Wii U Gamepad High Capacity Battery Installation Nintendo Collecting

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“The wii u. Gamepad is definitely very innovative. But unfortunately because of the screen and and everything that it needs to be powered with it runs out of battery. Really so fortunately to the rescue there s the high capacity battery which i would highly recommend hey nintendo fans and collectors lithium here i purchased this battery actually a while ago i just haven t got the installation part of this so this is called a high capacity battery.

This one does have japanese text on it you can buy this directly from nintendo s website. There s a link in the description below the video and for this one essentially the wii u. Gamepad. I think only lasts maybe three or four hours whenever i game it really does depend on the game.

And it depends on how much i m using the gamepad as well as the microphone option and of course. The sound on it. But generally i only get three to five hours at most so this high capacity battery will actually increase the life of the gamepad to about eight hours eight to ten hours is what it says this usually cost about 40 us dollars. You can also find it on ebay.

But nintendo does sell it directly from their store. So if you don t know actually in the back of this wii u. Gamepad. You can open this up there s a space for the battery.

So i m going to be installing this for you during this video now while i open this up..

I do want to mention. Mario thawne is tomorrow. I am. Very excited about the mario thawne that s actually one of the reasons.

Why i m finally getting around to installing this battery. Because i do want my gamepad lasting. A long time in case people are playing super mario 3d world or new super mario bros wii u. Now this does come obviously with the battery itself in some packaging with some instructions so just pull that out the instructions here are in japanese.

So i ll just leave those in i can t really read them. But this is a very basic thing basically the battery is a lot larger than the other one and i will compare them in a moment. Some cardboard they are nice enough to give you a tool. Which you will need to open up this gamepad.

This tool is probably also useful to open other old school nintendo items like consoles and controllers. It s very small. I do have another one already and then i m wondering what else comes in here. If anything there s a few little inserts and things like that that i just want to take a look at okay.

So there s this instruction manual as well which of course..

I m not going to read. It is in japanese and one little small insert saying something should about the english version. But it doesn t really matter because this installation process is quite simple so what i m going to do is there are two small screws here at the back. So i m just going to remove both of those let me maybe just give us a better angle here by moving this down a little bit.

And i really do enjoy that wii u. Gamepad. I think it s like i started beginning of the video entirely innovative. It just is unfortunate that the battery life was so poor.

But they were trying to reduce costs with the wii u. Because you can imagine how much every single component of the wii u. And the wii u. Gamepad would have cost originally this really begs to question the nx console.

And i wonder what they re going to do because if they do have some sort of a handheld hybrid with a home console. They re going to have to have a screen on the controller and hopefully it doesn t eat battery life it will obviously. But batteries are getting better and better okay. So let s see alright so that was very easy so you just take the back off and here you have a good comparison of the size of the two batteries obviously.

This is twice the size and they have the room for it there so they actually designed it that way now what you re going to do is obviously..

There s a small little latch right here that it is plugged in to the gamepad. So all you would do is just pull that out and down and then the controller. The battery easily pops out of the controller so just to give you a size comparison of course twice the size twice the amount of time this one is two thousand five hundred and fifty mega amps. I think and this one s just fifteen hundred so it s not quite twice.

But it s pretty close to twice it s getting up there alright so to install this all you re going to do is simply slide it to the left and press. It down and then of course this needs to go in so there s a certain way of putting it up the correct way of course. Because you do have that little latch that you are going to be able to grab here. So this should obviously be facing out and all you need to do is simply press.

It in holding. It a little bit strange for the camera just giving me some problems there we go so after that is in of course. You just need to tuck the chords away. So.

Let s just tuck the chords in and that s really it then you just put on the back of the console. Now before i actually do put this i want to see if it does power on and there you go so it powers on so it s working properly in everything. So. Let s actually just put on the back casing for this as i finish up very very easy installation when i saw that it was going to come with a tool.

I was a little bit concerned that it would be something beyond my capabilities..

But nintendo is smart with this they really did make this for any sort of gamer beginner or advanced and now that i charge it once i charge it i do believe i m going to have twice the power with this console could not connect the wii u console. Because i really do need to get closer to the console from where i m filming. This currently alright. So thank you so much for watching feel free to fill that like bucket.

But please comment below. What do you think about the gamepad in. General i would love to know and i really do recommend this for 4000 it s going to double the battery length or lifetime of your wii u. Gamepad again thanks for watching and hey the mario phone starts tomorrow at 7 o clock eastern time on twitch there s a link in the description below the video.

We d love to have you check in if you could and maybe donate to charity. We re raising money for mcmaster children s hospital keep smiling while gaming and go clark sam. All have a great day everyone thanks. ” .


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