The Ultimate 12 in 1 USB-C Hub

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“Today s video. We re going to check out the ultimate samsung dex usb c c hub that will work on samsung phones your macbook or other windows pcs let get started everybody welcome to tech with brett where i help tech work for you so today. I m going to be reviewing the az dome. 12.

In one usbc adapter for your samsung phone or even macbook pros or windows with c adapters on the device so a huge shout out to az dome for sending this to me. So i can show you guys how this works this runs about 110 dollars on amazon right now so this does have 12 different ports that you can use here on the back. We have a regular usb c. This can be used for charging as well as data transfer.

We have a display port a hdmi vga. The hdmi and the displayport will export out at 4k at 30 hertz and then here the vga will actually do. 1080p at 60. Hertz and then here you have three usb 30.

Inputs and then a ethernet port and then full sd card and a micro sd card. And then on the back. Here you have the headphone jack. So let s set this up.

I m going to show you how it works and all the things that it can do before we get into it i do want to mention that if you re going to use the az dome. Adapter for samsung decks. It is recommended by samsung to use a genuine samsung dex device like the dex pad. I ve made many videos about this before so if you want to know more about this device you can click the link in the pop up on screen.

But i did get it to work with this device and will talk about what does work. And what doesn t work so let s jump right in so here are all the devices that we ll be testing out today see if they work within this adapter here and there are different types of adapters that you can get from az dome. But this is the 12 n1 adapter so the first thing that i m going to do is plug in a fast. Charging usb c.

Power cable. This is one that came with my samsung dex it doesn t come with this but we re going to make sure that we charge our devices. While we are using this and then i m going to plug in a few other things real quick. So we do want to have mouse support.

So we re going to in our little usb adapter for our mouse as well as for our dell keyboard here we re going to plug that in so let s start off by testing out vga with the samsung galaxy s 9. So here i m going to plug in my vga port right there so then i m just going to plug in the usb c into my galaxy s. 9. There we got a notice that the hdmi is connected so you may need to check to make sure that your monitor is on the proper input.

So now that we have it plugged in you can see that it is mirroring exactly what i see on my screen. It actually works relatively well so there you go the vga does work with the galaxy s 9. But when you go into the menu here you don t see any option to go into samsung decks that is something that is now only available on the galaxy note. 9.

With other third party adapters like this one..

So you do have a screen mirroring option here not sure why the resolution is a bit off. But it actually works really well and it s it s pretty smooth. So you d be able to use any of your applications. That you want on here so now let s try it over here on the hdmi cable.

So i m going to plug in a displayport in to the adapter and there you can actually see that it is displaying on both of the devices at one time so now let s move on to the galaxy s. 9. Plus. Let s see if we have a different experience now this device is a t mobile device.

The other one was a global unlocked phone. So here we have it plugged in and then there it gave a notification that hdmi is connected and now you can see that since it is connected it s showing up on both screens. So over here on my samsung. 4k as well as through the vga.

So pretty awesome everything i do over here works just like that so if you re watching a video. It would mirror on to the screen as well if you wanted to play music or something you would need to make sure that you have audio output on the tv. So you would need like a speaker on the tv here these monitors don t have audio or you could still use your headphone jack on the phone to be able to plug in let s go into a app. Where we can go landscape on here.

So if i m in the internet browser and i go into landscape mode. Here you can see that that works as well so really quick really smooth. But again when you go into the settings. You do not have an option for samsung.

Decks now we should be able to use our mouse. So we can use the mouse on here as well as the keyboard so that all works while you are plugged into the adapter here so now let s try out our note. 9. And there you can see that the note.

9. Did go right into samsung decks mode so this is the full samsung desktop. I did do a full video on how you can use this with the note. 9.

With the s pen and all that stuff and i am getting that notice it says use genuine samsung decks accessories for the best samsung experience so i ll leave a link to those in the description below. But here we can use our mouse on the screen. And if we pull open a search bar. We can start typing.

And it will show all of those applications. So now let s test out some of the other ports. So we have our mouse and our keyboard working right now so then let s go ahead and plug in a usb c. Flash drive.

And if i open up the my files application down..

Here. That we see the usb storage. And here. I have a movie on here.

So let s load that right up go into the video player so like i said before there will be no audio coming out of here so here i have an auxilary cable plugged into my google mac. So we re just going to plug this in to the end of the az dome and then click play. And there you go that works so next. Let s try out the other ports here so let s plug in my sd card.

