UNBOXING: KEF KUBE 12b Powered Subwoofer and quick review w/ Dreamedia Home Theater

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“Is up guys. This is zach with dreamy do home theater. And today. I m m going to be unboxing a cap subwoofer.

This is a 12 inch front firing and particular. We re looking at the cube 12b this particular product is just one of the subwoofers and cast lineup. We are an authorized reseller of all of their products as well as many other home theater products. If you are interested in buying anything for your home theater.

Make sure you give us a call or shoot us an email prior to purchase. We do have nationwide free shipping and a low price guarantee now let s go ahead and dig into this guy..

This is an unboxing video showing you guys exactly what this product looks like in real life. Now. If you re interested as to what s going on in this room here make sure you subscribe to our channel. Because we do post installation videos of the complete media room installed.

And it also has a lot of other helpful information to help you make a buying decision make sure to hit that subscribe button down below so first thing you re gonna see whenever you open it up right here is a power cord. It looks like they also have a little plug in if you re running the speaker in line. I m guessing that s what this is for we re gonna be running these subwoofer in line to say like some front give yourself some more treble or bass. You got a little user manual quick start guy here.

And that s it for the accessories. Now we ll look at the product itself this is the box..

I like with all the chef s products they manufacture really well built good looking quick this is the manufacturer out of the uk. We re actually gonna have the pleasure of visiting their manufacturing facilities this summer. So yes i was correct that little pin is actually for right here so it plugs into the back. What i m gonna do we re not gonna be utilizing.

It that way that s part of a home theater system. We re gonna be using the lfp input. But i am gonna plug that in just so that it doesn t get lost all right so full bench front firing subwoofers right here. So i m gonna give you guys an up close shot of the subwoofer.

It s one of my favorite brands. I think they manufacture a really good quality product at a reasonable price point..

Too this is the back you can see they have the smartconnect left and right or lfe they have their phase 0 to 180 also have the speaker input that i was talking about earlier as well as how you re using the subwoofer. A little eq dipswitch volume and crossover and then an expansion port power and your ac in c. There s the model right. There.

The cube 12 bottom of the unit. Nothing too fancy. There the whole cabinet is actually wrapped in like a mesh acoustic mesh and then it has a nice gloss finish well that concludes the unboxing of the keffe cube 12b 12 inch front firing subwoofer if you guys would like to purchase this product. And you live in the us.

We do have nationwide free shipping and a low price guarantee so make sure before you pull the trigger. You give us a call shoot us an email..

This product is just one of the many simple furs. We have to choose from if you guys are buying anything for your home theater. We are your one stop shop now. If you liked this video make sure to give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below for more this is zach with tree media home theater thanks for watching.

” ..

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