Vava Home Cam Beta Testing

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“Everybody welcome to today s video taste video. We re gonna look at the baba baba home security camera. Which is not yet in stores. It was released on their program.

This past week and as of making this video. The kickstarter has already smashed it at three hundred thousand dollars back these cameras are actually pretty darn impressive. I had reviewed ababa dashcam a little while ago in the dashcam. I ve been very impressed with so when baba gave me an opportunity to do some testing on their valve.

A home cam. I was all over it and it s the southern look right here they re actually quite larger than some of the other security cameras on the market. But don t let the size fool you nice globe. We ve got a magnet mount hello.


I m always inside the package that is your home base right there and all of your accessories are in this box. That you ll need to install it wherever you feel like installing the camera system here s a quick overview of everything that you re gonna get inside the package and of course. What package you get now. This is the home base station everything s recording to the micro sd card on the back sync button reset.

Pretty basic this is one of the biggest issues i found so far is that the battery life is supposed to last 365 days. And i haven t even got five days. The top camera has just been charged up yesterday and i contacted them about it and we said. The batteries haven t been are the cameras haven t been optimised for battery life.

Yet. Let s go to the vava cam app. And it s it still in its testing stage. So.


This is not what its gonna be the final solution. So to speak let s let it boot up. And we ll go over some of the features so right now camera come online. So you can see right here.

I made some changes in the camera and battery life seems to be getting a little bit better. But still a far cry off from 365 days. Which they claim record is everything to the memory card like i said anyways. Let s go to some clips right now of what i recorded a sample footage that you guys can check out this is some shots taken at night not a true night shot.

Because i have a motion light in the backyard. So with the motion light with the camera itself filming. I mean the video quality is okay. And i ve done can t really expect any camera to record good at nighttime.


But it s not too bad here s the thought of shock. Another camera you can see that the camera lens is a little bit on the dirty side so. But we re still able to get an image and this is video footage of during the day so to speak doesn t come out as clear. Once you download it from your phone.

Send it to your computer uploaded re edited seems to lose some video quality in the process. Because it looks a heck of a lot sharper on your phone and what it does on the computers besides for the battery consumption being absolutely horrible. These cameras are actually awesome. This is how mic cameras are set up.

And i took my sensitivity from high to medium. And that actually made a difference in how long the batteries lasting most recordings 30 seconds and that s where i got both cameras on so i ll probably get like an extra. I might have doubled the time perhaps before i have to charge the batteries once dava can get that part sorted out and these cameras would be absolutely awesome like i said. This is still in the beta stages.


I was sent a set of these cameras to test keep in touch with you know feedback problems. I m having and so far right now the app and that s good the like everything about the cameras. I find is awesome because i got the harlow camera system. But i find this is like it s way way better.

The cameras are more responsive. If you want to like look at some you don t have to sit there. And you know wait for it to buff or whatever. And you know record movement and the video quality on these cameras is actually like really good.

Except. The only issue is the battery life so i hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions or comments supposed to blow otherwise want to thank you guys for ” ..


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