XFX GeForce 8500 GT 256MB Graphics Card

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“I ve had a lot of emails about this the gamers are writing in on on a budget. They play you know a lot of the older games. And some guys the casual gamers who want to be able to play the games. But they can t so i m answering these emails a lot of people been asking about this specific card.

The 8500 series and we re looking at the xfx 8500 gt. Now first off i m going to tell you this is a solid card. It s very good for anybody who wants to get in there and watch their movies and to view their media content. And this also plays a lot of the games.

Very very well it does a very good job. It s not gonna be something that competes with a 500 dollar. 8800 ultra or that slike 800. But this will let you start playing your directx 10 games.

It s ready for vista. It s gonna let you run that aero interface. And it s gonna be a huge upgrade for a lot of you now let s take a look at this card first off the aesthetics..


It looks really nice i like the black finish that xfx is putting on their cards. I know it doesn t make it any faster. It s 400 megahertz core clock and like i said the aesthetics. Don t make it faster.

But if you got a side panel. And you want to show off a little bit it looks really nice and let me reiterate xfx quality. Their premium manufacturer of nvidia based products and everything they sell is quality and you know i even talked to the guys on the phone. They re really nice dudes alright.

Now this has ddr2 memory. It s got 256 megabytes of that and the memory clock is at 800 megahertz. Let s talk about gameplay. Now.

This card is going to be able to play the directx 10 games. It s gonna be able to play all the directx 9 games. A lot of those even at full resolution with everything cranked up all the way now it s not gonna replace the 800 900 graphics cards those insane ones that are on the market that are going to crank everything up to you know i m full blast..


But this is really something designed for the casual gamer and someone who just wants to be able to you know play those directx 10 games. Without breaking the bank. Let me read you something from from someone who purchases this card from us online. He says definitely a great card.

My last card was the integrated geforce 16 101 is definitely a major improvement over that runs great quiet tube. I can play elder scrolls oblivion. It s one of my favorite games. I play out a lot on the highest settings with almost no hiccups.

And i can play battlefield to company of heroes on near the highest quality settings. Now those are two games. I used to play a lot with my last system. And i had a lot of hiccups.

So this would have been an upgrade for me as well all right let s go through the ins and outs. So you can see what goes on with this card now right over here you see that there are two outputs. There we have vga and dvi comes on adapter that turns the dvi into a second vga..


If you have two monitors you can run dual monitors. And the max resolution is 2560 by 1600 also right there that is s video. So you can hook. It up to a monitor or you know a tv or something like that if you want to play this back on the tv.

No problem at all now. This thing is hd ready it s ready for hd tv. It s ready for your hd signals. No problem.

It s actually designed to take advantage of some of those high res movies that some of the impacts you playback. Some of them get a little choppy with integrated video you know and move with one of these you re gonna be able to get smooth and consistent playback and a lot of those jaggies around the edges are gonna look a lot smoother with this card so let me reiterate if you re a casual gamer. Just someone who wants to be able to use dual monitors or get in there and play some of those directx 10 games. This is a great card for you randy.

I bet you wish you had dual monitors. Don t you yeah. Yeah..


Well maybe you should get one of these do you have dual monitors. You know maybe i have maybe i will it s that medics next paycheck. Oh. I ll think about getting randy.

One of these. He s been he s been nice living you know it s his birthday coming up. So uh. Yeah.

If you guys have any questions about this send me some email logan at tiger tv. I ll see you next time for more information on the xfx geforce. 8500 gt. Go to tiger comm and type p 450.

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