Will DIRECTV NOW Survive 2019?

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“You thought sling tv nwas having a rough time last. Week we talked about how how sling only gained 50000. Subscribers. In the last three months of last.

Year well. Week we re ntalking about directv now which lost 267000. Subscribers. In the same time period yikes so.

The question is why and that s what i m gonna nattempt to answer today and as a bonus. I m gonna nhelp them fix it all so stick around for that let s dive in techno music. So before we get started just a reminder go down there and subscribe nhit that bell icon. So that you re reminded nwhen.

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But also hit that subscribe button. We much appreciate it anyway on to directv now alright so like i said in the intro 267000. Subscribers lost for directv now in the last three months of 2018. This was not expected they did expect some losses nand.

I ll tell you why in quarter. Three they raised their prices. It was in july. If i recall correctly they raised their prices nby about five bucks.


And they knew that would slow nthings down a little bit. But then in quarter nfour. What happened was they got rid of all their promo prices directv. Now has been naround for about two years and in the beginning.

They nhad some amazing promo deals in fact. I think the lowest. One was if you were an at t. Unlimited customer you could get directv nnow their base package for 10 bucks a month.

It was a crazy good deal they had a lot of things like that maybe not all quite that great. But when they got rid of them everybody started jumping ship. So they knew that they were ngonna take some. Losses but they were thinking maybe.

20000. What they didn t expect nwas that the number would be about 13 times. That amount so you might be asking yourself is losing a quarter million. Nsubscribers really that bad well in.

Answer let s compare sling. Tv gained 50000. Subscribers. Youtube tv.

We don t have nhard numbers on them. But analysts say that they neither stayed the same or gained as many as 100. Nor. 200000.


Subscribers. Hulu with live tv gained na half million subscribers at the same time and then you have all nthe other minor players like philo and fubotv kind nof nibbling at the edges. So with that sort of competition. Yeah.

It s a big deal directv now is in a lot of trouble. And it ain t getting any nbetter. I can tell you that because at the same time nthat. All this bloodbath was happening at t s nceo.

Randall stephenson. Mentioned that he wants to possibly migrate directv. Now to na different platform that would cost 50 to 60 bucks. A month.

And he also used the nphrase. Oh yeah these people really nknow. What we want don t they they want less content for more money. Yeah.

You really got us pegged sign me up so as a favor to good old randy i m gonna fix directv nnow s problems right now you can just send me a ncheck whenever it s fine alright listen up imaginary nladies and gentlemen of the conference room that ni ve emptied for this occasion i m gonna fix directv now obviously people aren t nbuying what you re selling they re leaving in droves and so what do you do you give them what they want and what we ve wanted for nyears is a la carte tv. And we re not really ngetting that with streaming. There was some promise of nthat with other services like sling tv. But things nhave been going back drifting toward the old ncable and satellite platforms of a bunch of channels in one platform that you pay a high price for let s just move toward nthe.

A la carte system that we ve all wanted anyway. So create a platform with three tiers if you purchase five channels or fewer then you get to choose neach one that you want five channels or fewer nit s six dollars a channel. If you go between six and 10 channels. Then let s say the price ndrops down to four dollars or five dollars and anything above 10 you re paying three bucks.


A channel. This is going to encourage people to sign up for the channels nthat they actually want. But it also kind of encourages nthem to sign up for more and there s already something like this this is getting so close you have things like hbo nthat s going for 15 bucks. For that but you can already see that they re offering their own apps.

Their own way to stream that espn now has espn plus nfor five bucks a month and you get access to all their content. Which is fantastic so these channels are nalready coming around you could have a system nthis is an alternate idea. Where directv now simply offers a platform to bring all these things together say five or six bucks a month for people to sign up for the platform that handles all their subscriptions to the hbos and the espns of the world. Because more will be coming and if you position yourself that way you can save directv now you re welcome.

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I guess unless you don t nwant a 55 inch 4k tv. I think you should want that though so stick around hit that bell icon. We re gonna be back with that and next wednesday. I m ngonna be talking about hulu with live tv.

That is a well they re nin a different category from directv. Now because nin the same time period. That we were talking about today they gained a half million subscribers and we re gonna tease nout why that might be so stick around thanks for nwatching this video guys and we ll see you on the next video. ” .


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