Top 10 Superheroes of All Time

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We ll be counting down our picks for the top ten greatest superheroes of time if it s all the same to you i ll have that drink now number 10 green lantern starting us off. We have a super hero with a lifetime jla membership. The lantern is a dc superhero to be inhabited by several characters. The most popular of which is that of hal jordan.

Who becomes an agent of the interstellar law enforcement agency known as the green lantern corps handed an alien power ring and the lantern to power it he is one of many intergalactic guardians that fight with pure willpower manifested into the physical form your will turns thought into reality to master the ring. You must learn to focus your will and create what you see in your mind. While the first green lantern. Alan scott made his appearance way back in 1940 s all american comics number 16 hal arrived on the scene in 1959 number.

9 thor. This superhero gets his power from being an actual freakin thunder. God you death threaten me thor so puny opera debuting in 1962 s journey into mystery. Number 83.

The hammer wielding royal immortal took it upon himself to defend earth from such threats as his half brother loki exploiting. The richness of norse mythology to create a hero unlike any other thor has finally achieved a mainstream appeal when he was portrayed on screen by the bv chris hemsworth. So is this how you normally more or less..


It s a good luck. Number eight wonder woman this feminist icon has been fighting evil ever since her debut in 1941. S. All star comics.

Number eight and is unfortunately. The only woman who makes this list also known as diana warrior princess of the amazons she possesses super strength invincible bracelets. A magic lasso a boomerang tiara and an invisible jet. What more could you ask for wonder woman will you go out with us men number 7.

Captain america were you supposed to be on captain america the last marvel superhero to get his own film franchise. Steve rogers was a soldier during world war. Two that was enhanced with super soldier serum first seen in 1941. Captain america comics.

Number. One best known for his invincible shield and distinctive headgear. This hero was frozen after he crash landed in the arctic during the war. He d been asleep camp for almost 70 years in modern times.

He is rediscovered revived and turned into an endearing symbol of the american dream his military experience made the cap at a deft tactician which made him the natural choice to lead the avengers call it come on up until. We can close that portal our priority is containment number 6 ironman this billionaire playboy philanthropist made his debut in 1963 tales of suspense number 39 before overhauling his look in issue. 48..


Arguably he is marvel s answer to batman. But ironman does it with much more junus. A qua and has a better time doing. It.

Tony stark is of course much more than a playboy party animal starting out as a weapons manufacturer. He has a change of heart after suffering a severe injury and being kidnapped using his know how he builds incredible suits of armor that he uses to protect the world both solo and as a major player in the avengers number five hulk. Although somewhat inarticulate this massive green smashing machine has been enduringly popular throughout many decades and media. Adaptations.

The comic book world s equivalent of a berserker. This gamma. Ray. Fuelled.

Behemoth made his debut in 1962. S. The incredible hulk number one bruce banner has to keep his cool at all times. Lest the other guy show up and the other guy is never in a good mood.

Demonstrating limitless strength and an unquenchable desire to destroy everything in his path. Number four wolverine excuse. Me i m erik lehnsherr..


Tail xavier go yourself there are countless fantastic x men heroes. But this guy is a straight up badass and probably the coolest x. Man iconic popular and unapologetic. This canadian named logan will slice you into pieces in no time.

Let s do this come on making his debut in 1974. Is the incredible hulk number 181. This regenerating immortal with retractable adamantium claws. Has seen inexplicable amounts of popularity throughout the years.

His unshaven look and abrasive persona. Endured so well that he s remained a highly sought after character for movie adaptations. This is just a misunderstanding. The knives down i can t number three spider man who are you spider man taking the number 3 spot is this plucky underdog.

And perhaps the only reason peter parker s spider man isn t placed higher is because of his enduring imperfections and neuroses highlighting spider man s youthfulness in comparison to his more stoic peers debuting in 1962 s. Amazing fantasy number 15 a radioactive spider bite allowed him to not only take on incredible supervillains. But also bucked a major trend. Namely that teenagers were always stuck playing second fiddle to the adults like most superheroes.

He explored the themes of power loss and responsibilities. All while being a character that was relatable to teenaged readers number two batman. Where would we be without batman arriving on the scene in 1939 s..


Detective comics number 27. He is the yin to superman s yang the secret identity of the dark and brooding orphaned billionaire bruce wayne a dark compelling and complex superhero despite the fact that he has no superpowers. He is a masterful detective a martial arts expert and a technological genius before we reveal our top hero here are some honorable mentions number. One superman to be honest.

Deciding. The number one pick for this list generated a lot of controversy at watchmojo hq. But really who else could it be excuse me. I mean.

The guy has the word super right in his name real. Name kal el. He s the man of steel whose only weaknesses are kryptonite and apparently movie reboots. The character was first developed by writer jerry siegel and artist joe shuster when they were still high school students they sold it to detective comics in corporate in 1933 and by 1938.

He was revealed to america becoming the first superhero and helping to define the genre for all who came after him this country is safe again superman thanks to you no. Sir don t thank me warden. We re all part of the same team. I agree with our list who would you want to save you from a burning building for more entertaining top 10s and the origins of your favorite comic book characters be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom.

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