TurtleBack Leather Belt Case for iPhone 6 Plus

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“Over the world one. Nerd. Time total. Nerd take.

Over. Oh. Chris. Right here from.

From. Teen. Rtcom. And i have a question for you if you re like me you carry your iphone everywhere you go or your smartphone galaxy s5 s6 whatever is app now iphone 6 plus iphone 6 5s whatever phone you re carrying and smartphone.

You like to carry it on your belt like i do and if you do when you re looking for a really nice belt clip to hold your smartphone keep it protected without scratching it but you want something that s not cheap made in china. Cheap. Where the clip rips off and the backing was actually a piece of cardboard holding it in to pretend leather yeah. It was a bad experience.

But i have a solution i had this will be a short video. I promise..

But this video is gonna change the way you carry your phone. Because who doesn t like love it right smell leather really nice well i found by a company called turtleback. My favorite and this is the only belt clip. I ll ever recommend ever this is a great belt clip.

It s it s really it s real leather. It s nice it s solid it s bonded leather. It s stitched very nicely has a nice piping around it it feels very strong very strong indeed got two magnets in it the shut. Very nice.

It s got the belt clip. It s is very tight a piece of steel in here that makes it very it s flexible. But boys a type hasn t fallen off my belt. Yet and i wear it at my day job.

Which is a very dangerous place full of dirt and mud and i move around a lot this thing has not come off of my belt. Yet but more importantly in my opinion. It s real leather. It s made in the usa and it is a very tough case you can purchase this from our amazon affiliate link down in the description.

It s 26. And it s available for prime shipping turtleback made in the usa baby..

Now they have different sizes depending on what size phone so you can get one for the iphone 6 you can get one for the iphone 6 plus they have them but they ll fit galaxies they have all kinds of different sizes on amazon. But this one in particular is for the 6 plus. I cannot say enough about it i know it doesn t seem like very you know techy thing. But it you know it s going to carry a very expensive piece of technology on my belt.

And maybe yours as well so let me show you a real quick pop it open you know you know how this thing works right to magnet sitting take your iphone six plus slide. It in with this it s very soft it feels like a bell beeline. I m not entirely sure what this material is called in here. I mean i felt very soft.

So every time you put it in and kind of wipes. The screen a little bit will not scratch the screen clip and that s it it s in there it s solid there you go. And it is not going to come apart like the last one that i had that i bought from china. When you open it up and you want to get it out quick.

There s a little hole down here. So you can push your finger up you can push the iphone up with your finger grab your phone pull. It right out also if you put it in it covers almost every single port. But you can still get to the headphone jack you still get to the headphone jack.

But it covers all the other ports. Gives you full security and it even has these nice tight angles on it so if it does fall off..

Which i don t think the will and hits the ground. It s going to hit this stitched edge first which will give you a little bit extra cushion now. If you re worried about aw man. And my phone is in a heavy duty case.

I don t know like an otterbox or maybe. A lifeproof case. Don t worry they have a case. It s a little bit thicker so that your phone will you can buy one and get a little bit thicker case.

Which gives a little bit more room. But as you can see i mean it feels pretty tight because it s holding it long ways up at these corners here. But there s also a little bit of space. Here.

So you can still have a thicker case. Maybe you have a battery case. A battery case might not fit in here. But maybe if you re using like the thinner otterbox defender or something like that but they do have a turtle back does make a thicker case for your phone in a heavy duty.

Case that s it 2600. This is going to be the only belt clip..

Iphone. Six plus case. I ever recommend they also haven t forgot c s and whatever on the phone. You can really think of excellent company.

Turtle back. Oh. And did i forget to mention made in the usa baby whoo. Awesome so thanks for checking out this video.

I hope that this solves. A problem that you might have if you do like this video. You might like some of the other stuff. We do here at the studio.

We do podcast as well we have five different podcasts here at tea nerdy comm check them out at the website also a link to this fine product will be in the description. It is an amazon affiliate link. It s a way you can help support us here at the studio. So i can keep making videos.

Thank you so much for ” ..

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