What s the right DPI setting for you? Play Advanced with Andrew Coonrad

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“I m louise and today. I m joined by andrew. From logitech g. Oh.

So so today. We re going to be talking about choosing the right dpi settings for logitech g gaming mouse. But while i have you please hit that subscribe button so that you can see more videos like this meanwhile dpi settings under it let s talk about it first off. What is dpi and why does it matter yes so thanks for this this is a great question because so many people think about dpi and sensitivity and all this.

And it s a constant struggle for gamers to find the right settings. And the right mouse and all that dpi is just one part of the equation right so when you re looking at how to set your entire rig up for the best performance for you dpi is definitely a factor. But it s only one part of the equation. Okay so if someone they re new maybe they re new to gaming.

Maybe they ve maybe they ve moved from console to pc gaming and suddenly they re faced with all of these acronyms dpi. Seems like something that everyone talks about can you talk about how that really fit sense or logitech g. s obviously. We ve got the settings and the hub can you maybe talk us through that a little bit absolutely so dpi stands for dots per inch.

Which is basically how much movement the cursor makes or the you know processor makes on the screen based on one inch of movement. Okay so it s basically how fast your mouse is moving across the screen..

Some people use the term cpi m. Stands for counts per inch. Because it s not actually a dot yesterday these things of course confuse that let s make it more complicated. But really dpi is just like is it one part of it so more importantly.

You want to use a super accurate sensor that works well at all dpi ranges. So that you can be confident that no matter. What setting you choose for your game for your usage. For your style is going to be accurate and of course shameless plug the logitech g hero.

16k sensor is our most advanced sensor and it has not only the widest dpi range for most flexibility. But it also does so while never introducing smoothing filtering or any of these tricks that people use to get better ep our higher dpi. So that s the first step. She s a great sensor okay most of our my to use here.

16. Case that s a good place to start. Okay then it s about finding the right setting for you and to do that we used you okay so in g. You can go to the sensitivity page of any of our mice.

And it looks like this you have a bunch of different settings by default that you can cycle through using your dpi button. And that s 400 800 1600 and 6400 by default so you can also just you know you can delete these you can change them you can click on anywhere along the bar you can click and drag that to find the right you know and it automatically applies okay..

So this will you know be a good way to quickly feel how you know the cursor is moving in where it might be the right place to start so in terms of if i m looking at that and obviously that s a massive range do you suggest people start high and then glow or start low and go higher. So if there is there a science. There is certainly obviously if you re a gamer that has found a setting that works for you stick with that especially if you re using a hero sensor because you re not gonna you know find any difference in performance. There yeah.

There is a little bit better tracking capability. When you get higher up in the dpi range. So if you re doing you know 200 or 400. The the pixel size is sort of bigger in that.

Sense but if you know so we recommend you start between like. 1200 and 2000. Sort of the sweet spot okay for the sensors capture from there you can sort of adjust up and down. And again.

There s really no wrong way to do it you know some people ask well why do you have 16000. Dpi that s crazy and there s actually some users that you know maybe have you know limited movement you know or if there s any even if there s one gamer out there that needs to use 16000. It s worth it to do it because we can yeah would you say that there s anything in terms of specific genres that people like to play a specific dpi for those or is it really just about finding. What s best for you well again that comes down to your your usage.

So i think if you re someone who a lot of you know more serious competitive gamers that play fps tend to use lower dpi. Sore lower sensitivities because they want to use bigger movements of their hand..

Right. So. You use a massive mousepad and you re using large movements. So that you can actually have a more granular level of input.

Because you re actually moving more so your smaller movements have more accuracy. But then some people like myself. I use a little bit higher sensitivity or dpi and then i move less and use my wrist yep. It s just down to personal preference and style and that s kind of how you can behind dpi sensitivity.

In the mouse itself to find the right input for you perfect. Thank you of course. So. That s everything you need to know about dpi and a 16 k.

Hero sensor let us know if you ve got any questions for andrew. If you popped them in the comments below. We ll try and get them answered and don t forget to subscribe to logitech g for more videos just like this one if you do already subscribe. Which we really really appreciate don t forget to hit that notification bell.

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