Upgrading a 2010 iMac (In 2019)

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“Guys. This is mike from be tech reviews. Here and today. I m gonna do do an upgrade on my imac from 2010.

So you re watching this it s and i purchased this 2010. Imac because i wanted to see basically if i m going to be able to upgrade. It and basically use it up to today s standards or at least. As far as like a little bit of video editing.

A little bit of photo editing. That i do a little bit of video editing due to youtube. Here. So.

I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to basically you know spend a little extra money on it and see if i can upgrade it so first of all this imac only cost me 200 guys. And if you guys can see behind me. I already have geekbench scores over here let me see if i can show you guys that really quick so it it scored a 2409 on the single score or single core score. And the multi core score was only a 5042 so so for those of you who know what geekbench is it s just a benchmark that tests out your computer.

And it you know it crunches numbers. And it get it gives you a number so so the two upgrades that i m gonna do and i might do three. We ll see is one of them is the ram so i purchased this ram off amazon. I think it was about 60.

I ordered to a 16 or to 8 gigabyte sticks. So again this mat could only take so much ram. So i think. Since it s a 2010 ram.

2010. Imac. It. This is only config configurable to take up to only 16.

Gigabytes of memory. It has force for ram slots. Though and again. I ordered two eight gigs.

So i m hoping they work if they don t work then we might have issues. I might have to send it back to in order for the four gigs and i didn t really do the research on that so we ll see how it goes. But that s what i m gonna do today guys. I did order an ssd also which here s a 240 gigabyte ssd that cost me like 20 30 on amazon as well and if you guys want to do this yourself.

I ll go ahead and link these up down below just so you guys can see the parts that i purchased here. But again you know ram upgrade and an ssd upgrade is gonna do a big wonders to this mac. Because first of all this thing is running on a sata drive. And if you guys know what a sata drive is it s basically one of those hard old hard disk drives.

It actually spins so because of that it s running relatively slow. I wouldn t say it runs too slow. I think for the most part you know this thing still performs pretty decently for what it is you can see here the animations and whatnot. I didn t open up the trash.

But okay that was just a screen shot and as you can see here again the animations don t look as bad considering. But then again this thing is very clean. I don t have anything else on air right now so again right now. I m gonna do the ramp upgrade.

It s only gonna take about four screws down here on the bottom. I m gonna unplug all this i ll show you guys what i m doing and then we ll go from there guys..

And then i ll turn the computer on i m gonna run another geekbench score. And then we ll see how it goes okay keep my fingers crossed that this works alright guys. So excuse the mess here so i went ahead and laid my lap or the imac on top of my desk. Here.

I put like some sort of coating right here or a blanket or a towel. Just so that i wouldn t get the screen dirty. So you might want to just think about doing that so again right here on the bottom of the mat guys. There s three screws and i know it s tough to see because i am blocking the direct light.

There s a screw right here. A screw right here and a screw right here. So i ve already kind of loosened. Two of the screws and i m working on the third one now.

But basically your ram slots are in here. And a lot of people that were a lot of the mechs that came out after this a lot of people were upset. Because you know they were not able to upgrade them like they were on these older mac s so and this is super simple to do you know what i mean again you just have to remove these three little screws which i m hoping i don t lose that so again this just pops up. I m going to put that over here.

And then the ram slots go over. Here. So there s one right. There on top and one right here on on the top.

So i m gonna go ahead and remove these see if i can get that zoomed in for you guys. I m gonna go ahead and remove these and then i m gonna put in the new ram. Which the new ram is sitting right here. I need a pack of scissors.

So i can open this up. Actually i might have to go look for a pair of scissors to find like a trusty knife or something like that where do i have my scissors. Okay is there yeah so i have a napkin. There just to to kind of wipe off all the dust.

But here you go i m already unpacking the ram here so hopefully this works. I you don t i hope. I don t have to send this back again. These are the brand is called auto man 16.

Gigabytes of ram. So again this is just two slots. Here so i m gonna go ahead and pull two tabs here that you have to pull in order to remove the ram. Apparently you just you just pop that out and as you can see here the first one popped out so i m gonna lay it on its side just because i want it to you know i want to be able to to see that and i m gonna have to figure out how i m gonna put this back in so so again here s the new ram.

Don t be too bored guys. With my voice over here. I know it sounds sexy and you guys just want to hear it all day. But but no for the most part you know this isn t this isn t really so much a tutorial guys.

This is just me you know going through this is trying to you know upgrade this so that i can use this i do have a macbook pro that i do use. But i did want something a little you know a little i guess something not as portable again automats ram. So so here s both both slots again it comes in this packaging for a reason you have to really make sure that you d static yourself. First before doing this otherwise you might end up with issues so again i m gonna i m gonna cut this open just a little bit.

