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“Hello and welcome to noggin with iii coming up. I thought i d do a a small history lesson for all of those not quite familiar with what iii is how it became what it is today. I just found out what its history is myself. And i think it s pretty interesting iii actually wasn t iii at the beginning laid back in the late 80s and early 90s.

There were not many gaming conventions most game publishers back then would go and display their wares at tech trade. Shows. Before iii. The common trade show that game publishers would visit was ces or the consumer electronics show these shows were more from new hardware or electronic appliances from new tvs to things like dishwashers and vacuum cleaners it kind of sucks for software debt.

But during the 90s. We saw a huge boom in the gaming industry and many publishers decided that they needed their own trade show. Especially. After ces had even gone as far as to putting sega and other big name game publishers in the back of the building even behind the porn vendors.

Yes you heard that right. According to tom kalinske ceo of sega of america. The ces organizers used to put the video games industry way way in the back in 1991. They put us in a tent and you had to walk past all of the poor vendors to find us that particular year.

It was pouring rain and the rain leaked right over our new genesis system. I was just furious with the way ces treated the video games industry and i felt we were a more important industry than they were giving us credit for sega decided not to return to ces the following year. I mean would you so as you can see ces and other similar trade shows. Just weren t meant for games games were kind of their own thing.

Their own little corner of the industry and over time more and more game developers and publishers were simply getting fed up over the following years. More and more companies stopped showing up to these trade shows and so eventually in 1995..

The big. 3 sony sega and nintendo all banded together and showed up as key speakers to a new trade show specifically meant for gaming in the nighted states it was the first year. Ii and it was quite successful with almost 50000. Attendees.

This wound up becoming the largest trade show debut in history. Due to the already large fanbase that had grown at the ces shows and this is a bit of a side note. But it s still very interesting in 1997 iii hosted. A quakes competition called read annihilation.

This is widely considered to be the first national gaming tournament. Possibly the birthplace of esports and to the winner was dennis far through the guinness book of world records states is the first professional gamer as the years continued on we saw more and more growth and this growing trend continued up until 2005 and 2006 in 2005. They started to broadcast the event on television. Via g4 tv.

Remember that those were the big we got there over but of course due to it being broadcast live. It had its first decline in attendance. So in 2006. They decided to restructure the whole thing.

They made the event private and invitation only even game developers needed an invitation to attempt many people criticized this move and complained. It directly to the efa. The entertainment software association who were the organizers of the three they complained that this change would kill indie gaming and while for a time it certainly hurt indie gaming. We see now that this wasn t the case in the long run the first.

Iii after the restructure had only 10000. Attendees..

A shockingly low number compared to the first one then in. 2008 it had an abysmal 5000. Attendees it seemed like iii will die so they again a restructured in 2009. They opened the event to all qualified computer and gaming audiences this greatly increased attendance back to about 41000.

The next year iii continued to grow with some low years due to the economy. But it wasn t until 2013. That it changed again nintendo one of the big three decided that it wasn t worth all the work so they opted to reduce their floor show to a smaller nintendo this format helped them get to the audience they wanted without having to make a large scale production. Show it wasn t until.

2015 that iii. S attendance went past 50000. Again almost a decade after the 2006 restructure and in 2017 iii. Restructured.

Again opening itself up to the public and that s its history. So now with its history in mind. What that s the question. Why why have you three why not just have everyone release information when they want nintendo doesn t even really go to e3 so why should the other publishers.

Why do they waste millions of dollars on just having a presence here in the world of online streaming that we are in now why not just have a yearly stream. That isn t on the same day as your competitors well it s all about responses. Let s take a generic store like target or walmart. They aren t game stores but they do sell electronics and some games they may not look like they would care about e3.

But all they do do to their setups. They can t just have every single game in every single store..

They need to be selective to what they sell as to make the most profit. That s why you normally find mainstream largely popular games at these big chain stores. But what about those hidden gems. That they do sometimes carry.

Why would they bother having these not so well known games take up shelving space. Most commonly it s because it s not that unknown. Because it had a decent presence at e3 you see iii is more than a gaming expo. It s one of the largest gaming events in the united states.

These retail companies send out representatives to the show and use this event. Almost as a periscope to see into the future you can easily tell. When a game is going to be good and you can most certainly see when games are going to sell well these people sent by the big retailers aren t just typical employees that do market research either they are professional both in market research and in gaming. Having your game displayed at e3 can make it or break.

It. Even if it s just part of a microsoft montage like stardew valley. It s a very dangerous game to play with that many eyes your game having a good show for your game can help propel it into even greater heights. Let s take a game that recently came out ukulele this game was shown at e3 and it was a very popular at e3.

The presentation played on your nostalgia. And made it look like it would be a great game for all ages. This was such a great revival that it even went as far as to being sold in mass by walmart and target. This isn t a game made by some huge company that can afford a whole marketing team this is an indie developer and indie developer whose whole marketing was iii.

But it s not all happy and jolly and that s what i mean when i say it could break a game let s talk about overhype a game can look phenomenal. But when it comes out it could look like this think of no man s sky or watch dogs height is a dangerous force that game developers love to use without actually holding their their promise publicity is very big in america..

What s on the tv at any given moment will change what a consumer is thinking and i know what you re saying well i don t watch tv or i don t listen to commercials well you may not and that s fine. But it s not just tv. When iii rolls around you see it in everything from tv to the newspaper. If you re anywhere close to los angeles or new york city you may even see billboards all over the place you hear conversations about it from co workers from fellow students from random people on the street.

Word of mouth is going around everywhere. Plus. It puts video games in the media again. But in a positive light for a change.

It s saying hey look at all of the innovations. We have in gaming. Now i mean when was the last time you saw a positive spin on gaming on mainstream tv news plus e3 isn t just about the games. When do major publishers announce new hardware three three when do publishers announce a first party accessory iii.

When can you find out about all of the new independent accessories iii. It s not just a convention. It s a show that displays all of the new tech and the business long story short iii helps the gaming community both directly for the mainstream retailers and for all of us to see what the future may hold for our favorite hobby. I wish you all a happy iii this year.

But please remember to use your noggin and not get overhyped. No game will ever be as good as some people hyped them up to be that sounds like a good video topic will subscribe and hit that bell to be notified when that video comes out so i ll talk to you all next time and i ” ..

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