupid and gets in the way of the buttons.

Too you have a cord hanging off of it so anytime. You re gonna be like tethered to something you might as well probably be running on your tv. But you know what i m sure some of you out there will see an application for this and in fairness to the response times on this screen. They are not as bad as windows might make it seem like they should be and again the colors look really good take it cloudkit just stop.

I just i want to land my heavy attack just let me land the heavy attack and we re done here so ultimately then that s really up to you it s two hundred and twenty dollars while they re crowdfunding for just the display and the the case stand here and then it s about 270 us dollars. If you also want the hub. Which i would say is basically a necessity so the drawback is that the solution is a little bit janky and you might have to diy things. A little.

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