So i can so i can get them out let s see alright hold on again. I m cutting these so i m probably gonna end up dropping one on the floor over here. Let s see so the first ones there and i m gonna i m just gonna pop that out again anyone can do this guy s and i m hoping that this works we ll find out these little round see if i can squeeze it in there okay. There s the first one and i don t i really don t know how you know they do it to where you yank on it and it just pops out so so that s the first one.

I m gonna do the second one now second one just pops out also so there s the second one. Again you guys wonder or wondering what type of ram they were using back in 2010..

They re using samsung i ran by the way or at least that s what i m seeing here samsung. So there s that that s pretty funny actually with all the whole stuff that happens with the whole smartphone smartphone war excuse me and again i m gonna put those aside just in case i have to end up putting them back for whatever reason and we ll figure this out as i go here again. I m gonna open this up and get the other ram slot opened and then we ll go ahead and pop. It in and hopefully we can get it both work to work.

Technically i can just turn that on with the one dim of ram. But i m not going to i m gonna make sure both of them are in just because and i m having issues here with the actual thing over here. So just give me a second while i m cutting this open okay all right and again most of these are compatible with other items like their their older. Mac books and whatnot or even the mac minis so if you guys have a mac mini that you want to upgrade.

It s the same useable ram. So you can just you know you can just purchase it so what s once that s punched in guys. All you have to do is just put this back in like so that way it s tucked in and what am i gonna do is i m gonna screw this back on guys and i m gonna turn on the mac hopefully it turns on for you guys and we ll get that going okay all right so a moment of truth. I did get the ram in i already have everything plugged in so let s go ahead and turn it on if it doesn t turn on correctly or the right way.

It s because. The ram is not compatible with it so let s turn it on let s you and i press the button. I don t know if anything s gonna happen or not this thing s pretty slow but as you can see here it did turn on so i m hoping that it boots all the way i mean so far so good. It s not i mean usually.

If you put in a set of memory. That s incompatible with the actual software or whatever or the actual computer. It won t turn on so that s a good sign. So let s let s let this boot up.

And i ll go ahead and run another geekbench test for you guys so. That you guys can kind of see the comparison and then hopefully once that s done i will go ahead and make another video on installing an ssd in one of these older mac s okay full cost of all of this was about 300. So. So.

If you guys are thinking hey. Maybe. I should i buy like a brand new imac instead. You know what i mean again a lot of people do this because these older mac s were a lot look at it s running so so now this old imac is running 16 gigs of ram.

Awesome. I m happy so let me go ahead and get logged in guys. And then we ll go ahead and go from there okay all right guys so i went ahead and booted up the mac. So just so you guys know this thing has been rebooting on me several times already just so you can see if i can get this zoomed in here and before it decides to restart on me.

There you go let s let s get oka restarted on me. So this thing again. It s running on to a gig sticks or whatever or 16. Gigs of ram.

Or whatever reason. I have a feeling that this specific. Ram is not compatible. I think i should have ordered the four of the four four of the four gig sticks instead of the two two of the eight gigs it runs it restarts or it s running.

But it s constantly rebooting so right now what i m gonna do is i m gonna take out one of the one of the eight gig memories two sticks of memory and i m gonna see if it just runs off one of the sticks and we ll go from there all right before it restarts let s see if i can get this for you guys. But it is running on eight gigs of memory let me move the mouse over so you guys can see that let me see if i can highlight that and all probably not but. But anyways. There it is eight gigs of ram let me move that back maybe.

It s not focusing the way. I want it to focus there we go eight gigs of ram. So what i was trying to do and they re good restarted again so what i was trying to do i was trying to see if i can get you know a let me zoom back out here. I was trying to run a geekbench test.

But as you can see here even with that aigoo rems. It s still you know whatever it s still rebooting or it s still boot looping so you know unfortunately..

I m gonna have to send this ram back guys and then for the most part you know i m gonna just what i m gonna do is i m gonna send it back and i m gonna order the the correct ram for this and then we ll get it going guys. So i do apologize if this video was a waste of time for you. But just so you know again. It s trial and error.

When it comes to upgrading pc and pc. Parts again this is a mac obviously. But it is what it is guys the fact is it still runs it just boot loops. I guess or whatever you want to call it so i m gonna i m gonna try to order the right correct.

Ram. And then we ll go from there so hopefully. I don t know if i m gonna put all this video together just yet or not i might end up you know adding up adding on to it later on and just ordering the correct one hopefully we can give it a few days. But again guys this is mike from vtech signing off thank y all for watching please subscribe if you guys like this video.

