Why do people choose ReBath?

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“Reason people choose rebirth is of their products and of our team and reback manufacturers manufacturers all their products here in the us they they make adder bath product very to clean non porous lifetime warranty they also manufacture all their own shower bases walk in bathtubs another product a manufacturer is their natural stone product. Very beautiful it s all it s all natural stone again non porous. It s it s not susceptible to mold and mildew. It resists.

It and then another reason is our team is we have all of our installers are certified installers at the factory. They re trained by our our people here locally. They re all background trip checked drug screen..


And most of them have ten plus years of experience. So those are the two main reasons. Why people choose rebirth here at the pool and design center. So come down and see us at eighty six hundred pan american freeway just north of the sale.

I want to talk to you about one of our aging in place solutions. It s called our bathtub our conversion here a tree bath and some of the features i want to point out to you that make a very safe bathing environment our low threshold shower base. So it s very easy to step in it has an anti skid surface on it so it s very safe and we have our full down seat..


So you can sit very secure position with a handheld shower and grab our very close by so you can just pull yourself up real easy and stand. If you d like and also our corner grab bars. These are rated as a grab bar. So it doesn t have that that look of a you know standard looking grab bar also we have our comfort height toilets so it s you know a little higher it s at about 18 inches.

The the same height as a chair. So come down and we ll show you our new dirt bath product. A tree bath..


You can take a look at our bathtub our conversions today i wanted to show you some of these fantastic colors of our natural stone product as you can see it comes in a lot of different colors. This one here this is a gorgeous gray color. And it s it s very thin. It has aluminum backing.

It s waterproof. It s naturally resistant to mold and mildew. It s very easy to install and it gives you that elegant look and in any bath..


You can actually use this on kitchen backslashes. Too. It s just it s very strong and it s a gorgeous product. So come down and see us at the new coolant design center and you can take a look at all of our rebalance.

We have everything you need to select your products here in one great place so ” ..

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