WoW Beginner TANKING Series – Part 1 Setting-Up Learn to tank – Any Class! Battle for Azeroth

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“Guys. Leslie s there how s it going so today we re going to start start off the super beginner tanking guide. So this is really gonna be aimed at who s never tank before or this time before and it didn t go very. Well you need a bit of advice.

And it s gonna set your dungeons. Really we re not going to talk about red in here. Some of these tips are going to talk about we ll help you out with in reds. Or as i m not very experienced is the tank in a red.

I m just going to talk about doing is really so it s gonna be for set any or for leveling and for mythic. Plus. And all that kind of stuff. I want to keep it quite concise and simple just like all beginner level stuff.

And so we re gonna talk about setting up your ui and we re going to talk about your abilities and talents knowing what you should be taking this is gonna be general for every class. It doesn t really matter what class you play it s going to talk about tanks and ural. We re gonna have a little look at macros and see if your class needs it in macros for tanking. We re gonna talk about active mitigation.

What that is and what we should do and we re gonna look at your gear talk about essences a little bit and just basically this is like a setup video to get you ready to do your first dungeon or you first read so that s what we re gonna do today guys. And then this series will follow on after this one we ll go and do a dungeon and we ll talk about that and there s like the mindset for tanking and all that business. So this is like we re settled bad. So op without forever.

Buddy let s kick it off alright guys. So here. I am on my demon hunter. He s currently level hundred and twelve i m level anymore first of all i do recommend that when you want to start tanking.

If you really really like nervous about it or worried. Then make a new character. If if you want to do that or love like an existing one or and just do do some question as any tanks back and basically learn how it plays and tank low level dungeons. As well because they re super.

Easy. People are usually a little more forgiving than they are in endgame dungeon. So if you really really worried just level up a tank and start from beginning. It s the best way to learn because you get all your abilities.


Steadily you know in a nice fashion and you re like your talents. And you ll get used to things as they come rather than everything all at once. But if you want to just make one of your existing codes. A tank.

Then just go for it obviously actually tank spec have a little look at to what you can do so. Here. We are in the demon hunter and like i said i m going to talk generally about all the tanks. He s not just going to be specific the demon on the tank.

So don t worry about that so the first we going to think about is your ui. So as a tank. You don t really necessarily need to have the ui adjusted like a healer would for example like my unit. Friends or piety frames and red frames can stay over here.

I don t want them to be in the middle not necessarily anyway. Some people do prefer that you just basically want to have a clean ui so that you can see everything around you you can react to you know for mob pools from a fire you can react to it you can see you can just clearly have a little look around then you know always what s going on in the dungeon or in the red. So i recommend this ui that i use i ll do a little video on the updated version of this if you like if you do want to see that please just request it in the comments and i ll nod to get round to doing that sooner. Rather than later.

I ve done a video on this in the past. I ll link it in the description below actually i ll link the ui import string is lby that i use currently as you can see there so. The next thing. I want to do is check your abilities.

So if you go on this bit of course. It will give you a quick overview of you know your important abilities. What they can do what i d recommend doing first is if you re unsure. Which tank to play golf somewhere.

Like i see been so let s have a look at this so you can go over to the go over to icy veins here and if you can see your class. So if you basically go on to classes. And then you know choose your thing. They ve also got a nice handy.

Actual tanking guide straight up and for bal frazer off just to basically tell you what you should be doing. What you should be thinking about all the the tanking lingo. So just threat. I grow all that business and you know just everything you need to know basically that s worth reading this first before you jump in before you start thinking specifically about your class.


So then i would obviously go to the vengeance demon hunter. 1. They have literally everything you could think of in here to tell you about your class. So i would see that this is just a quick overview and what you got out what you bad at and and then you can go on and check out your talents.

So what i would do is they usually have like cookiecutter builds. They suggested builds i would copy this one and copy either of these if you really really nervous obviously go for the survivability. Most classes do have these survivability or sometimes they re trying to maximize damage as well when they re comfortable with it. But if you re really nervous and itchy first and goal for the survivability once you ve done that go in the game.

And just basically have a look at what you can do so. This is these are suggested talent. So basically see what these things do so. There you can see obviously creates aoe damage.

That s gonna be good for getting aoe threat threat is of course when making the mobs attack you the person. That s got the highest threat in the group is one that the mob is going to be attacking so that s that s that take note of your active mitigation. So that basically means active mitigation is when someone hits you and you have an ability on that is going to reduce the amount of damage of that hit does so that could be in the form of a shield as in like a paladin s shield for demon hunters. That is demon armor.