We ll see you guys next time okay alright guys so i m back it is actually a few days later from that last video or that that last ending that i just did right now. And so i ended up having to order a different ram for this because i guess the one that i ordered was not compatible for this specific year. So it started booting bean right so i ordered this brand. Which is called the o wc and i ordered this on amazon again i m gonna post the link down below for you guys and this is supposed to be compatible with mid 2010 models for the mac.

So if you guys can see here. The screen or whatever is kind of hot wonky. It s a look i actually detached the screen cover over here so that i can actually install the ssd while i was waiting for the ram so i actually had to wait two days. Unfortunately i had to send the original ram back which was 16 gigs and i had to kind of settle for 8 gigs of ram.

Because it was a little cheaper than the original ones that i had ordered and i did not have the extra cash to spend on what more on the two the two extra dims of ram here. So i m gonna put these in guys. And i m going to restart it hopefully keep my fingers crossed that it works. I already have the ssd installed.

So i already installed 240 ssd. I didn t make a video on that unfortunately. If you want to see tutorial videos on how to install an ssd over here just go ahead and google. It again this company the o wc actually has tutorial videos on how to do it.

It s a little complicated if you don t know what you re doing because there is four connections behind the screen that you have to remove and then reattach and for whatever reason. I did get the fan blowing really hard when i restarted the mac and apparently that s very common when you re replacing the hard drive because you can mess with some sort of thermal sensor in the back of the screen. There which probably is probably what i did what i downloaded this app called mac mac fan control. Which is free and it solved the issue as far as the fan blowing really hard apparently this thing has like three fans ahead.

It s a cpu fan has a gpu fan or the optical drive fan. And then it has the hard drive fan. Which an ssd doesn t really need a hard it doesn t really need a fan because they don t really get hot. So okay guys let me go ahead and put this in and then i ll run a geek bench test.

And then we ll go from there okay all right so again i ordered the wrong ram. Which is ridiculous. Because i had already gone through a pair of ram sticks. Prior to the last one that i just did.

So you guys just saw. Me felling at two ram sticks. Failing. Finally.

I found the right or the correct. Ram. That i was supposed to get and the reason why it kept crashing is because i kept purchasing ram. That was the wrong speed so this specific imac.

Runs i guess has a speed of 1333 or you know. 13 1333..

Megahertz the ones that i was buying was. 16. Megahertz which was which is equivalent to 16. Gigahertz or whatever.

But anyway. So finally i upgraded the ram. So this thing is running 16 gigs of ram with an ssd. So definitely i can tell the performance has changed right off the bat as far as geekbench scores on the single core.

It s only scoring 8 to 4 to 24 32 or 2432 and then on the multi. Core it went up to 5000. And 33. So i don t know if that s gonna be like a huge difference but i m gonna try editing with this guy s and then from there hopefully you will see what s going on let s see if i can make this just a you know a daily user and really see how it it works and you know x with me as far as day to day use again.

I ll still be using my desktop. But i do want to put this over here on my table and get that going and hopefully. I ll be able to use it on a day to day. So to kill the end of this video or whatever.

I m gonna go ahead and post up. The scores. And just kind of show you guys again that it is running with 16 gigs of ram. Okay.

Alright and excuse. The crappy video quality. I could probably just used imovie to screen record. But okay so you can see here that again the single core score is 24 32 and the multi core score is 533 and again i ve downloaded software s like nova bench which really you know it s it s really about actual usage and whatnot.

But for the most part you know this thing runs. Fast let s go ahead. And do go to the about mac section. Just so we can get that going for you guys let me.

See. If i can zoom in just. A smidge again. I am recording on the uma dg.

A five pro. So just bear with me here. While i get this to try to focus here. And if i can t get it to focus then we are gonna be sol there you go hopefully that s focusing maybe maybe not if not then sorry guys.

But it is running 16 gigs of ram. A ddr3 memory so so very proud of my upgrades. That i did here does that do anything very proud of my upgrades here a gun guys this really wasn t a tutorial video on how to do this. I was more of me just wanting to you know test this out and see if it was worth upgrading this mac.

So you know i m gonna do a few go arounds as far as trying to edit with this and you know just doing little things here. And there maybe some you know adobe after effects or some some lightroom from adobe or even imovie. So i might do some imovie tutorials on here again so guys if you guys like this video found i found it informing so you give it a thumbs up again. You don t always have to buy the latest and greatest tech.

You know i mean i m you know the cool thing about the older mac s is some of these older mechs are upgradeable. So you don t have to you know go and spend 1500 on you know an imac or you know even 5000. On an imac pro. You know a lot of these older computers are very upgradable as long as you know what you re doing as long as you follow the tutorials correctly you can do it just like anybody else you know it just takes a little bit of time and effort and a little bit of troubleshooting for the most part so again guys this is mike from be tech review signing off we ll see you guys ” .


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