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“Guys i m matt from for this much games today. I m with scale. We we re doing warfarin guides. I ve seen a lot of videos uploaded about warframe scope.

And playing it nah. Sure okay. Yeah. Probably yeah.

We know enough so we don t we don t really know everything there s no but again i get. But we know a fair bit. And we ve got these specific stuff with you like controls. Which is the very first video.

We re literally doing into massive subsections so we get very specific videos there ll be a lot of them if it s very specific you can find exactly what you re looking for nice. Quick and easy so we re going to go right on to the video and about our control settings. We don t like the controls. When we first came on we changed it nearly instantly so it might because ye be plays.

But we ll change it to be fairly similar to eight beat controls..

So first off you ve got your action button is x. Which i think it s done straight off you know also you can live your movement and jumping to w. Is the spacebar crouch to the sea as if control is it the kratt brothers anything i d none and a shift running just leave those as default. But here s what we recommend change your action button from x to f.

Or if was switch weapon. I believe yeah my primary maths bounding for that is scroll down. My secondary is scroll up just scrolling now genesis through my weapons. Which is much been f and we also changed what i saw changed action to f.

The scroll button is used to basically go through your your power ups. Yeah. Which you don t need because. One two three four on your numpad one two three four on your keyboard or one two three four on your mouth.

They all control your four power ups just going through and pressing whatever button. It was it s absolutely pointless and another thing which we have no history. We don t use is a toggle crouch. Yeah yeah again at the moment.

We were sneaking not properly implementing again you don t need it so we recommend staying on hold something else you changed i changed my mini button from i have like switch my melee..

But now with the action so action is on me and medias on that yeah. That s good idea that actually might work back. Oh. I ve also changed h.

From swapping. The third person view tv. Yeah. It s much easier to get your thumb to read an h.

It s closer to the spacebar that s the whole point of keys. It s close to your hands down to move find after look away. So we think we ve come up with possibly the optimum control settings. We re not saying we came up in because no some are just a please.

But it definitely works and it s much easier so straight off. We recommend you go into control settings. And the screenshots are showing how to do now. And then you change the ones.

We ve talked about so some of them up x to your f is action switch button switch gun scroll wheel and the change camera angle v..

Those your three most important ones we changed okay now i m going on to something off topic. But it s just end the video. What you re looking at now is hacking on the game. Sometimes the enemy will run to what we found out now is panic button as you see scales tackled it for me.

Better what that basically is the enemy panics and it runs. Oh and press this button. And it locks you down. You ll see on your mini map.

Which is top right or top left. Top left. A thing is top right. Though yeah top left behind.

It s actually top left top. There it goes top radical. Honest. You ll know where your mini map is better you look for something like a green object.

I don t hide spanish like a green circuit boards off the symbol..

But i just go to that and the press well if you change your keys. It would be e rap on it so once you change that and i ll change that once you ve started. It s simple isles just line and lines up together. I mean two more point into each other it s very simple.

But it s actually really nice and effective and i really like that in planes in this game. I think it really works so we bought these warframes for you the these are rhino and excalibur. I know is not a star. One.

But excalibur is we ve also had to pay money for getting their star guns. The mk1 brighton lotto and scanner yeah. Yeah so we ve got those narrow unranked. But they re now one or two after this video.

So we re going to be trying to go through everything on these characters once we ve gone through them all we could show you on our main characters for you would probably rhino or is user lucky in depends on epic and level up the year i love a slow runner. Better yeah we ll probably show you off some nice found on io or something that s like the easiest place in money. So you thanks for watching guys hope you ” ..


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