$30 Budget Microphone FIFINE 669B Is It Any Good? Raw & Processed Audio Samples

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“What is going on everyone welcome back to another video and today. We have the the fie fine six six 9b usb microphone. This thing sounds pretty good and it pretty awesome for the price so without further ado. Let s go and check it out and see how it sounds so it comes in a little box like this it s pretty simple and straightforward.

Nothing crazy in the box is just a microphone the stand and the cable. There s permanently attached to the microphone. It is non detachable but they do have a couple different models and one of them does have a detachable usb cables so the cable that comes with this thing is pretty good. It s pretty solid.

It s nice and thick and it is 2 meters. Long. Which is plenty of length to pretty much reach around your system with room to spare for cable management. And if you are wondering yes to stand here is adjustable.

So. It does rotate. It does tilt up and down. And the microphone capsule itself can rotate.

As well inside. The stand itself. So you have a lot of room to adjust and basically this is a cardioid microphone. So you can speak directly into it like so and yes.

It is collapsible. So you can do a little something like this. And do some commentary videos or just pick up the microphone and talk to it like so. It makes for a pretty good handle.

And i think it works out pretty well in fact you can also take it out the whole thing and pretty much attach it to a microphone stand like those 15. New ones. And you ll end up with a pretty sleek pretty cheap solid microphone system and the last thing to talk about the stand here. Yes you can go ahead and take out the whole thing entirely and build your own system.

If you want if you re into that kind of stuff. So the microphone here s what it looks like it s pretty small it s pretty sleek and it feels pretty solid. I gotta say i think it has some weights inside. But nonetheless it feels pretty great there s nothing to talk about here.

If you got a capsule inside you get the mesh system a nice sleek body as well as an analogue gain control knob right on the front here. Which is pretty useful. And it makes this microphone and that much better on top of the fact that he uses a simple usb cable. Which makes it even more accessible compared to the other cheap.

System where you buy a cheap amp and a 1500 microphone. And you hook. It up and all that stuff this is a much much simpler solution..


I haven t mentioned this but this is around 40 canadian dollars. I ll have the prices right here and if you re wondering guess we will be comparing it to the blue yeti that i had for a while you can see it s pretty tall and there you go side by side. It s pretty damn shiny and this is what it would look like with the included stand compared to the blue yeti. So that said.

There s nothing much to do but go ahead and hook. It up to my computer talking to it spit. Some words and see what it sounds like compared to the blue yeti and see if there are any problems with it and will probably compare them to my audio technica 2035 system. Which is pretty expensive.

It s got a shock man and all that stuff but out of the box. These will be much simpler to use. But yeah i was gonna do that alright so in front of us we have the three microphones gonna be testing down and comparing to the feet 5 6. 6.

9. Be from the left side. We had the audio technica 20 35. My phone with the shark man and the pop filter.

We re gonna go ahead and take the pop filter off and test it out with the other microphones here and that was actually hooked up to my mixer. Then we have obviously the blue yeti. Which is the most popular option and finally of course. We have a few five six six nine be and i will be adjusting all of them to get just the right amount of volume using the gay knobs.

So anyways all of them are hooked up. And we have currently the windows volume levels set to 100. So everything here is nice and even so that said let s go ahead and see how they sound let s go. This is i know sort test for the audio technica 2035 microphone that is currently hooked up to my mg 12 uxg.

Omaha mixer. Everything is set to normal except for the gain levels and with that said here s what the noise store sounds like keep in mind that my computer is currently running beside the microphone and it does produce some humming noises. But you should give you an idea of what things sound like and this is what it sounds like three feet away alright. So here.

We are we are now set to 75 percent volume level in windows. And this is what the blue yeti sounds like one foot away from the microphone. It sounds pretty good it takes a lot of tweaking to get this microphone right. But it is a good microphone.

It does sound pretty great a lot of people use it and in my opinion. It sounds pretty good. But there were hope things that i did not like about it such as the usb cable. It s a mini usb cable.

Not a usb tybee. Which is what you d expect for something like this that is more durable and believe it or not mini usps are very fragile and they end up breaking at some point. And the yeti..


Without its microphone stand looks pretty terrible especially with this color. That i have here anyways once again this is one foot away from microphone. So going it back up to about three feet away from the microphone here s where it sounds like and two meters away from microphone. I know i m trolling you will these metrics.

That s what it sounds like one two three hippity hop hops could be about and who we are three meters away from microphone. It is currently set at the corridor pattern. That s what it sounds like in case. You i do some community effect well your voiceovers already commentaries or whatever you want to do with this microphone alright.

So here is the fee five six six nine beam microphone it does take some adjustments. But it s very simple at the same time. It is actually very sensitive in fact you have to actually drop the gain knob all the way down. If you want any usable audio.

Otherwise everything will just peak instantly. If you ve adjusted by a millimeter. It make a big difference in terms of how your audio will sound like which means of course. There is no compression.

Which means you got to be really careful this microphone. If you try to shout or you get a clap. It will easily peak and will break your audio. So anyways once again.

We are currently one foot away from the microphone. And yes. We will also have a microphone test where we ll be talking close to the microphones. So currently that s where it sounds like one foot away.

