Wix Website Tutorial – Adding a Favicon To Your Wix Website – Wix Tutorial For Beginners

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“Is up guys computer mdf gilbert here and in today s video. I m gonna gonna show you how to add a favicon or favicon to your wix website. This a very cool simple thing to do and let me first explain what a favicon is it s this image up here in the tab. When your website opens that kind of brands your image in a way.

You see youtube s got theirs. Gmail s got theirs wix has theirs and every you know established website has a favicon to kind of establish credibility and add authenticity to their website before we get into that guys wix my website comm link in the description below. If you guys have not yet had a chance to sign up for my weekly wix tips. I highly recommend you go get on that list.

I ve already had tons of people contact me. It s already helping people out and i love to help you guys out i love. Seeing you advance in your wix knowledge. Guys.


If you re learning to build your very first website or looking to finish your current website. I m here to help you and signing up on this email list is only gonna benefit you guys so go ahead get on that list our next email will actually go out tomorrow morning. So if you get on there now you re gonna get an email tomorrow morning already getting some fresh new wix tips guys last thing. I wanted to let you know is wix talks.

This is my which talks podcast as it says real stories real people real answers. I m here to help you guys out and provide you another outlet to learn more about wix and this is a more fun interactive entertaining way through a podcast. I also want to let you guys know tonight. I will be uploading my next podcast.

Which is gonna be a good one to go ahead and check out so i d recommend you stay tuned. Here subscribe here. So that way you ll never miss an episode and you ll get them straight to your email alright. Guys now let me show you how to add a favicon sure which website so for this video.


We re not actually gonna be in the editor. We re gonna go into the wix dashboard. Once you re in your wix dashboard by the way you ll get redirected to this dashboard after you create your account and go to start building your first website. So now that we re in the dashboard.

We re gonna see over here manage site. We re simply gonna click that once we click that we re gonna go down to domain we re gonna click domain and then we re gonna scroll down to favicon image right here it says a favicon has a small icon appears next to your site address in the browser. So i already have my favicon on here. And i need you guys to note.

Something. This is a premium user only option. The only reason that is is because which will use their default logo. As your favicon.


Until you upgrade your plan. Once you are a premium user. Then you can then customize your own favicon and upload your own that s important to note. I know it s a bit of a pain and you re probably like well why won t they just let me customize that i understand.

But it is a premium user function. But guys if you re doing any business or trying to build your website on wix. I would recommend just going ahead getting that premium plan. Which does your hosting with their unlimited pram plan.

Right now you even get a free domain name. Plus a whole bunch of other great features so i d recommend doing that but you would simply press upload favicon as i said mine is already here if you wanted to remove it you would click remove it or change and then it would open up your image library. Where you have your images and then you would just make sure you upload your favicon image to there there s no really true dimension that you need to have wix might mention a dimension mention and dimension as soon as you click upload favicon but make sure your icon is small so make sure it s a smaller image as it s gonna be straight up here so it s a smaller image to begin with but yeah guys that s how you add a favicon to your which website. It s been a popular question so hopefully that helped you all out if it did please drop me a like down below comment.


If you have any questions at all guys. I m here to help you out i m here to answer your questions and then finally guys subscribe to me. Here. On computer md of gilbert for some more awesome content with wix and part of that exciting content is growing guys.

I m looking to grow with you and grow and help you grow on your wix knowledge. So one last time wix my website comm link in the description below to check out my weekly wix tips and then to check out the podcast. Once again that i ll be uploading. Tonight you can either go to wish my website comm and click podcast or use the link in the description below for my wix talks podcast website thank you guys for watching this video and i ” .


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