Where is it demon spikes might in the right spec. What an absolute amateur let s change our let s change over so we got demon spikes surges power increase in your armor by a thousand and you parry chance by 15. So that is known as active mitigation. We ve also got soul cleave.

This isn t active mitigation. This is kind of like a reactive ability because then it s going to heal me. So you have active and reactive abilities. Usually as a tank and you want to know what yours is so for example for a warrior.

This could be field wall or it could be ignore armor things like that that s your kind of active it occasionally want to go for i recommend as well going back to the wife stuff. Install deadly boss mods. Because that will actually tell you when a boss has an ability that s going to hit quite hard or it s quite an important one to be aware of it will tell you use defensive. Sort of say you know bosses casting switch having user defensive and i generally talking about keybinds have the same kind of things for each class.

So. Q. Is always my interrupter just think like quick. Ah is always my kind of initiation ability.


So it could be charging a warrior for here it s infernal strike you know chain combat and run in shift key was always something to do with out of a storm or a silence. And as you can see there that s that active mitigation. Usually is shift one shift to and any you know important abilities that you don t use all the time money in certain situations. Gone f.

So f 1 f. 2. I can see them you know quickly. And and then the abilities that use all the time they can just call it down here on one two three four the always useful and then you want to make sure if you ve got an interrupt get it bounced to my weave and i always be able to use it because that s quite important as a tunt you ll probably only have a million range interrupts all because obviously gonna be hitting things in the face so you re gonna want to know where that is and use it a lot just make sure everything is bound.

So you can access it nice and quick another important thing obviously as you taunt. I always put my toe on t for tom. It s just dead easy so in the heat at the moment. I don t need to really think about it.

I know exactly where it is straight away tifa taunt. So because it s battle for azeroth. If you re left with an op obviously don t worry about this for now. I m not gonna go into specifics about as a right traits or essences.

But of course you do need to be aware that there are specific ones for tanks and for dps and for healers. So you need to be aware that you get correct treads for a tank and roll and again if you go back to icy veins. It will literally have the right ones that you should have here as a right traits or recommend the best ones and they ll tell you about what s good in what situations. So you can just think about that yourself and then of course.

They ve got the essences. Too so if you ve already got your character max level. Chances. Are you probably will have already gained some essences from your adventures as a dps or healer.

Whatever you ve been and you can probably just pop that on straightaway and get into it so what i would say is once you ve got your bar set up and everything just get yourself in there and just start doing stuff just start using your abilities. See what they all do get a feel for it pull a few mobs. See what you can handle and you know get used to what things to do so i know that this is gonna reduce the damage. He does to me about 40.

So just like play around with things test ratted mitigation. You know and just basically golfer. It and then once you ve done all those things you ve got uui setup. As you like it you ve got all your important abilities.


Key bound. Remember that if you go into your book. And if something isn t bound. Obviously like i m not gonna buy and glide.

It will flash. So just go through your spell book make sure you got everything there because if you ve got something like a dispel and you re not get it bound that could be the difference between life and death in a group situation now a little bit about my cross as a demon hunter tank. I don t need any different macros. There isn t any better need as a druid for example you have the ability to remove things like curses and poisons and all that business.

So i would definitely have that bound i usually bind that to shift are for like remove like shifter movies like ss was like shit remove. It somebody s got a debuff shit remove. And that she s a would do very glamorous way of thinking about it and so i use mouse all of macros so they look like this let me just find one this is a crate and my car just real quick. Obviously you can just call it some like c4 like remove curse.

It would be stressed as a short tilt. It and then you don t necessarily need to stop casting. Because you probably want because then books. If you re a paladin for example you might be custom flash heal.

You might want to just stop that to remove a really nasty curse or something so you can pull it in there. If you want to and then it s just best that it follows that exact format cast and the brackets a mouse of a flash heal so then you can literally obviously what we use a flash. He ll be some that remove curse so you would just type in remove. Not like that this is supposed to be a as a well done video.

So you just type in select remove curse and save it put that on your bar bam pop it on there. And you ll be able to use that in a pinch. So there we go have a little play around with everything once you set up and you feel comfortable and then it s time to go into a dungeon and what we ll do we will do this in the next video. So don t limit.

It s too long make sure you obviously you ve got your tank icon selected and then go. And you can enjoy the fast queues. So that s it for this video guys thanks very much for watching make sure to subscribe to want to keep up with this series and if you want more guides like this and just let the general world of warcraft content. Thanks so much for watching guys.

I ve been laser beast. And i ll see you in the first dungeon tanking. ” ..


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