And if you re wondering yes. We ll be doing a close up microphone test so anyways once again. We are one foot away from the microphone here s what it sounds like and now we re gonna be moving away about three feet away from the microphone. This is what it sounds like and now we were standing two meters away from the microphone here and lastly three metres away from the microphone.

Hello. Can you hear me alright. So. That said.

Let s go ahead and move on to the close up microphone test alright so. This is the close up microphone test getting up real close and personal would the microphone would the 80 20. 35. As can hear everything is nice and boomy and probably.

There s a lot of pops and skipty pops right there you know because i have no pop filter. It sounds pretty good you definitely need a pop filter. Oh that said here s some asmr and here s another noise for tests..


Here is a pop and here s a tap and that should give you a pretty good idea have this microphone sounds again it s all gonna depend on your voice your environment and your settings on how you set up your microphone. And of course. How close you re talking to it. And now.

Here s get a nother microphone test testing out the blue yeti and this is what it sounds like as you can hear it sounds pretty bumi. And it might even sound better than the 2035 microphone with that said. If you re wondering i have readjusted all the settings for all these microphones to accommodate for this type of recording style and basically all i did was drop the gain knob. So that said here s some a some more but anyways here s a noise floor test.

And finally here s a puff here the tap and here s a pop and there you go. That s what the yet it sounds like up close about an inch away from the microphone and finally let s go ahead. And see what the fee finds six six nine bees sounds like up close alright. So now we are talking through the fee five six six nine b microphone.

I am currently about an inch and a half away from the microphone and that is because if i get too close would they gain upset you about ten percent it s gonna very distorted. Then seems like that is actually because of the microphone doing some internal processing. So what ends up happening is even though on your computer. The volume levels are not peaking and instead of something like audacity if you re recording a voiceover.

It s still gonna sound like it is flipping. And this is what clipping sounds like basically. The microphone capsule or the internal hardware of the microphone. It s not keeping up with the overwhelming sound pressure that is being pushed and that is usually when the gain knob comes into play.

Well that said. I ve already set the microphone knob. All the way down to about again seven to ten percent and this is the lowest that i can get because if you go too. Low your microphone will just turn off completely.

And no audio will be pushed. Well that said here is what it sounds like and again. I am two inches away from the microphone as you can hear there s a plane flying by maybe you can hear it maybe not that said here is a noise floor test. And that should give you a pretty good idea of how it sounds all right so the current on your recording.

That you re currently listening to has been recorded with a pop filter at the same time have added the audio to increase the quality remove the noise use some compression do some normalization and add some bass to give you a pretty good general idea of how this microphone would sound. If you plan to use this for some voiceover work of course. You can use this for voice chat. Which if you are using this chord.

It will automatically do some noise translation in the background. But even then whoever you re talkin to will most likely not notice a noise in the background. But instead will not assume your microphone. So once again.

If you want to do voiceover work definitely get yourself a pop filter. It will help you out a whole lot it will improve the audio quality and it will definitely help you clean up your audio overall and since this microphone is very sensitive it will make it much much harder for your microphone to peak and distort. When you re speaking loudly so hopefully..


This gives you a pretty good general idea of how this microphone is sound grab yourself a pop filter get audacity and maybe grab. Yourself a 1500 microphone stand and you will end up with a pretty nice microphone system that you can use for voice chat at the same time for voiceovers. If you plan to do any youtube videos and such things. Again.

The only problem that i have with this thing is probably the noise in the background. It is very easy to remove in post. But with that said it doesn t sound too bad at all so all that being said that concludes. The recording part of the video.

Let s go ahead and jump back to the review table and wrap this video up. So let s go well guys. That is actually pretty much it for this video. So hopefully.

The recordings that have done help you out and considering this microphone synced. It s worth getting and what would sound like if you plan to do some voiceovers once again it makes for a fantastic microphone for voice chat. One thing for sure is that it s going to definitely sound much better than gaming headset. But at the same time we re gonna capture a whole lot of noise around your environment.

If you have a loud computer. That is sitting right beside. It a lawn mower a dog even your family yes without a doubt is gonna definitely pick up all that noise so you gotta be really careful of this microphone. Although it is a condenser microphone as you have heard it is a very sensitive microphone and although it has some interference inside the hardware itself inside of here.

It s not terrible if you re using something like this cord. It s gonna automatically do some noise reduction and all that good stuff so your audio is gonna sound much better than it is when air is recorded wrong at the same time if you plan to do some voiceovers or some commentaries or use it for youtube. It s definitely not gonna be a terrible option. And it s something that is definitely worth considering for its price.

So that s that guys that is pretty much it for this video. If you plan to get this microphone definitely get yourself a pop filter like this one from amazon. And if you want to step it up further you can go ahead and add a microphone stand for about 15. And if you wanna step it up even even further you can go ahead and grab their higher end model.

Which has a detachable cable. So once again that is pretty much it for this video. If you have any questions do let me know in the comment section below. And i ll get back to you as soon as i can with that said.

Thank you all for watching. If you have enjoyed this video. Please hit the like button and subscribe mccourt like this and i ll see you guys. ” .


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