Toshiba Libretto 50CT Overview

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“This is billy corner from the carolina circle. Model. Wiki. Today.

Is monday made the the 25th of 2015. And my camera is being a total jerk with its focus you gonna be like that okay. There we are i think what you re looking. At is my latest computer acquisition.

Courtesy of youtube user videos. Son. Frontiere. And if you want to see.

Me. Unbox. This video. Along with video.

Son frontier and elmo. 3. On skype. Just check the previous video that and in this series.

He watch me first boot. It up and everything so. This video is more of a more proper overview of the system. And this came all the way from scotland of all places.

So it traveled quite a distance to get here had took a month to get here so. But it was well worth the wait these are very very interesting little computers. I m kind of rare to i guess. This is what was considered at the time a sub notebook this dates from the year 1997.

I believe and the specs of it has a seventy five megahertz. Intel pentium processor. No mmx obviously has an 850 megabyte hard drive and 16 megabytes of memory. And believe it or not speakers.

So this is multimedia capable and as you can imagine this thing is very very small. I mean really really small. This is my hand okay in an even better perspective here is a vhs tape. The libretto is just slightly bigger than the vhs tape.

So yeah just to kind of put the size and perspective. There. Let s take a quick little overview. I m on the front here is where the battery would go.

But j was unfortunately unable to send the battery along with it due to custom customs regulations. Which is very understandable. I will i would love to get a new battery for this but unfortunately. The cheapest one on ebay right now is 100 and this is because the system itself is quite rare.

So the batteries are going to even be even more rare which is unfortunate oh well. But i do have ac power for it. And there what the ac power on the right here you get the power jack a reset button. Which you just hit with a something like a paperclip and a pcmcia slot.

Which is occupied by something else that j sent me along with it an epson pcmcia adapter for compact flash cards. Now. You ve seen me. Use compact flash cards in a lot of older computers.

Like packard bells and the whatnot. But um. This one isn t necessarily used as a hard drive this one is used as extra storage. Kind of like a second hard drive.

Which adapts into a pcmcia slot and with this adapter you plug in your cf card. I ll just pop the cf card out of this and you ll see that s just a standard transcend four gigabyte cf card. I keep all my old computer games on here since it s kind of kludge eetu have a cd rom drive hooked up to this especially when you re in bed or something so it makes more sense copy them all onto a cf card and put them in there. There you go they re all there.

I do need to get a bigger one though because i only have like a couple hundred megabytes left on this four gigabyte card. So yeah i m gonna have to get maybe an 8 gig one at some point pop that back in on the back you get an infrared. Port and a. Headphone jack.

Gun this is actually a 25. Millimeter. Headphone. Jack.


So standard headphones or anything. That uses a standard headphone connector will not fit in this instead. What you have to do and of course. I lose it as i m making this video.

Oh there it is i got this last. Week it s you have to. Use this. Little adapter which converts.

25 millimeter plugs to 35. Millimeter plugs. So just pop. That.

In there. Take your headphones. It s amazing. How well prepared i am for these videos not take your regular headphones and plug it right in and it s that simple get that half away for now and on the left side you get nothing.

Although you this is actually where the hard drive goes. It s a lot simpler to remove than you would think you just take out these two screws here ones already missing. But just take out this screw and slide this out. And there s the hard drive.

It just uses a standard sized laptop. Hard drive just like this. Although. It s this one is obviously ide.

While this is sata. Don t believe you can use a sata drive in this system. Quite a bit old for that and let s open it up. I think i believe this is a seven inch or an eight inch display resolution is 640 by 480 and believe it or not it s active matrix.

Which is really nice used to be a pentium sticker there but i guess it s long gone and you get the tiniest keyboard ever it actually does work. It s a full fledged windows style keyboard. And this is actually a uk layout. Because well this came from the uk.

Although it s the way this one s designed is really not that different from a regular american style keyboard. So not much of a learning curve. Which is always nice you get your one speaker. There it is mono.

Unless you plug in headphones or external speakers into the headphone. Jack. And you get the power button up here. And you get.

Four leds for power hard drive battery and power and possibly one of the more interesting aspects of this laptop. The built in mouse. You see this is um a lot of laptops um. You will find in the middle of the keyboard a track point.

Which is most commonly seen on ibm and lenovo thinkpad z as well as other toshiba laptops at the time like my toshiba satellite 2505 cts. But obviously this libretto is a little too small for singing like that and much less a touchpad so to accommodate a mouse. What toshiba did was something kind of cool. They took the concept of the track point.

Which would be right in the middle to keyboard usually and move moved it up to here on the right side of the screen. And you just put your position your thumb on it and you move it around and you can move the cursor. I m out i ll show you how it works better once we get the system up and running and on the back of it. There are these two buttons right here.

Where your middle finger and index finger rest on the this one right here being left click. This one right click. So it s actually a pretty clever design it does take a little bit of time to get used to it. But once once you do get used to it it does make sense.

