@Verizon Smart Family – Guide Your Child s Time Online (Parental Controls App For Android & IOS)

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“Hi. Everybody and welcome back to the channel in today s video. We re going going to talk about the verizon smart family. This is a set of tools that offers parents to help them manage their young kids first access to the internet as well as a smartphone.

This is tk let s go the smart family plan is very simple to use there s two applications that need to be installed. And it is compatible with both android and ios although for this demonstration. We re going to be using two android devices and lg and the motorola phone again you can basically just use whatever device you have as long as you have it subscribe the subscription to the actual service. You should be fine.

The companion app is very simple we ll go ahead and launch. It for the most part it just basically kind of a slave app. To this device. And the reason behind that is that this is the control account.

So. The smart family app on the main phone will control it you have a couple of options. Here. This is the child s account.

So. This is on your o. For omar. T.

Is the main account holder and you ll notice by default right. There. It says. Tk is not sharing his location.

You are able to share your location with your child. So that your child knows where you are of course as far as settings. There s not much going on other than they activate of course. But you need to have permission to do so when you launch.

The parent app for the most where you ll notice right there. There s the name there s the battery percentage of this phone. So it tells you how much battery percentage..


That it has a lot of not i m blurring out this section. But the accuracy of this location is ridiculously well. And it is pretty good. It s already updates itself over time.

You do have a button right. There that says pause. The internet that s by default an option to be able to turn off internet access. It does not disable phone calls or sms.

Just for the internet. And the next couple of things we have here is activity inside the amount of calls made today obviously at school outside or at night or view. More details you re able to basically manage a few things on this device. And this is where it becomes very very functional as a parent to be able to monitor access to devices.

Now. The first thing i want to share with you guys before we get to this you can see here. I m able to open up the google play store. I m able to go up and let s say open up the browser.

We ll go ahead and go into chrome. We can go to chrome and then we can go in here and then let s say type in yahoocom. I ll give it a second to load. And i ll have to finish so this is just an example and we ll get a chance to i ll explain to you what happens here here are some of the controls you re able to go in.

There. Categorize. By what you can too. So.

There s location. Alerts. Limits content. Filters and context.

Now. Location. Alerts..


Is really functional to know. Where your son or your daughter is going to if they re at where they re supposed to be and you can also set different in certain limitations as far as when you want them or in or out of certain areas. They re scheduled alert for specific times to check their locations to be able to go through that you can go in there and add a specific alert places. An alert you can add specific areas basically.

Saying that if you did go to this specific location. Let s say you can t go to the mall. Or you re not supposed to go you know hang out with your friends at this place. Whatever you can add the location.

There and you ll get a notification whenever. This device goes to that area. And you can add of course different areas and customize those very nice very simple very really specific at what it does as far as limits. So here.

We can limit a lot of different things. We have a time restriction data target. As far as how much mega well. How much data.

They re allowed to use so by default. I gave it one gig. But you re able to give it more purchasing limit if you d like to be able to limit what they re able to purchase you can set that by 1 of course texting limit as well as call limits based on what you re a little bit to do with this phone. Time.

Restriction is really functional to be able to set this up an example would be basically. When your kids are supposed to be at school and you know they re not supposed to use their phone to text and help basically do things they re not supposed to be at school you can set that time monday through friday start on end and at this point. You can see here under school hours. It will limit the usability of this device it doesn t cripple it but it limits it so you re able to basically focus on schoolwork.

The next thing. We have of course as i mentioned purchase limit tech s leavitt and call them it very very nice now content. Filter is a little bit more powerful as what it can do an example was going to show you here is the google play store and then i mentioned you guys we have access to yahoo right there i m going to say no at this point. What we can do here.

We have different things here we have the objectionable. There s social media messaging games downloads video malware more and web sites under basically downloads. It has access to the play store as well as the app store name apple itunes so for me right now..


I m going to just go ahead and enable blocking the play store not that you want to do it. But if you want to be able to block them from buying things on the play store that s one way of doing it you ll notice right there if writer. We blocked it on this i cannot access. It now the only way to unlock.

It obviously is for you to come back in here uncheck the box make sure you hit save give it a second intent and ideally they basically you know didn t use it for a few minutes. And then you can go back in go ahead and open it up. And i ll give it a second thing. This hasn t translated yet and it may take a few tries.

But it does end up working so at this point. They have access to it again you can go in there. A block different video applications. They have youtube vimeo vevo.

All the different ones. Games of course. That s gonna be the number one thing they spend 90 of their time. If they re using a smartphone.

So you can block out basically powering your legacy. The friend in pokemon face. There s fortnight that i probably pray out right. There minecraft all the different things and you can block them there s no timing for these things so.

What you can do is either set it from a timing point of view. When they can use the phone or you can manually just right away turn off the game so even if they re in the middle of a game or they re not listening to you he ll be able to control it that last thing i wanted to show you guys was that website option. I m gonna just basically say a block aside and i m gonna say wwe yahoocom. Now again this is a pure example this does not necessarily mean this is what you want to block and at this point.

That this device tries to connect to the yahoo comm it doesn t matter what browser they re using. They re gonna have a little bit of a hard time going through so i ll give it access right. There you ll notice whether your connection is not private. I m gonna say advanced and i m gonna try to go back there s really is it s not gonna allow you to go through so we re gonna try to say reload.

It s gonna give you the same error. And the only way to get out of it is to be able to go back in here. Delete this we move and then go back give it a second for it to update..


And we ll go back here and of course. We have trust the site those are sites that you want them to be able to access and of course last. But not least again other things that you can customize there and then here we re going to open up the browser. You should be able to see it right there.

And it s allowing it to load yahoo again you can add this remove. It contacts does pretty much the same block contest trust the content and of course top content. This is an extremely powerful tool that will make you feel as a parent. A little bit more a ease leaving access to a young child a smartphone of course that has access to the entire internet now.

Where this one is a little bit better than just creating a restricted profile. If your phone supports. It is that you don t actually have to block the entire app. You actually can block portions of it like an example would be chrome under a restricted profile.

They re blocked chrome or you give full access to chrome that s pretty much the only two options. But when here you re able to block certain sites. If you know they re you know obviously a certain site you don t want your kids to go to you can block them off right away. And it ll basically allow them to go to certain sites they comfortable with and that works within chrome or any other browser.

It s just actually working in the background. You can actually you know limit the content as far as purchasing the amount of text messages you can send and receive you can basically share your location with your child. So they know where you are as well as you know where they are and of course you can set location or notifications to know if your child is either in a location that they re not supposed to be or if they re out of a location. They re supposed to be so very very powerful again this is on verizon pretty much alone.

It is a subscription that you have to purchase and of course you have to basically have it install on the primary account as well as the child s phone. And hopefully help you be a little bit more ids. Giving your son or your daughter. A smartphone.

That has access to the entire internet let me know what you guys think in the comments below like and subscribe as usual again. I ll give you a link in the description below to more information about the verizon smart family and the supported services and devices that they have this is tk. I ll see you guys in the next. ” .


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