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“Everybody this is darren van dam and you re watching flick connection. The show that that helps you get more out of movies. And today. I m going to tell all about the best post apocalyptic movies you can currently watch on netflix.

All right my number 10 pick is here alone. Which is actually a zombie movie with little no no zombies actually in it. Which you know is sometimes a good thing. But this is basically about a woman after the zombie apocalypse.

She s trapped out in the woods or at least alone out in the woods. And she does have quite a few zombie encounters. This is a very slow paced post apocalyptic movie. But a good one small movie won a bunch of awards on the you know festival circuit.

I liked it but don t expect anything major out of this one which you know as always that s why it s all the way back here at number 10 number nine is a movie with possibly too many zombies in it it s called the resort. This takes place long after the zombie apocalypse. Has been let s just say solved. And there s this resort island off the coast of north africa.

Where people can pay a lot of money to go and hunt zombies and so think about it it s kind of like jurassic park meets night of the living dead another low budget movie. And because there s a lot of special effects in this one some of them don t play as well. But if you like just you know head shots and and just crazy zombie stuff. This is a really good one don t expect stellar performances don t expect stellar or special effects.

But you can expect to have some fun with this one. Just my recommendation is don t think about it too hard now for one. Without any zombies. 23.

07 winters. Dream takes place. Three hundred years in the future. Where the the earth is covered in snow and people live underground and they ve created synthetic humans and the synthetic humans now are kind of like rebelling so it s kind of gotten a blade runner element to it this one i liked a lot.

But just like the previous ones. It s got a lot of flaws. A lot the acting and this one in particular is some of the worst..


I ve ever seen. But it s fun they have a little bit of fun with it the movie does take itself a little bit too seriously at times. But if you can let yourself get into it you might have fun with this one it does things differently than i ve seen in other move and really truly this is a very very ambitious project for such a small movie and they pulled a lot of stuff off. There were a lot of shots in this one.

I was really surprised to see and then there were other shots. It was just like god that looks so horrible so had the right expectations for this one. And you might enjoy it but again. Where s the tail in the list.

I got some real gems. As we get closer to number one though cargo is a netflix original. I ve talked about before. I ve done a full review.

I ll put a link in that to the description below. If you know if i have time. And it s a good little zombie flick with again very few zombies. There s about a father in the australian outback trying to find someone to take care of his what appears to be maybe a six to eight month old daughter so it s very heartbreaking in a lot of ways.

But it s a good strong story. It s based on a short film by the same name and i think they pulled it off. I think they translated it to a feature very well it is a netflix original. It s on par with some of the better netflix originals.

Which you got to have the right expectations again. But i did enjoy this one. I thought it was very very well done martin freeman. Gives an incredible performance in this one so i highly recommend checking this one out if you re into the premise.

At all my number six pick is automata. I think i m saying that right it stars antonio banderas. And this is way in the future. It s less post apocalyptic and more sort of dystopian.

But it does fit into the genre. Where robots haven t taken over but humans and robots or let s just say not getting along and it s it s got this really cool grungy feel to it this one is the most beautiful one that i ve mentioned so far for me. The story fizzled a little bit as stories tend to do with lower budget movies..


It s to be expected. But this was kind of a cool experience that i wasn t really expecting it doesn t follow a formula it doesn t follow a format. If you like the way this one looks you ll at least enjoy watching it and the story is good enough. I ll say that this is a pretty good one.

But i really wanted to put this one here on the list because i know so many people missed it this will got like no play at all and it definitely deserves more eyeballs than it got just five minutes. If you like this type of content definitely click that subscribe button and be sure to click the little bell icon as well it s the only way you ll get notified. If i ever put a new video out again. But i try to put at least three like this out every week.

So you ll never run out of good movies to watch on netflix or or other streaming services now number five is one i really liked a lot. It s called the bad batch now this one is debatable as to whether or not is post apocalyptic and i m not going to go into detail because part of the fun of watching this one is trying to figure out exactly what s going on you re sort of thrown into this somewhat near future and it s very difficult to figure out why people are where they are or why people are doing what they re doing and that s part of the interesting part of watching it if i told you everything i draw beyou have half of the experience of watching this one. It s beautifully directed a new director that does a really good job. She did a vampire movie that i really loved this is her second feature film really really liking what this directors doing doing sort of like fantasy stuff.