And it works really really well one more thing before we plug it up and turn it on what let s say you need to plug in a serial device or a parallel device or you need to plug in an external vga monitor well you ll notice. There s something very important missing on the back. Here. There are absolutely no vga serial or parallel plugs to be found on here.

So that kind of leaves you in trouble if you want to plug a printer up. Or a serial mouse or an external monitor. However once again. Toshiba has you covered with the libretto you get this.

This is what toshiba. It called the toshiba io adapter pretty simple name huh with this you get a serial vga and parallel and we ll try to do this with one hand. Which will probably not happen. Let s see this work here okay live television here folks they say in the business.


Okay you take your i owe a dapper. But first you actually first you need to reach to the bottom of the computer and slide this down let s reconnect. The i o adapter into and then just line it up right one thing. And it s usually easier when you re not filming okay.

And it s in and then you d see there s these little thumb screws. Just screw them in your fingers. None less and voila you now have extra connections. But you do lack however is pete as a ps2 port so if you want to plug in a ps2 mouse well you re pretty much out of luck.

You re left with only cereal. So oh well so i guess. There s nothing else to do then to give it power wherever it went this did not come with the power cord. By the way.

However. My power cord for my satellite 2505 cd s. Works. Just fine.

And we have power. I got a power led so away we go. It s a clicky hard drive there get a power on self test. Still running off the original windows 95 osr2 install that je put on here for me we both have similar tastes and software.

So i didn t have to do too much adjusting mostly just adding stuff i wanted that you did not have that s a wild card drive huh well we have sound obviously needs to be turned down though as you can tell i ll tell you what i m gonna do i m gonna get my tripod and see if we can make this video a lot less shaky. Okay that should be a lot better on my hope so let s dive right into this umm as you can see this is a full fledged windows. 95. Computer the size of a vhs tape roughly.

You know yeah i still find a horrible hard to believe that they were able to do this in 1997. It it just boggles my mind that sign like this existed. But i guess only the corporate market was aware of its existence back then and that d still go for like at least a hundred dollars on ebay so j. If you re watching this which i m sure you are i owe you one buddy.

So let s see what we got installed on here through our usual tour. Actually first. I m gonna turn the volume down a little there we go alright let s head into the start menu. I got your standard windows 95 accessories.

The microsoft festive entertainment pack a few dahl s games which this does a pretty good job at playing dice games. But there are there are a few that will destroy the system. Unfortunately. Jill the jungle is one that pretty much locks.

The whole system up whether you re in windows or dahl s mod. Which is a shame. Because jill. The jungle is a really good game hocus pocus that kills.

The system. As well unfortunately. Jazz. Jackrabbit works.

Though. Along with um. Scott rhodes. Christmas special.

Although sky rhodes. Does not have the sound effects has the music. But no sound effects kid picks. Microsoft bob because well why not.

Microsoft. Bookshelf. 95 this was put on by. J.

Microsoft works 40. The gus games online services. The incredible machine. Some toshiba accessories including card aid and magnifier and the shortcut bar 3.

All three of those i really haven t done much with toshiba utilities. Including to display switch power saver shut down utilities and the system properties and monopoly and scrabbled these were put on here by jay i haven t tried those yet and the software for the sound card. Which is a yamaha opl3 sa same sound chip that s in my satellite. 2500 icds and by the way.

It is a really good sound chip has really good. Fm. Synthesis. And just sounds amazing.


No his no nothing just good old fashioned sound uh got office 95 including excel powerpoint microsoft word those were added on by jay go ahead open microsoft word wow more drive again. I keep saying. That but is okay let s just try typing something up on this really small keyboard. My main problem with this is i have trouble reaching for the shift key.

I m a little little i m a little libretto from 1997 someday i will grow up to be a big satellite. That is so stupid billy. There s no humor in that oh at least you can see the keyboard works. No we don t need to say that no and let s go into my computer.

And take a look at the system properties registered to billy core of perl place. That was from jay. Not windows 95 version. B.

Along with microsoft plus for windows 95. I had it on there. Because hey why not pin the device manager and see what we got um. I ll have to read it out too because i m not sure if you ll be able to see it we got a chips and technologies video adapter.

Which i believe it s the same one that s in my satellite 2505 ces got some kind of unknown pcmcia cord service. It s not hurting anything so. Well. Huh.

Pcmcia. Controller and yamaha opl3 is ax sound system again very very good sound chip. And here s my computer you can even. See it these did come with a with a external floppy disk drive that you would plug into your pcmcia port.

But i do not have that but but it still does show up in my computer and we re not gonna double click it because i don t want to be sitting here for two minutes waiting for it to find a floppy drive that does not exist well go to the properties for the hard drive. They ve got a little over 1 4. Free of it the capacity is up as a mere 776 megabytes. But with being such a small system from 1997 you got to make some kind of sacrifice.

I do plan to up to replace this hard drive with a actual cf card. I just got to get the proper adapter for it. But the hard drive that sent it now is working well enough so real note. I m really in no hurry.

