Wall Mountable CD Player With Bluetooth And FM Review And Demo By Bropang

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“Everybody hope you having a great day and today. I am doing review on this this wall mountable cd player. And you re probably thinking cd player. Who really is cd as well.

I don t really use a whole lot of cds. But you might or you know somebody that does on top of having cds. If you do. Which is nice you might have in your library.

Or you might have some audio cds you can play fm bluetooth. If you ve got a usb drive you can play music. So. There s a lot of other features that you can do within this cd player besides just playing cds.

It s a very clean look obviously you can see it s all white. Very lightweight and now let s see in. Fact it s so light it weighs only a 119 pounds so very. Lightweight which can t believe that s all that weighs 119.

Pounds or it says gross weight net weight is one point one nine one point six six pounds is the gross weight. So that is weight wise let me share with you what else besides this that comes in the package. You have your user manual and it s written out very clearly so you have all your instructions all the features from bluetooth mode fm mode usb mode. A be repeat function auxilary mode.

So you could see there s quite a number of features you ve got the full remote control very nice small remote control it uses the cr. I think it was the cr 2 o 2 v. Battery..


Let me just pop that out this pops out it s a cr 2 o. 2 v. Battery again very nice small battery you have your auxiliary. Cable so you could take your device plug it into the 35.

Millimeter jack. That s if your mobile phone. Or device. Hadn t been eliminated as many of these phones are.

Today but you can plug it into the 35 millimeter jack and it actually plugs in right in the bottom. You can t even really see it. But it s it s right on the top side of where the cable is and that is where the usb for plugging one of those like usb. Small devices and for listening music you plug that on the bottom.

There so i ll share with you about the stand here in a minute. Then you ve got your plate for the wall. Where you could then hang this on the wall. And the length for the cable.

As well. So you can go fairly high it s ninety point five five inches. So you can you can hang it up on the wall now as far as distance with the remote control. I was able to go seven eight feet and it was still working fine.

I was a little concerned when i was testing it when it was more on the angle. Like this if you have it more of an upright like that and it s more direct line of sight. It seems like it s more responsive with the remote control on top as well you have all the functions for features you got the modes you got volume up volume down..


And you got seat forward seat back this stand is actually very nice. It s got these. It s a soft foam material. So it s a it will move.

But at least it protects the surface and then this folds up so nicely done there and then for your power your parent. It runs off of the dc power. There you have the usb connection and then you ve got your outlet plug and we ll go ahead and plug that back in the length of this cable. Again is ninety point five five inches.

Now it is starting to play cd. Once you turn it on so i m going to turn stop it so that is stopped as far as speakers. They are 45 millimeters times. 2.

This speaker output is 3 watts times. 2. And then as far as per cd format. It will play a cd cdr cd rw mp3 and wma.

It also for fm. It is frequency 87 point. 5 to 108. So it has that ability there as i mentioned to you it does have the 35 millimeter input output bluetooth 42 connection pull pin fm radio you disc reading playing and then as far as the cable.

It does have this switch that you can pull and that powers it off as well you press. It again and that turns it on and see its gonna start the cd is going to start going. So..


Let me go ahead and power and stop that alright. So we got that the stuff. And it lights up as well so that s kind of cool. So let me go ahead and show you the features and i ll play some sounds for you some music as well as a little fm and get an idea and then i ll be back to give you my thoughts on the product.

How i think of the sound and give you give you just any final thoughts that i could think of alright let s go ahead and dive in okay. So now i ve got one of the songs. So i ll start playing it s just instrumental and this is running off the auxilary next up we ll go ahead and plug. I m not sure we ll just connect the cable and we will do a usb or will do a bluetooth connection.

So i m gonna go ahead. I m gonna put press. The bluetooth button sure let me go to my phone and we ll go to bluetooth setting and now. It is all now.

It is connected to my phone. So now what we re going to do we ll go back into listening to that audio through my phone through the bluetooth and you can see it works. Just fine. And then i could go to another song.

So that works very smoothly. So this will give you an idea on some of the features that you can do with it. And again. This is a real close up of the device you got your speaker s here.

And again you ve got full control of the buttons on top. Okay so hopefully those features give you an idea of the capability. I did notice by the way when after recording while i was struggling with the fm stations..


I was able to get the remote when i stood further back of the product. So just wanted to share that with you. But my overall thoughts are its well it has a lot of nice features and i think there s an audience for it when i think of this product. I think about listening to music and for me the sound quality of the music it just didn t pop it did not sound great it sounded okay.

It almost sounded like a just a speaker. Rather than a stereo sounding system. So if you re looking for that stereo sounding system. This is just not gonna probably do it for you i also think it s expensive for the money.

I m really surprised at the price point. I think that it is more expensive than it should be for the sound quality. I think other products on market that i ve listened to sound better for music than this does. But you know if you like to listen to fm or you might want to listen to audio book you might get away.

I think even more for audio book even for fm you re not gonna get that stereo sound. I think. It s just okay for music. So let me know what you think do click on the link.

If you want to read other reviews and order it. But i think there s an audience for it you know for a younger crowd that may not be as much into the sound of the quality of the music. So alright everybody thanks so much for watching have a great day. We ll see you on the ” .


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