So we re going to plug the sd card right in and there you saw usb storage popped up so now we have usb storage. One and usb storage. Too so we re going to go to one that s the new one. I just plugged in we re going to go to dcim cannon.

And then we can check out some of the pictures. I just took about the az dome. So i can open these up see the amazing quality that they are you sumen drag round just like that let s try out some videos that are on that drive so that shows up without any wait time worked really well playing the videos right from my camera. And now.

Let s plug in a micro sd card. So that is just right below the full sd card slot. So i did have to plug that in upside down. So over here we have another option.

We now have three storage options. And then we can go in here to my camera on this one. And we can see some of the other pictures. So you can open this up you could easily copy different pictures over so i can click and hold and then i can drag this right on to say my desktop samsung decks so we could open up that picture just like that so our little port is getting pretty full right here.

And it is working on both of these displays at the same time. Which is pretty awesome so the next thing that we re going to try is we re going to plug in the ethernet port. So let s first go do a speed test. So now.

This is working directly over my wi fi. So it s just downloading at whatever wi fi speed. It has and then down. Here you ll notice that i am currently on wi fi at the bottom of the screen alright that did pretty good we got 32 download and 58 upload.

But now let s plug in our ethernet. Port and once you plug that in it just takes a second. But then down here. We have a new icon.

Indicating that we are plugged in via ethernet..

So that is definitely working let s go ahead and redo the test all right. And that did quite a bit better here. We have 67 megabits per second download. And then we have 102 upload.

Which is more than i actually pay for so that s pretty awesome that is able to download at that speed so real quick let s check out what resolution. It is showing on the screen. So if i go into the menu here go into samsung deck settings here we have screen resolution and right now. It is only displaying at 1080p and again it s only showing at the 1080p.

It will not display in the 1440. So here we are plugged in with hdmi works. Just the same samsung decks screen resolution and there again we re still at 1080. It was only with the samsung decks pad that i was able to get it to show up to 1440 resolution.

So when you are using the samsung decks with the note. 9. It will only display the same thing on both displays. There is no way to have a dual display.

So i can t have one screen show one thing and another do another you can have the note show on thing and then you can have the display show different. But that s all that there is so now let s go and test out. I m going to remove one of the usb c. Ports and then here.

I m going to plug in a larger hard drive this doesn t have external power. It s just plugged right in to the usb slot. All right it did not like that drive at all maybe. It s a little too higher powered.

Sometimes if you have a hard drive that s powered on its own. You might be able to do that but that one did not work so here we are back at the screen mirroring if i want to go into samsung decks. I may need to just unplug and plug this back in all right and the last thing. We are going to try is plugging in the printer via usb.

So here we have it plugged in and here. It says we do need a hp printer service plugin. So we re going to select ok all right let s do some quick word processing. All right we re gonna make that a little bit bigger let s increase.

The size here 20. Now let s go go 7200. That s great alright control p. Getting the printer ready.

And it looks like here..

I do have my printer showing up as a wireless printer. But here it shows via usb so reselect usb and then we are going to select print. And it says do you want to use hp printer service plugin. So it just depends on what printer you have if this is available or not and there we go pretty awesome so using this with the note.

9. And samsung decks definitely works best if you re using any other samsung phone. It will only screen mirror you still will be able to use mouse and keyboard as well as adding some of the usb drives and the sd card. But if you want to use samsung decks you do need to have the samsung galaxy note.

9. Now let s test this out on a samsung computer with a usb c port alright. So here we have our samsung notebook 9. I m just going to plug this right into the usb port here on the side and then it was able to extend my desktop via the vga cable or the hdmi cable.

I was not able to have them play at the same time it would only do one or the other i m not sure exactly how it would work on a macbook. But you should have the access to full desktop on there as well and then here if i go into my file browser. We can see if all those drives are still there so here. I have the usb drive with all of the files that i have taken on my phone earlier so you can see all those which come up really nice and then here.

We have the other drive. Which this is the little micro usb card. So we can go and see all those same files that we saw before so that works really well and then we have the mouse and keyboard input. No problem and if we wanted to print.

Something we would be able to do that right from the printer as well you may need to just go and install the drivers. But yeah the other usb port should work no problem the audio is working great right out of here to my google. Home mac. Speaker.

And there you have it that is the az dome. 12. In one hub. Thank you guys so much for watching today if you have any further questions about the az dome.

Samsung. Decks or any of the things that we talked about today please let me know in the comments below. And if this is your first time here. I would love to have you subscribe so you can be notified of my new and upcoming videos.

Thank you so much for watching i ll see you on the ” ..

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