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“Yeah so guys. Today is finally calm. Everyone has been footman requesting. You non stop stop in the comment section.

Like this is probably my most requested challenge video out anything on the entire channel ever since day. One dislike challenge to the block and youtube and everyone stir for me. It s the official or the impossible try not to laugh challenge and i know i know i m probably the worst thing that comes is because i literally laugh unfunny things like someone tripped over and i was like oh dear. I m about to crack up laughing.

And i do it i m a terrible person. But i thought you know what it is time we better do this challenge and what then went into it then the official funny and most random clips out of every single season of er pokemon anime. I ve got about five minutes of like random clips in front of me. And i have to keep a straight face.

I can t smile. I can t laugh. I literally have to watch this and be a hundred percent under sustained which is going to be impossible. Because i think i know some of the clips are going to put in here.

And it s just gonna that s going to get me so then you step up and you guys have to do it with me alright. I m not talking below you guys it just come with the right. No one can smile or laugh..


This whole video keep its keepers and boys capers n. Alright. Dear. He s gonna get in the mood.

I think he something s very like unhappy or the horror movie will of not be really rip watching that s it totally doesn t have to make okay. I think it s at the system. I think what i think we re ready to go okay guys straight to a straight face not insane girl. Let s do it of course.

So hard laughter will enter third the item and sacrum always local card away this is more crazy than weird actually okay that way i think. It is always looks time strange. This is so difficult that was kind of weird. I want to hate this they didn t tell me the having blonde house music in it turn still smiling kind of wish i can i lower the voice citibank someone s literally going to glue like the craziest.

Most random moments as this hall legs to the anime and then put it all into one because i don t remember half of that and the one that i do remember is that veena toys or whatever. It s called. But what is it venice or cross the glass so that s so strange. But it looks like you were pretty funny ah and then that first clip.

Oh my gosh that would that s like that s probably. The funniest movie to the holocaust. One that was so we re and m okay here we go let s resume playing idea..


I ve got tears my eyes. I m trying to hold back the lastest or like it comes out of my eyeballs. I m not kidding. It s leaking out of my eyeballs.

Okay let s go let s go party. If anyone s cracked up laughing be honest and leave a comment to comment section below. Even if you cracked a smile. I you can joke.

I think i m going to practice smile. But we ll keep your gig on oh. I got my own reason. A small group of people in pokemon were totally immune to our hypnotize ation and to that group.

Awesome train. People in pokemon seriously have the appearance of being be here this is our visitor. Small group of people we re a small group well if you mean us why did it have any effect. I m afraid oh damn dude that desert that is a small lie i i m not a normal officer jenny.

I m a wild jenny. Yes. She s a my own jimmy not mild that s wild well well kenny..


You ve already got my heart in custody wild rocket here to make your wild okay come on ben draw. He s up my chatot is a true buddy. Why would any boys get around it for that never too late if you re really sick that a program. But don t forget i m known as the qivana of the gym collecting world once.

I had my eye on something it will be mine. What the heck was that love does we do in fact well pity. If you can do it i can do it too. Because the irony original original anime line.

So it s present at the fly appointment the most random one flow in a bowl. Now what do they like this movie. So much is conduit why there s nobody out on the street here. But i don t see what s the point of fighting each other like this they claim that whatever is done even one goes to ashes.

Nothing to go going an official pokemon gym. The big honor yeah. Yeah. This is my spirit animal bp its ketchup ketchup ketchup.

No my name is really tomato haha. What s my name my name is anchovy oh and my name is caesar salad raw rotting instant glue i love rocks ronnie that was fantastic i love that cold my name caesar salad boys that misses me you okay that will go me those really need your strength that slicer is really broke. My man broke the savage that one gets me every dollar place like is the right lever right brooklyn..


It s the greatest influence planes together. He s probably my favorite characters at the whole anime. But what do you think of that transfer life challenge. Do you want a number one.

If you go to more difficult one. But you think s going to crack me i mean that one s got me one. But i reckon if epa rule 41. I d be like others were dying so let me know if you only do another toilets life challenge.

And how did you go leaving all the convicts for how many times did you crack as well or how many times is crack laughing. Yeah. Like really clear see how you guys did the challenge. Let me know most will have a fantastic day into a thirst.

Wait and guy get let me tell you another one thank you so much for watching goodbye soon. We re gonna keep on gaming guys. ” ..


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