Warframe Tutorial: Picking the Best Starting Warframe.

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” s up 1000 liquid rain here so if you ve made your way to this this video you want to know a little about warframe. The introduction to the game. What s warframe to actually pick this video is going to show the entire tutorial sequence it won t exactly spoil the storyline mostly because there really isn t a storyline in this game. Yet.

The developers are are and have been working on fixing that the new tutorial sequence. Though is a step in the right direction in making an actual lore for this game. I m just gonna shut up for a second and let the lotus introduce the enemy swallowing colonies whole they re clones flood. The system from a hidden toxic womb the twin queens.

The sisters have sent their most beloved commander for on an urgent mission to protect the twisted crusade. They have begun to transform the scattered colonies into an empire to see that the tenno hidden and asleep will never awake worldport. So once we have witness bore opening a portal. We re going to be given an option to choose one of three warframes calibre mag and bolt.

One thing you re going to notice about warframes is that they have four skills one two three four three of the skills are going to be your basic skills and the forces essentially are super your ultimate in some cases. The basic skills are going to be better than the ultimate and vice versa. So as you play the game. You ll be able to change your builds in order to fit the situations all right first up.

We have excalibur now excalibur is as it says here a perfect balance of mobility and offense is the ideal warframe for new players. He s essentially the jack of all trades. The master of none now his skills are radial blind super jump and radial javelin. You dash forward and you slice and dice everybody that s in in your path.

Radial blind is a utility skill you basically stick your sword up in the air flashlight comes out and it ll blind enemies. They re within range for several seconds. It s good for stopping the damage. Coming your way super jump is possibly the most worthless skill in the game essentially you just jump higher you re not going to really need to use this ever since you can wall climb and you re a ninja so you probably won t have that ever on your character radial javelin is your ultimate your super essentially slam your sword into the ground and it launches out javelins that will seek out enemies that within range and impale them into the walls next.

We have mag mag is essentially the magneto of warframe mag skills are pull shield polarized bullet attractor and crush pull does just what the name implies you pull enemies in a cone towards you and it will ragdoll them to your feet shield polarize. You will restore the shields of you or your allies. And it will deplete shields of enemies. It depends on who s if in range bullet attractor.

You ll magnetize a single target. It will create a sphere around them. And he projected us a shot into the sphere. We ll hit that single target this can be combined with excalibur s ultimate radial javelin instead of the javelins seeking out individual targets.

They ll hit the one target that has bola tracker for tons of damage finally mags ultimate is crush. I don t like the description of the name magnetizing the bones. I would just like to think that mag takes advantage of metallic metallic traces in human body and raise them and crushes a person upon themselves..


Now this will lift all enemies within range and it ll crush them so it s a great ultimate one of the best in the game in my opinion finally we have bolt bolt obviously harness harnesses electrical elements bolts kills our shock speed electric shield and overload now shock you shoot out a lightning bolt lightning bolt lightning bolt that hit a single target and then it will chain off of that single target and hit enemies. There. Within range bolt second skill is speed essentially. It s a shout a buff for you and your allies.

It ll increase your your movement speed by a lot a bulk next skill is electric shield you deploy a shield that is kind of worthless kind of not basically you shoot through it and it will amplify your damage increasing its critical damage and also making electrical damage bear in mind that your allies can also shoot through the shield. So it ll increase their damage as well finally volts ultimate. The super is overload essentially you send out a shock wave. An electrical wave of energy.

Basically that will kill enemies within range and any electric items you know electrical boxes computers and lights. They ll be overloaded and it will amplify the damage and it will continue chain reacting as long as there s electrical devices. So this ultimate can go for a very very long range. So now you re wondering look rain liquid rain.

Which warframe do i choose that s a good question all right i m gonna say that you choose whichever warframe skills or seem most fun to you you ll be able to pick up all these warframes throughout throughout the gameplay. So if you end up picking a warframe that you don t like just just hang in there play the game. You ll be able to unlock other warframes communities great and i m sure people will be willing to help you get a warframe that you would like i would suggest that you pick a caliber. Though this caliber can t be obtained until later in the game.

You have to get the pluto to be able to get his warframe parts mag on the other hand is only on mars a couple plants away from your baby. In and volt you need to join a clan in order to get the blueprints alright guys so i have chosen the excalibur warframe that jack of all trades master of none this will allow you to kind of better see the skills in action. There s your one skill you re skill which will slice your enemies in half here is your to scale your radial blind that kind of disables enemies for a short period of time again with this game. Though mods are going to be essential in the warframe.

They ll increase the power of your abilities. Here we just saw your ultimate and it obviously that was a better visual of them being kind of impaled by the javelins that come out so the game is going to tell you how to do everything that s basic your shift to sprint. I kind of figure out how to jump there spacebar if you didn t know maybe. I just kind of miss clicked it so this game.

The tutorials also going to allow you to pick one of three melee weapons. Kind of got a skull on a kind of a medium range you got these a fists of fury. The close range and then you got a bow stuff. Which gives you a little bit more range.

Obviously is going to be melee attack you can bind it to whatever other key you want i d recommend doing it to a mouse button as well so you re kind of easier to do the melee attacking and stuff while running around. Still you also be able to jump and if you melee attack. He ll do a ground slam attack which kind of does various things you also select your secondary you kind of got a pistol and auto pistol and then you got some throwing knives again i m a ninja so i m gonna go throwing knives kind of kind of keep it keep it ninja. I guess you could say so this will this tutorial allows you to kind of get a feel for some of the weapons.

At least the weapons you choose you know learn how to lead with them their their their strengths. And their weaknesses. Now don t worry about which melee weapon..


