TP-LINK 500MBPS Twin Wi-Fi Extender Powerline

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” s my channel. I m doing another review on these power line that the tp tp power line boxes that i actually have and i use in my home home. Obviously. They got quite a lot of viewings on this and there s been a few questions.

It s also says the same sort of thing so far do a bit more detail on actually how these and how easy they are to set up so absolutely pretty go over to go into it so this these sort of compliant complies with very much other manufacturers. When you buy these parallel boxes. You always have one small one which is the master one then you have a secondary one which you can plug anywhere in the house. Once you ve got links like this one grows anywhere this one has to stay next to your route are don t plug them into four way extension sockets.

I tend to have issues some work fine others have an issue so in my scenario. I found in my home. I had this one plugged into an extension socket next to my roots are this was then plugged into the main physicist rocket on the wall. Basically there works a point and and i had little dropout issues and i think that s more to do because.

One was an extension socket for these best to work brilliantly is make sure they re actually physically in the main socket. You can buy extras of these it has a throughput for power. So. If you have running the extension software socket off the one on the wall.

When you ve got that you can t park anywhere. Else you can get this these additional ones you buy them separately. I think then you can plug straight into the wall. Then plug the extent you need into the one that comes with it.

But because this is a kit it doesn t have the throughput on this one. But you can buy the extras to do that with so i m just going to teach show you how to reset these backup. What these are on on the on the front on the front floor. And how you would position these in your household final double stuck in your house.


That s actually you can play these side by side against each other because you need to be side by side to make the sink or jus. Be running back from for one to run together and get quite tired out quite quickly and i ve done this i ve actually had that one downstairs. This one upstairs. I ve been running up and down stairs.

They give you a set time between them so when you push through the pair buttons on one and then gives you enough time to go upstairs pair. Another one always sometimes it times out. I ve been caught out like that and it could be a tyre missing. So get these both boxes plug them into the physical on the wall sockets.

Make sure the next door to each. Other. So you can then easily flick the pair buttons and wait through the sink. I see so when should i plug them both in remember.

One is one the small one is always the master one it always has a one single port on the bottom which we call an rj45 port that s it ethernet and the second one tends to have two one and it always end always seems to be a wi fi hotspot type points that ll go anywhere in the house this has to be next to your route up or within a certain amount of meters over your router so plug them both into the socket on the wall on the master. One first press and the pair button so when it the light starts flashing on the second one locate the pair button on the bottom on this one here there might be a different location on depends what make of powerline you have hold on for a few seconds. They actually start flashing then wait for them to go basic solid green. So as it goes solid green means it means they re paired together correctly.

And they re ready to go okay. Make sure this one is actually left in the plug socket next to your router take your rooter ethernet cable. If you ve got a spare one i have to buy one if you for not one you know we come with a couple spare cables okay spare cables for you so locate the cable plug this one into that master one and then plug the other end of it into your router and the back is really tell you know we come before ethernet ports. Doesn t matter which one you plug it into it long as you don t plug it into the web interface so if you re running in some sort of funny router that has a ram port that s free and it s running an adsl modem make sure it runs in the one that s got the four ports next door to each other not the separate sinks simple single one plugged it in there alike.

We should go green on here to show you that s actually now connected to your router. And it s passing internet traffic up to this plug sake. Yeah. Okay then take the second one you ve got unplug.


It running upstairs. Or whatever room you want to put this in plug in the wall. And then wait for these lights to come up and once it all show nice and green. Which just means okay okay.

Then you re and check the sync lights on here to see if it s still solid green. You might get a bit of liquor in that basically means they re talking to each other. So. If you ve got a game calm.

Hard y cable. Your needs plug that into one and ethernet ports. On the bottom. There click that one into your gaming console.

You can plug a second one. The hidden here into a pc or a laptop. If you don t want to use the port the physical are why cable ports you can leave the wi fi built onto this and they re normally details are located on here as defaults. And you know we get like a business card to explain to you what the wireless key and number is you can go on to the route on here and you can change the settings.