And this is the cf chord. I have in the pcmcia slot. It s i labeled it data. It sees it as a second hard drive interestingly enough.

I pretty much use. This is pretty much my way of copying files and programs over to the computer. Since there s really no other reasonable way of doing so see i got all my games copied over here and make things easier for myself. When i want to play a game.

That s on this cf card instead of going through all these directories in my computer. I got a special folder on the desktop called games and here s all the games. I play the most got arthur s teacher trouble chips challenge fatty bear s birthday surprise. Freddy fish gus goes to cyber oppel is gus goes to cyber town gus goes to the kooky carnival.

Gus goes to new to new york and gets mugged on and in an alleyway that never made it to fruition as a game just grabbed on me let s explore the airport let s explore the farm let s explore putt putt garage. Where he keeps his dirty magazines. I mean putt putt goes of the moon putt putt joins the parade putt putt saves. The zoo roughs boom ski free tetris berenstain bears getting a fight in the tourists in the air.

I guess we might as well show off one of these just to prove that despite how small this is and how underpowered it is for the time this can game. When you make a few modifications by that i mean upgrade your hard drive and or at a cf corner to the pcmcia slot. Okay what play what play what play how about putt putt joints. Probably we haven t seen that in a while known actually now papa goes to the moon.

I showed papa joins. The parade in the 1510 supreme video a couple months ago. Works just fine. Most famous last words ever conceived in a computer going putt putt 1993.

As you can tell. It s this one little speaker. Here is probably not the best speaker ever created in the history of mankind. But it does the job for what it is and i m swinging light this will okay i got to expect some kind of sacrifice plus.

You know i m surprised something like this even has a speaker at all well um. I would like my own computer room with a whole row of vintage computers. All on one bench with a with everything related to carolina circle model in that room. But we ll just make a firework.

I m just i m just speaking out on my plate. That s even possible oh by the way young times. It s time for me to tell a funny story well kind of funny today while i was at work the northern part of greensboro in guilford county along with parts of rockingham county suffered a massive power outage where 10000. Customers in this area lost power thankfully.


The place. I worked at did not lose power. However my house did lose power. But i missed the whole thing because i was not here and it was restored within a couple of hours want to take a guess at what calls the power outage well it certainly wasn t the weather.

Because it was a beautiful sign memorial day nope. A black snake that s all they said. It was a black snake cost it they didn t say what the black snake did to calls. Ten thousand people will lose power in this area.

But a black snake knocked the power out i guess it ran into it i guess it crawled into a transformer into something in a substation who knows. But at least. I wasn t here to witness it because power outages as you know or my worst enemy. Although it looks like putt putts going to experience something much worse than a power outage and as usual.

Mr. Farber. Just sits there and as absolutely nothing alright that i don t want to spend all night with that game well normally. I would but this is a video that i m making and i don t want it to go on for three hours.

So i guess i can show one more game off the old standby gus goes to the kooky carnival. I ve always loved this intro ever since i was a little learner nice thing about having such a small laptop of a small resolution screen is that you don t have to worry about panel bidding. What are you laughing at now while i click here and you take me to the beach. I haven t been to the beach in six years would really love to go back.

But it ain t gonna happen this year new okay i m gonna calm down now this is a this is a family video. Okay we ll start off with a sideshow as usual as a running gag. I got to stop this up the song right at that point. Oh look ex.

Kid bid from burger king kids club. Again. Only a fax machines remember when those were a big deal cord the bet. According to back to the future part two fax machines will be running everything in the year 2015.

Well. Here. It is 2015 and well we still own a fax machine here. But it s not running our entire house.

Okay yes. Because i didn t eat that there s always fun for the entire family kid vid. Yeah. Believe it or not video.

Calling did exist in the 90s in fact. I think. It was also around in the 80s. But in both the 80s and the 90s.

It was more more or less a novelty and it cost a ton of money and it really didn t work well at all. But thankfully. We got technology like skype these days with high speed internet. And well the future is now here basically.

Which is one part of back to the future part two and their vision of 2015. That we do have in the real 2015. Which i think is really really cool how about we go away from the carnival. There we go alright enough games.

We need to be serious. Now with a typical old fashioned canyon test speaker might not be the best thing in the world. But the sound chip itself is amazing yep good ol mmm synthesis best kind of meeting in the world like a lot of people do prefer software wavetable. Which in some ways sulfur wavetable can sound really good i m especially if you re using a sound card like am creative soundblaster 128.

Which i have in my compact desk pro and its software wave table sounds really good that i ll always prefer good old fashioned fm synthesis. Because it just sounds so old school for one thing. And you can do a lot of really cool stuff with it so i m getting kind of tired. Now.

So i guess we might as well. Call. This video. Um.

Hope this video came out well enough. I hope you if you if you ve stayed this long. I congratulate you the shakiness from earlier. Obviously did not make you sick to your stomach.

So congratulations you made it so that said billy kore. Signing ” ..

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