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“Guys welcome to wrestling days and welcome to walgreens this is the first time that that i m going into a walgreens free ride. If you shoplift. I don t i want a free ride in the back of a police car. But anyway we are here to see if we can find becky.

Lynch and sasha banks. Both of these figures are walgreens wow. Wow. Look at the size of these bags of m.

Ms. Dark chocolate peanut. We have peanut well if they got peanut butter. We don t have peanut butter wow.

This is crazy look at all this kit kats we have those milky way s we have those as well. But it is a nice selection of chocolate that they ve got here warheads. They might be quite good for like a livestream forfeit. We might have to come back and have a look at those.

But here s the toys here s the figures. Sasha banks is here. There you can see great sasha banks bigger comes to that raw women s championship. But the box is a bit battered all down the sides so i think we ll leave it for now.

I m sure we will find another one they ve got warlord elite. They ve got kevin owens pop vinyl. We got seth rollins black endzone dropped it enzo and big cast as well in pop vinyl. And they ve got these look nano metal figs.

We ve been looking for these they ve got roman reigns. The big dog not too sure if it s you know looks a hundred percent like him. But i definitely want to start collecting these they re only like a dollar each so we might as well see if we can find the whole series wars were here in america. They got sting.


They ve got harry potter. I think that s all the ones that we need so we ll definitely take those two will leave the sascha for now they ve got a damien mizdow. Which is quite random. And i think that s everything from here.

We re at another walgreens where they ve got loads of empty shelves. That s a good start hopefully. That s not where the wrestling stuff was whoa. No way diego.

No what they have this that is los matadores diego. I don t have that figure. It s from elite series something like thirty something that s an old figure. They ve got becky lynch.

As well this is the first time. We re seeing this comes with that smackdown live women s championship have got apollo no sasha. But to be honest. This is all about that diego.

I did not expect to find that figure. They ve also got these vinyl figures they re like mystery ones. So you don t know who you re gonna get inside again. We re not gonna go for those because we re collecting those metal nano figs.

They ve got a shinsegae basic. There s that seth and zone. Big casts again seems like endzone big casts are absolutely everywhere. I think that s a bit of a shelf warmer no metal figs here though i can t believe those elites.

We ve got becky and we ve got diego. What have we got here look at this big casas got his own snickers bar. It says sacked written a. I m joking of course.


I m joking. Big cass was alright right we re in another walgreens. Let s see if we can find sasha banks. That s you we re looking out for now.

Although honestly i ve got no idea who we re gonna find we got becky lynch you got brutus. We got earthquake. We ve got earthquake look at this you just do not find earthquake on the shelves. Well.

I mean clearly you do we literally just did. But other than that i mean in the uk you cannot find that figure. But here it is in walgreens. I already have it so i don t need it.

But what a find we got a john cena metal figures well and check this guys look at this my pillow right look how much that guy loves his pillow. I wish i loved anything as much as that man loves his pillow listen to the bible anytime. Any where well there you go there. You go.

They ve got everything here in walgreens. Sasha banks come on there we go we finally get sasha. So. As you said comes to that packaging looks or oh.

What s that it s got a big dent in the back ah. We can t take that wow guys we were so close. We re gonna have to leave that for now that s a becky. We ve got a few older figures as well nasty boys.

We ve got rusev with a great jacket look at that jacket. We got chris jericho with the list and another metal nano fig. We got the rock. Which is very very cool roman.


I think we ve already got that one we got the dead man wow. We got the undertaker look at that that is that is awesome that that actually looks quite a bit like him as well. So yeah really tempted by that one packaging. Looks alright.

Oh wow guys we re just finding stuff. Thick. And fast million dollar man and irs that s a walgreens exclusive 2pac pop vinyls no metal nano fix. Though we re here another walgreens.

We are did some hardcore toy hunted or look at oreo. They make sure you re not an oreo. What s that find your glow instead well it s on netflix. I know exactly where it is right let s head over to the toys.

We ve got we gotta sashan. We gotta becky. We got another becky ah ah. It s alexa right.

What s this you got the miss. And i think wow triple h. That is dx triple h. That is a walgreens exclusive triple h.

Look at that comes if the little water bottle sledgehammer dx top that is awesome to be honest. I only have enough money for that sasha banks and i really want the sasha banks. I know we ll probably go to wrestling shop com2 pick up that triple h. Because i know they have some in stock over there so i m gonna have to leave that hot don t wanna leave it.

But i ll have to leave it for now as the search for sasha banks continues no little metal nano fix. But that s not a problem. We ve still got a couple more stores to go to what have we got over here we got shawn michaels walgreens exclusive pop vinyl look at that heartbreak kid the heartbreak kid shawn michaels that is a great pop vinyl that is a great pop vinyl really tempted by that but again. I ve only got enough money for this sasha bank.


So where are the rest of the toys. Like where are they are they okay. I was completely going the wrong way okay come on come on come on what have we got what we got one becky and alexa got we got the constable baron corbin any metal fix guys we re running out here check this as well it s called good and plenty. But she s quite a good name for candy.

I wonder if their first name was awful and you don t get many boston baked beans candy coated peanuts that is very different to uk baked beans more red hots and potential for fits. Look bob stock drop gobstoppers gobstoppers on the floor guys. I m an embarrassment. Yeah okay we need to go you better not say anything micah like right.

We ve got bo. Dallas. This is the last. Walgreens.

Becky. Lynch. Sasha. Oh.

Look. It s got that. Ha ha. It s missing off the front.

That is right. There s another come on come on come on fred looks alright besides the car. There we go we found sasha banks guys. Thanks a lot for joining me i hope you enjoyed this toy hunt and i ll see you again next time bye for now.

” ..

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