So you can match. If you match those ssid numbers to exactly same as your normal standard water in the house. It would then basically mean you wouldn t have to have a separate wireless network. So long as the ssid is the same as your main router and the password is identically the same then these will act like access points.

So then you wouldn t have to do any changing on your mobile phones or devices. That run off wireless not giving about these white ones you can have for this particular model you can have two two pc s so you can have a gaming console. Or a pc or laptop plugged into their second one. And you can also use a wi fi at the second same time.


It will work fine okay. If you just want to use as an access point great and don t plug them in there. But at least you got a backup one you need to play a cable into it for a particular device you have the option to do this you can buy these second ones as additional ones and the param param is the same you would then hit the pairing button on your new one you ve got but long as it s in the puffs look at first hit the pair ban. It should then pair up with the master socket.

Which is this ray small one here so once that s paired then you can implant into another room. So you can in theory. Have one for each rooms. They re not very expensive.

These tpa lines are very sort of cheap lines to pack pack yourselves about sixty quid. I think is you can buy these separately for probably under sixty quid each. And you can then plug that into each room. So long as it s on a main master socket that s on the wall that i ve tried on extension socket they work okay.

But i ve seen to have a lot of issues where it keeps dropping the connection and then i have to then switch it on and off comes back works well and then disconnects. What feeling it don t really work very well on extension sockets you re there now designed to but they all see in theory. Don t obviously work so try and put these in plug socket actually physically on the wall itself. And he shouldn t have any problems of actually using these the box is quite good i can use mine quite a few months now i ve had a few issues as i said i ve had the master one in an actual extension socket which i shouldn t have done i think that s what s causing my problem here so i m going to reprogram these one back up and i m gonna chime in the house on physical socket system because this video is all about comparing testing and try try things out because what manufactures always tell you it s not always a case in when you actually physically aren t using them themselves these are great easier sup again as i said push the pair button push the power button on here they should pair up very quickly and then just move around the house make sure this one s always by your roots are you can be away from your roosters.

I was not too fast and again long as you got enough ethernet cable. It can t go over 300 meters these may have route looking at the instruction manual they may have a limit on how far this has to be between routers but normally if it s the ethernet rules and laws. There should be no more than 100 meters roughly or shorter the better basically so you can put its next door to your router. So it s in the same so that will stop your next door to you to stop itself.

It s easy to plug it in there plug it in and where you go. But if this is on the other side of the room and make sure you got enough ethernet cable that allow you to plug that one and plug it into the back of the router so remember to make sure on the back of the root up. There s no one comes with four ports ethernet ports plug. It into a free one on one of those and then you should be okay.


Then you have dhcp running down your cable. And you should have internet working pretty good so. Any questions and that please remember guys to subscribe thumbs up from the videos and put details below and i actually get back to as quick as i can on this one. And i ll answer any comments.

You may have as well so as anything particularly wanted me to look at more close up at then let me know so this is quick close up on this and so this is the master one you tell us the master. One because they always come one single ethernet ports. And they don t have any wi fi access here at all it s just fix your power. Connectors.

Sync lights and the ethernet port lights on here. And you have a pair button on here so that will always go next to your router second one quick recap on here at ends of two or one port at the bottom. There. Depends what model will make you buy or pair lights got a reset button as well and against all the indications on the here power eath and their sync lights and activity and stuff.

And also has what the wireless like to say is that you broadcasting wirelessly. So it s very straightforward and these are the most simplest ones on the market going back a few years ago used to have to set these up you set the programming. You used to take a number from the bottom here put it into the master one compare it and it was hard. But these were brilliant at the box.

Pressing pair barnes done busted nice and easy again make sure you program. The main sockets. Always work best that way that s why i found out anyway so hope this is helpful if it s helpful or you ve got questions comment below and i ll actually answer them so thanks for ” ..


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