Unboxing Xbox One Elite Controller Purchased on Ebay 2018!!

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“What s going on guys. It s taylor gang here. Thank you for turning to to another video today. We have a special unboxing that me.

And my cat want show y all and it s sitting right here in my desk. Excuse. The background music that s my little brother playing his game. I don t even know what he s doing sometimes.

But anyways. I m ready for dissing boxing. I ve been waiting around a week. Maybe to get this delivered so this came in to priority mail.

Which makes it you know like a better chance of getting a faster because it s priority again so i m gonna tell you the story behind this you know about the elite controllers. A lot of people consider them as for noobs. Why because it makes it less challenging and gives you more chances of winning the combat or whatever you re doing. But that s not me right so i was just gonna get the blue controller.


But once i went to best buy just to check the controller s job. What they had over there and then i saw the elite controller for the first time ever in first person. And almost like oh wait let me check it out let me feel it cuz. I ve seen some reviews about it i m not gonna lie.

Then people would be like this feels like a premium controller. So i just wanted to see it for myself. So once i started touching it and stuff. It felt great it felt premium.

Less said so i was like um. You know why i might go for it i don t even care. And i would go to instagram and see the lead controller pictures and stuff hashtags. I was like oh hell yes.

I i want this and i went on ebay amazon. I looked in game stop everywhere. But i found this good deal and emesis i mean in ebay. Which was like a hundred and thirty dollars for and it s secondhand used again so.


But there was this other thing that you could do refurbished. Which was like probably a hundred dollars. But i was like you know imma just risk. It cuz as a gamble and i would rather go for the second you stand still good then just refurbished.

So we re about to see if it is actually um like if it is worth it or not so first thing we get here is the dear customer thank you for buying our products that they just started just a bunch of and from not necessary information. But just like a preview of what you ll get i guess i don t know i didn t read it i just wanted to get this thing out the sad thing was that i didn t get a box. You know there le controller comes with the box too besides the bag. I m never a real fan of the bag.

Why because it s just so simple it does have the xbox logo in the front. Which makes it look unique instead of a bunch of vs. That s what my brother said so the first thing that i m gonna try to do is obviously open it i might buy a stand you know those are for like 20 on ebay. And they it s some good stance.

No. I am gonna play a lot with this to see if my strategy works. If it if it is worth worth. It or not because that s a good question hell of a question so we open it up and we see the controller.


We did not get scammed and i wasn t thinking. I was gonna get scammed. But first impressions is that it looks in good condition no damages at all it feels how awesome the only the only thing and i am gonna write a reveal is is that it s kind of dirty. A bunch of finger prints and like they should have played it up for take like a couple seconds to clean it so they could deserve the five star totally five star review.

But yeah you get the d pad the triggers the analog sticks they got the ps2 playstation analog sticks. I don t even know and the extended ones but other than that everything is freaking. Awesome. If y all want to check them out.

See. The reviews. You saw my review. You want you want to buy yourself one.

Then go ahead. I mean y all. Saw that this is this is not bad at all and 130. I ll put the price like the exact price i paid for but yeah.


I guess. That s gonna be it thank you guys for watching. Um. Oh.

I m gonna do in turtlebeach elite 800. X. I m unboxing cuz. I also bought some those were refurbished.

I don t remember well i m gonna have to check. But if you ll want to check that out then go ahead and go to my channel and you ll see that video. But other than that again. Thank you guys for watching stay tuned for more videos.

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