You should select. There isn t one that is better than the other really choose whichever one you have fun with you ll be able to purchase these and make these weapons later. And you ll be finding all kinds of weapons anyways throughout the game that you ll want to craft. So just just again.

Don t worry he chose the wrong warframe that you didn t like and choose the weapons that you don t want like don t worry you can essentially change that just play through the game. A little so here we actually get to meet bore again because he s kind of a jerk and decides to shoot down our original escape ship. Okay whatever kind of kind of run around him because we don t want to fight him now we re level zero. So what you can do is you can actually block projectile attacks.

In this game by holding your melee weapon up and kind of you know spinning it in a circle. So you re going to want to open up lockers and chests. Because chests and lockers are going to have various things ammunition. Various resources health energy and even white orbs.

Which are affinity affinities. Experience. And this experience will apply to everything that you have a clip equipped your warframe your melee weapon your secondary weapon and your primary weapon. We obviously haven t picked up a primary weapon.

Yet so we re just going to kind of deal with it you ll notice that my health doesn t exactly get too low. Because the tutorial isn t that hard if you have some trouble. I just need to learn learn that they re different aspects of the game first you saw right there. Too that i was able to run jump and kind of melee attack and zoom across the map.

You should also learn how to do that because it s gonna get you through the maps a lot quicker and allow you to kind of bridge gaps. We don t like right here. Oh. I ll show you i ll jump off here and make it too far a little too far kind of slipping across.

Yeah look i kind of jump around don t worry if you don t have everything down by the end of this tutorial. There s plenty of time to learn it throughout the game right. There told me to use a channel attack. Which is essentially you power up your your melee weapon.

And it costs energy to actually do attacks. Here lotus is kind of kind of an ass and she asked you if you remember how to wall jump and wall run. He obviously don t if you don t played this game. Before so so don t worry if you mess up a couple times.

Just just go back and keep doing it you follow up you fall off the map and essentially teleport back to where you jumped off. Now you can choose your primary weapon. You got a shotgun and the salt rifle..


And then a bow and arrow. I m a ninja remember so i m choosing the bow and arrow. Now the bow and arrow is one of the best weapons in my game in in the game. Scuse me.

What you can do is you can actually charge up so when you pull back the when you draw your arrow back as long as you re holding. It it does a more damage. And it has a more momentum. Obviously so if she also knows here that when i shoot that guy the guy up there doesn t really care because the bow and arrow is a silenced weapon.

So this weapon will allow you to actually stealth through missions to again. They re kind of clueless that i m here here you see some sliding and some barrel rolling. So i didn t actually fall off the mat sliding running and sliding. Actually gets you through a lot quicker as well here s the first cipher you ll run into in the game.

These are essentially just little puzzles you use to get through computer systems. You also notice that at the bottom. You could have clicked like to use cipher and adizero ciphers essentially it ll auto solve the thing for you these could be made in your foundry later on in the game. Don t really worry about it they re not much of a hassle to solve.

So now we kind of gotta. Wait here and wait for our ship. The ship s ai to kind of figure out how to actually turn on this ship. So we got to defend a little right there you saw that i actually ended up getting that two for one that s the unique thing about the bow and arrows is that when you draw them back fully and then you launch.

It that can actually pierce through multiple enemies. So the tutorial is nice because it allows you to you know kind of get a feel for the game. What s what s it going to be like you know how how the weapons that you ve chosen are going to perform. I probably could have made a video using all the different war frames.

Here. You see if you don t charge. It up you kind of less accurate. And you know you kind of don t do as much damage.

Obviously. So we just got to defend for a little bit while our ships ai. It s clear it s time to leave. As you can see the lotus our friendly ai cortana essentially telling us.

We re ready to go my guy forgot how to hold the bow and arrows teleport into the ship. Now the great thing is that this ship is your ship. Eventually you ll probably be able to customise..


It a lot more than you can right now. It s kind of limited in customization. But who cares because before you can even have your own ship. So you ll notice an inbox here and the inbox is going to have different messages from different ais throughout the game.

You don t really need to check. It if you want to be immersed in the lower. You should so you can see here in your ship. There s all these these different consoles that have segments that are required now since you chose to play through the tutorial or you were first to play through this tutorial.

You re gonna have to play through different missions throughout the game. Different quests to actually unlock the segments that are needed to make these consoles work. Luckily though this first tutorial mission. They gave you one segment and this segment can only be used for your arsenal can be restored.

If the operator wishes it now all you need to do is approach. It there ll be a waypoint and then you re going to insert your segment. What this does is unlocks your arsenal for use the arsenal is going to allow you to change the appearance of your warframe your weapons and different things throughout the game. It s also going to allow you to equip different weapons warframes and whatnot throughout the game.

It also kind of serves as a mini marketplace as you can see here. It shows. The prices and credits and the prices and platinum hood for what so you can purchase them through here. Without actually having the marketplace.

Additionally. You ll notice things are xp locked xp locked. Is is locked. Because of your master rank right now your mastery rank is one.

I believe and by well leveling up your weapons warframes and other things it ll help towards your overall experience that will unlock master ranks. So now you re all set go ahead and start your first mish mission which will be marked in your navigation console alright thanks for watching i hope that you actually learned something and this was informational for you just to recap. Which warframe you should choose which melee secondary and primary weapon. You should choose in this tutorial.

The answer was that s right it was whichever one looks the most fun for you none of these weapons or war frames are going to be the most overpowered in the game. They are your starter weapons and starter warframes. So just pick whichever one you think is going to be the most fun and as you play the game. You ll be able to unlock everything else that could be overpowered or even more fun as always ” .


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