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“Folks this nest drunk here. Talking today about the top gear series for the super super nintendo there s three games in the series. The first obviously is top gear second is top tier 2. And the third skips about 2997 sequels.

All the way to top gear. 3000 ok to start with the first game. Top gear. Might actually be my favorite racing game on the super nintendo not named super mario kart and the reason.

Why is because of the three elements strategy within the racing itself so you re not just holding down a button and turning your car left and right. There s more to it than the first you get four cars to choose from each car has its own strengths and weakness. Whether it s a higher top speed with a weakness being that it consumes fuel faster or whether it s a better tire grip for better turning slower times etc. Etc.

The second element of strategy is refueling in some of the longer races going into a pit stop there s a requirement. So when you refuel and how much fuel you take in can be tricky. If you sit on your ass in there for too long everyone s going to pass you or if you picked a more fuel efficient car you might not be able to complete the whole race without refueling but on a gas come on ah get there yeah..


The third element of strategy is the use of the three nitros you get for each race a nice row is a burst of speed that will propel your car way faster than it would normally go you don t want to shoot your wad with these or you ll be dead in the water towards the end of the race. So yeah. It s because of those three things that make this game worth playing nowadays. It keeps the difficulty balanced not that this game is that hard to begin with.

But it s not that easy either also the soundtrack kicks ass listen to this rhythm. I will say one pain in the ass about this game is the permanent split screen. Even if you re playing by yourself you got to sit there and watch the computer cut you off and be an asshole oh and one last thing. This is the screen you get when you complete a race circuit.

It s a man by himself tightly gripping a conspicuously placed overexcited champagne bottle. No next is top gear. Which took a completely different approach from the first game. You don t get a choice of a car.

Instead you just accumulate money from races to buy and improve your cars out that s nice and all. But the problem with that is all you really have to do is just buy the nitro upgrade right and you ll win every race. No problem..


That s because instead of just three you get six nitros in this game. So you barely even have to think about the timing or picking your spots or anything. Like that just nitro the hell out of your car on the first lap blow by everybody and hang on to win. It s pretty simple my biggest issue though as top gear.

Too is that they completely remove the pit stops no refueling at all now one of my favorite. Things about top gear. Is that if you happen to miss the pit stop and run out of gas you re you re just you literally just sit there until the race is over now i might be in the minority. But i think that s funny as hell.

And it s happened to me plenty of times. Other drivers might even slam into your car. As you re just sitting there out of gas and propel you forward to the point. Where you could actually finish.

I think that s friggin hilarious. But no refueling at all in top gear bummer. But at least..


They do have a full screen for single player game. And the weather looks kind of nice. But yeah. It s a totally different game from the first one and not for the better.

The first game. Just drives much smoother and your car feels more responsive overall top gear. 2 is not bad. But it s pretty bland you re better off playing the first game on again the n screen.

This is my reward for beating the game. This guy. Why why why why why why why lastly here s top gear. 3000 cuz.

Nothing says futuristic like high numbers. Or something. This is mostly the same gameplay and strategic elements as top gear to where you buy stuff you upgrade tons of nitros..


There s no pit stops. And it s all pretty easy. There s also a really goofy back story involving some kind of like intergalactic conglomerate of planets that are outlying things because of something something bla bla bla. Basically racing is against the law for some reason.

But you you re at outlaw. You re a total badass rebel that doesn t play by the rules you re gonna race yeah. I know it sounds like a really nineties beat movie starring dolph lundgren don t blunderin you go and please the game is basically just like top 2. But with a new coat of paint and a couple of gimmicks on the track like the repair fields and warp zones.

All in the name of thinking it kind of futuristic ee or something i don t know. But it s disappointing. So there you have it top gear is definitely worth checking out. But the other two and not so much just remember to avert your eyes from this dude.

Because he likes what he sees ” ..

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