Unboxing Nikon Coolpix L330

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” s going on guys casual savvy and in this video. We re going to be be unboxing the nikon coolpix l33 zero. So here we go in the front of box right here just shows them coolpix ll3. Oh.

Now here it was a guarantee sticker. So this is a sticker right here. Just tells you to register within 30 days to receive an extra 12 month guarantee free. So currently you get a 1 year guarantee.

However. If you register you get an extra year for free now underneath the box. We just got the cool pics on top the same again on the side here cool pics again then on this side. We ve got some serial numbers.

So i d really want to show you that. But that s just the order number from amazon. So there we go you just gotta take this off and here we go so straight away at the top. We have the disc.

I believe this is to view photos and take them off and put them on your computer. And you can see right there. That is all the supported languages now here is just the warranty our country..


What s on the other side because it s got the serial number but they go that tells you what the model is and then here of course. We ve got the little guide. Which is quite lengthy and it comes in many different languages so inside you can see with the camera right there. However we can go through the stuff on the side first so first of all we have got the lens cover.

We ll go ahead and open this up. So noir will end cover and we ll put this on later on in the video next. We have a cool pic strap. And we ll go ahead and open this up as well so here.

We go. Lengthy strap you can see all of that right there now we ve also got here the cable to transfer photos from your computer to the camera. And this is it right here. So that is what it looks like and finally we answer.

The main thing which ever wants is a camera it itself the camera itself otterbox. So now there we go the box smoother side and the camera and we ll get interests like that so here is the camera right here. See it s got a nice design to it it s pretty weighty. But it will take good photos you can tell yes.

It does look pretty nice and at the top of it right. There now underneath is a serial number so let me just cover that up there we go serial numbers. There here is where you put your tripod..


Here. Is where the batteries go like that what he put me as you can see. And yeah let s just keep moving on take zero. It s a 26 white optical zoom.

And it alters it on the side. There here is where the av out goes. So you can go ahead and connect it up to your tv or of course. You can go ahead and transfer data.

This is where the usb port goes. Now here is the button for the flasher click that and it comes up like that and just shut. It like that and we ve also got here this is where the strap goes. And i apologize for that now on the top here.

We ve got the microphone. We ve got the unlock them. But zoom just like that and we ve also got the button to take the photos like just pressing it like that now of course here on the side. This is where the other end of the strap hooks onto.

Then here the main body of it. So here just nice little thumb grip. So i guess..


It s a standard hold like this like that record button. Tells you if the flash is going to be required so a light up here is you can choose you a different scene here is you you playback. I guess this is how you put the flash on just pressing up timer. I m not too sure what this is you can change a grayscale here is the menu and then here is just the trash.

Let s go ahead and open this up so power on button. Like this there we go. And this is what it looks like it looks pretty nice. And this is the scenes we gets with a auto mode.

Small portrait portrait and easy auto mode. So we go ahead and click that go ahead just take a photo like this real quick. Ok. Then we ll go to the play button.

Which just shows us what it is there we go. And yeah ninjas trash can current image arrays. My cz cameron. This is some photos to be messing with and that s actually a video.

The yeah you get the idea of what is now if you want to see how far the lens comes out so we ll go ahead and zoom. All the way in as we can so that is how far the lens comes out and it does focus pretty well so right now i m gonna i m gonna focus on my michael there we go the mike s the tree right there so you can see that is not fully zoomed. I m not sure how much it zoomed in..


But yeah not sure how good you can see on the camera. There you go and we ll go ahead and take the foot of that and then we ll go ahead and look at this and pull nice high quality photo and it was really quick to take now of course. We re going to go ahead and put on the nikon lens. So nice and easy just squeeze them together like that placed on the camera boom.

It is on that s simple and of course to take it off nice and easy like that so there you have it an unboxing on the nick on l33. Oh to be honest. It looks like a pretty good camera. I m gonna go ahead and test out for the next week.

Because i m going away in turkey. So i m gonna go ahead and take this camera and then when i come back. I will be doing a review on this camera. Yeah boo sure let s go ahead and follow me on twitter.

I ll keep it up day. What are we posting and what are you posting also be sure to go and check out my gaming channel first three to four times a week and finally be sure to accept our if you want to do right my day c. Has been kind of salutation for watching. It s true great there ” .


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