Virus Removal Tip : Security Taskmanager

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“Youtube today. We ll show a program named security test manager. Which is very useful useful in detecting malware and viruses. So if you don t know how to do hop in your web browser.

If a software bug. You become by new birth software. So this shows that nigel shows comprehensible information about programs running the computer for each windows process it improves on windows task manager providing unique security risk rating. It reads the executable or false that are running in your system.

Yes. It rates then if it is harmful or not harmful coming from there experts and user community a free online scan no antivirus engines so when you say that we re gonna get that to you later so folder trip patent file name process descriptions we usage. Embedded hidden functions and process type so there is an available unavailable probe edition pro version of basically just major but we re gonna download the free version so figuring out alternative download windows vista xp doesn t read fascinate so it hasn t supported yet we know seven. So sorry for you guys who are using.

Windows 7 and save that it s a very small file 16. 2. Megabyte and ii all modes. I have a slow internet connection.


So having opposed to the video. Ok. I m i m back now so once you in once you have finished downloading secret manager. I want you to install it then then up then i want you to open manager so it will pump if you would like to this is only for pro versions or you continue using everywhere.

So let s wait. And it loads up windows processes. There so it shows processes from windows. That s very manager.

So you can see there is a lot different spiders so we get. Memory it is. Using it is showing megabyte megabyte. Measurement mb.

48. You can see here. It doesn t it only shows. The memory friday it shows also the name and the file or the file location of file.


You can read this by right clicking on it and view this folder and there to go up and let you open that folder for them so it s very useful and we never use back spyware or a virus running in your window. Again always right click and new this folder example that you can select properties well load up general properties of the file executable file. And you can see the details. But if a process is not supported by a manufacturer or product or lesson have a title description and i probably have virus in your computer but now not all the times so you can google it so ask googlecom.

You can just say okay we ll open up your default browser. It s about that. And it will research on their library. Which is also an uber there you will see the comments and ratings of the other users.

It s very useful so if you suspect follow the this fall is a virus or anything else you should right click on it then so we will use utorrent. But it s only example so we can we all know that utorrent. It s not a virus so when you right click on it and check for non virus. So it will ask if you want to send a file to virus solocom.

There is a fire at the virus programs. Yes. Then it will connect to bar. So tom then it will say upload file so if you don t know the location of file.


You could always right click in it. View. This folder copy the address. Okay.

That i copy that address write the address. More and browse their base here at the file name. So the program files you can t open the open. The file and open so again after you have chosen the file you want to check if it is a virus or what just click send file then to send the file or to upload the fall in scan by other antivirus engines.

So let s wait is it uploads sorry guys have slow internet so i m gonna post the video right now so okay the files been already analyzed so you want to be if you want to view the last report that file click and show that report and you see the antivirus in the version. And the last update and the result as you can see is scanned anti virus by popular and diversity engines. Like mcafee. Kaspersky kaspersky.

I mean trend. Micro standard. Pc. Tools.


And normal nod32. Microsoft car model. And there. You go.

And you will see this is additional informations about the file and you re done so this is a good feeler. So if you want if you suspect that a follies is virus then click on it i mean click on it and click quarantine and it will current in a file that you have selected the free version is really good very good so if you want to buy the pro version click the buy now and will take you to the registration. The task manager you can see single license. Only 29.

And there is also available of a network security task manager just from 100 if you want to buy this single identity by and it will take you to the new bridge item online store there now once you you want to buy it this way but i m not going to do that but it s really a good program and it creates the the false if the our harness our high risk programs. So you can see almost harmless so thanks for watching please. ” ..


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