Total War Warhammer Co-op Mortal Empires Titans of Mankind

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” s gonna be feel weird playing as the empire are not being emperor thay. Who who gets marienberg. Oh. That s a good question.

This is on i heard war bari about no. But that s a problem easily fixed. I m neither from my side of the river. Wait city you re my side up the rivers wall.

It s an empire city there i don t care so mergers. How do you feel about the title of titan to humanity for this particular co op good work of course. I have to actually secure the olt dorf province campaign affects local higher level wizards. I don t start at ward marienburg their technology their technologies oh you started interesting i saw this jump.

I don t know why but i think i m an otter is over this one well everyone in chat. Same is rightfully the empire. So we have to do a chat once this gonna be the first crack in our alliance. Here i wonder refresh tone well that lasted a long time.

So. Yeah. You re gonna have to learn how the empire armies work and i m gonna have to actually field cavalry in my empire armies. I didn t specify which empire empire the elves clearly wow now did you downloading it takes a long time.

Yeah. Would do in fact. No it s only pre allocating. So even downloading yet maybe because the c drives in use that s probably.

Why we should have played verses instead of co op. I think you still can fight them co op. I think just means these battles because you can do vs battles as well which would also be interesting so pussy takes like the army that he s using and then whoever he s fighting. I would control that s how marienberg stays alive.

Return you re an empire fighting. Each. Other hey so to pegasisters forgot about that so long ago now position up here and let s see what we can do going for that sorry. Yes.

Fine. They shooting that thing cameras good shot second good sharp. Third good shot. See on the shop.

A god and get one chance make it count i m attacking the one archery unit on the left spearmen are coming after you but they re showing that back to her hatches now to my arches now. Which is a mistake. Nice charge says it himself i m prince. An emperor and there we go victory is ours huzzah 23 losses.

But matt s our best yet. We had 50 so something last time i m pretty sure that s the best. Yeah. Yeah pretty damn good i would say so i trap.

You sure. Though she s got more kills than i expected..

I didn t think they were being particularly effective that time i guess they were yes they were so what will be the plan. Oh you can have marienburg you d need the money more frankly. I thought the rest of the empire is pretty wealthy. I was planning on sitting and down this turn already yeah fine all of our losses were due to friendly fire yeah the trebuchet is did get one nasty hit off on your night.

So it doesn t actually seem to have killed any health bar two nights and one pegasus and the two nurses because shots. I think the pegasus know one of the knights. I did trap pretty sure because you charged the blob that was attacking the king and my traps like exploded. The whole area team has finished downloading total wartella already you might even started it hasn t it s doing this stupid free allocation thing.

Why it s mine taking so long like it hasn t even started downloading now because this game is disk disk use heavy yeah. It is this is true no cheese. I see drives just gone from 30 gigabytes to 13. It s still enough you need to clear some stuff off there i don t know what s using so much space.

Because my documents and things are on a different file folder. I mean the mitad. I do have warhammer one and two installed on there and they re both huge well this is really taking a while to load. Now well there goes big jump.

Waiting wait for it wait for it wait for it wait for it not sure how much higher my voice can go wait for it. No. I m not doing any more than that otherwise i ll just burst out coughing that s really annoying too in like the dungeons dragons game to this bloody cold cuz like they re coming across with these like small diminutive races. Which would look like this or something like that and i just can t do it getting rekt.

So they come across a goblin alright that s i draw my dish now oh. I m a goblin can you tell small guy with a deep voice exactly. Well. I guess dwarves usually have a fairly deep voice true showed up this is getting ridiculous.

Though yeah come on free allocation. I mean to say it says the pre allocation is almost done. But it is taking a long time in fact. It says zero bytes disk usage.

Ah. This is the same problem like the patching house. Oh really yeah. This is the patch issue come on well if we re doing this now.

I m just gonna pause the there we go. It s in the queue. There we go you thought goblins have a high voice well that s the point. I can t not at the moment.

We ll goblin to talk like orcs now cannon. Why don t know i don t know that s even worse nope. What s he downloading. I was trying to download a tiller so that we could do an eastern rome walk western rune game.

So i would like to see if i could find some mods which add some more battle maps snap yourself somewhere private room get high at that point your tongue whoop whoop. What can actually reach i mean i may as well go for gruenberg and then just hum guard. I ll heart you oh you must be the capital. C.

Um. Outdoor..

Can immediately get. Upgraded. Which sounds. Phenomenal.

Oh march 2. Here also known as old village yeah exactly and we re gonna recruit some militia i start with great swords oh wow the emperor does stars the emperor even though i don t have him recruited so i can make both as our guilts. The treasurer or the castell n engineer income from buildings plus. 5.

It feeds. Our treasurer. I ll do that furthermore can i get any heroes a nod off immediately goes to 7 public order fenneman oh okay gonna have to build some pups and things reasonable absolutely reasonable i mean i was not denying that don t think i wanna recruit any other lords. I don t have any building type into treasury who our armory thing with need a rally field over to you diplomacy.

That s what i meant to do sure. Oh yeah. Diplomacy is a thing. Now yeah.