But like subtly where it feels kind of realistic and it s i don t know man. I liked this one a lot it is it is a low budget film. And it is an indie film. And it is the vision of one person.

So it s kind of allowed to go and wander and directions that a big budget studio film would not be allowed to do but again i still really liked it jason momoa. Gives a really good performance in this one keanu reeves gives a short but cool performance in this one as well giovanni ribisi. If i m saying that right you see him for all of about 30 seconds. But he s a he s a wild man in this one so if you like the way this well mentioned all those people one of the most famous people in the world.

Jim carrey is hiding in this movie. Let me know in the comments. If you noticed and when you watched. It ravenous is a french language zombie movie from ken.

That is really really fantastic. It s a fairly recent release it s been on netflix for a little while i talked about it once before but i really enjoyed watching this one it feels familiar because it follows a lot of similar zombie tropes. But it also feels very different and unique so for those reasons. I really really enjoyed this one.

It is grim it s not one that s gonna really lift you up. But it s got some incredible you know concepts and even just some some simple yet almost breathtaking imagery in it particularly one that involves a lot of chairs. So keep your eyes peeled for that you even though you can t miss it..


This is just a great zombie flick. If it s been a while since you ve seen a good zombie movie. You cannot go wrong with this. One you will have to read subtitles.

But because it s zombies and people are trying to be quiet. Most of the time. It s not that big of a hindrance number three another. Cool.

Little indie film called turbo. Kid. This one has got this retro. 80s vibe.

It almost feels like an after school special like something for kids that takes place in the apocalypse. But it is gory. I mean this one s graphic. It s fun.

It s got a cool throwback kind of stranger. Things kind of soundtrack. It feels almost like an 80s video game. At times.

This one is just super super retro super fun. But like i said it s bloody. It s i mean. It is a gory film and and just kind of a cool little little known movie that you can find on netflix.

I really enjoyed it i ve watched it twice and it s just it s it s more fun than you would expect to have from a little movie like this that you ve probably never heard of my number to pick is the road. Which is really one of the best post apocalyptic movies not just on netflix. But best all around this one is very very grim. So do not expect to be in a good mood.

When this one s over in fact. I really didn t like it that much the first time i saw it because i felt so depressed when it was over. But it is really good i ve revisited it multiple times..


It is just beautiful awfully beautifully directed it s based on the book called the road by cormac mccarthy. Who also wrote no country for old men really is just one of the most like stunning visions of the apocalypse. I mean it really is a place you would not want to spend more than five minutes. Yet this father and son are just trying to survive.

The father played by viggo mortensen really i cannot recommend this enough. But if you do not like watching movies that will upset you you re gonna have to stay away from this one. Because this one is really extremely realistic compared to the other ones. We ve talked about and then a very little known apocalyptic movie from australia again with no zombies this time is called the rover starring guy pearce.

Who looks like a maniac and guy pearce really is one of my favorite actors. I think he s one of the strongest actors working today and is very very underrated for how good he is but he s incredible in this this is just a vision of the apocalypse. It s grungy. It s masculine.

It s mostly if not all men that are left and basically you re just watching the survivors essentially duke it out now. There is a story line that goes through. I m not going to spoil it because that s part of the the fun of watching it but robert pattinson. Is in this one as well this was kind of his first real kind of dramatic role after all the twilight movies.

He did a great job. Everybody did a great job. The production design on this one is really great this one is raw. Though so be in the mood for it.

It s not gonna put you in the dumps. The way the road did. But this this is not an upper of a movie. So be cautious of that it comes with my highest recommendation on the list.

My top three or four. Always do watch them let me know in the comments below. What you ll be watching. But i ll keep making videos like this one if you keep watching them.

But thanks for watching this one and you will see me hopefully you ll see me next time ” ..

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