That is now a thing. No people are still alive. Oh bordeaux is going ham on what stallone already well. It s because old brick actually starts out at sea for some reason getting back from cola notation.

Yeah. Maybe for one of the crusades. More likely so when it s my turn again yell at me about diplomacy. I will and yes this cold is definitely taking a while to disappear.

But one of my friends got. I think there s just a thing going around at the moment. One of the friends. One of my friends into the gp and this gp said this particular strain takes about two months.

I know people know people i know one guy that had it for three months something similar oh that s not fair my enemies having armies unfair advantage. So what do i want to do if you attack it you ll have less troops and then grogs in will attack you. But then again grubs in my attack you in which case murray and burke will be relieved potentially. But if i take marienburg could just be fine if you take it then you can sit in marienberg and you ll have walls.

But you ll be lower on knives. Also remember the walls are stronger. Now yeah. They don t they have to crossbow and we re just going to hammer them with that trebuchet okay and i will take the pegasus to get them off the wall.

Yes you can go after the test. That s a good point you can do that so the toes. Don t do anything so i can also hide in the forest because marienburg has big forests. Which can hide him yup catapults.

Can t actually i wonder if catapults they re not firing cand because that way you can use the pegasus just to clear the walls and then their towers. Don t shoot. I m going out to experiment with that left gate. I would say no that s ok have war no catapults sitting in forest so no hidden good to know.

However. I m gonna stick you mike here and after this first the the left side of the walls cleared out..

Then you can just put them on the hill well. I was just gonna stick them over here. And hopefully i m just out of range. I ll shoot the tower first yeah.

The trips are out with ito is our sieges. See if this works hello crossbowmen undress. Not helping oh yeah nadia away and they are easy. I still have the telephone well the tower is almost half dead so as soon as that s actually dead.

Then we have that entire area just open. So i would start so just hang back and make sure you don t get shot with a crossbow. Oh. There s a dockyards.

I haven t really taken the time to explore marienburg before it s actually a pretty cool looking city. Where our french like the modeling at the back. And or the extra citadel s and stuff. This place seems to have a real thing with skulls look how many skulls there on the city.

There are hundreds of them just these giant skull shapes. Just balloons. No look behind them on the hills. Oh oh yeah.

Those skulls. The giant ones look how many of them there are it s like every. Single hill has one of these oh. This is maureen burke.

Not more time laura s gone. Yeah towers glenn. I m now shooting the wall. So your nights can get in also firm arches.

Yeah. I could use the arches except. They would be shooting over the wall. They d be far less effective.

See if i can stop poking at the other crossbowmen cool. I mean what i was thinking is if we can smash an entry in here. I ll get my arches up on the wall. And then shooting down at them from their own walls.

Yep sounds. Good in fact i could even punch two holes in the wall. They won t know which side to defend to the south of the would else as an entire mountain range of skulls put why this game has a fixation with skulls. I think is basically what we re saying 99 are you freaking kidding me they re all gonna fire as one volley.

Just massive overkill. What are you doing they re running around. He s across bowman s range 160 was mine also 160. Really yeah.

I thought longbows has a longer range in crossbows apparently. I was mistaken right well let s get the uh here we go i m gonna bring the arches up and i m gonna shoot that how it is because they ll be out range of the bows and then once the halberdiers are dead your knights can charge in i will go out of the way..

I m just waiting for an entry for the pegasus. They seem particularly fixated on guarding the gate. Yeah moving out forwards okay. March.

Is a firing shucks second wall down. We ll pay yeah to go yep. We re definitely being effective killing the how it is i m shifting the trebuchet slightly so they can actually shoot through the car come on people move move move top top tribes are almost in position again there we go that s how it is i bet. I can just fly in with the pegasus.

The astra yeah and then once we ve forced to breathe well. We actually have a breach. Which is just completely unguarded yeah. So you could charge the knights through there while the pegasus hold them press down.

There s got to be one of the most cautious teachers. We ve ever done just man because we know what s coming. We can t afford any loss there we go they finally moved the crossbows forwards. But they re ready to half dead.

They re gonna have two full units. A holiday is plus four trebuchet shooting at the where we ve drawn the halbert s and they got sorrows. When they run just whole pile not buying it you know what we re not going holding fire. It s like the air force coming in dananana dananana dananana.

I have to make it swift girls almost every year starting in yeah you re about to be hit in the back. He is came here stay put poland hold steady this is my real anyone all right call the king. Attacking that captain the guards will abandon us running staying put trying to get my arches up in the wall. That s what we need now.

Oh yeah. You all night. So the realm of taking a bit of a pizza yep got some daiya cheese oh of course because i m up on a wall. I can t actually shoot sideways.

I can now take the archers out belvedere s are gone and ready i m moving my arches across don t stand on top of the gate. I ll shoot down from there careful of the helpers. Though they have it back yeah ouch. The captain s running.

This is not a walk in the park guys come on run. Staying put. Oh yes. Don t forget your spit.

Oh. Yeah. I know i m not too short to do with them. Because i m not going to take the holidays get out of there guys go up on the wall before the halbert s arrive click quickly quickly quickly quickly how you just made it you just made it all that was beautiful shoot.

” ..

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