4.95 Nintendo New 3DS – Can I Fix It?

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“Everyone how s it going elliott s here again in today s video. We re re gonna be doing something pretty ridiculous. I bought a box or a bag of 3ds parts so the name new 3ds isn t me being clickbait a lot of people have said that for some reason. The new 3ds is actually the name of the ds.

I picked this up for four pounds and 95 pence and just to give you an idea the postage alone was three pounds so for one pound 95. Technically. I bought a bag of new 3d s. Parts now i should be completely open and honest with you guys and say that i have already opened this and i started sort of them putting it back together because i didn t know if it was gonna be worth the video.

I didn t know if i was going to make a video on this and try and fix this or try and fix the other one. I ve made a couple of videos on because that one has various different problems. Included rounding screws missing screws snap screws so i just thought if i buy this i might be able to use this housing on my one that i d be making those videos on and then maybe make a slightly better condition new three yes. But it turns out this one had a few signs of life.

Which gave me some hope let s see what we ve got so. The listing was very very vague. There was six pictures in total three of which were of the exact same thing. So here.

It is it s a white one we ve got the face plates. There s a bunch of screws flying all over the place. I have a bad feeling. There s one falling on the floor right here.

So we ll put that back we ve got both the face base both of which look pretty good a couple of scratches. But that s definitely not a big deal. We ve got the motherboard here these on their own are worth a fair amount so if i wanted to just sell this if it wasn t gonna you know get fixed..


Then i definitely definitely made my money back so we ve got the touch screen here or the bottom screen. I should say we ve got the battery. We ve got the micro sd card reader. This is the cart slot reader we don t know if that even works yet i haven t tested that we have got the stylus.

We have the power button the analog stick and a few more screws and that is pretty much our lot. So definitely all good things the inside of the 3ds. Although very very dirty doesn t appear to be scratched. Although i m not going to clean it until it is all put together for the sake of a nice rewarding sort of feeling at the end the first port of call.

I think it s just going to be put this together see what sort of condition. It s going to be in and see what works see what doesn t work and then we ll sort of go from there so let s go ahead. And do that all right so moment of truth that does it power on i m pretty certain. It is get any power on because as i said.

I did have a little look at it which is a shame. I wish i d sort of looked at it completely raw okay so immediately that happens i m not sure why it does that one thing. I have done is unhooked the joystick because it wasn t doing anything anyway obviously i had broken you know bit of plastic sticking in there it seems to calm down this seems to calm down. I m.

After a little while as you can see it is now okay um. I ve ordered another joystick because obviously i want to use this. I m probably gonna sell the other one that i did loads of work to just because it s it s still not in great condition and this is pretty immaculate and unfortunately the screen has a load of damage. But i do believe it might be a screen protector and what i want to do is just put that to the test.

Oh there we go oh. My goodness me okay. Here s a screen protector..


So underneath. It is immaculate. Wow. Okay.

I do need to give it a clean. I was do i need to give the top screen to clean in as well because as you can see it s covered in fingerprints. But let s just see what else if anything is wrong with this thing. What we shall do first things first because it s quite important is see if it plays a game not sure which way this goes in there we go does it recognize the game.

If it does it ll play i m sure there we go immediately amazing right before. We do that all this software is restricted by the parental controls. Oh no okay. That s going to be annoying.

We re gonna have to get rid of that okay so we need to remove the parental controls thing. Which is quite simple we re just going to parental controls forget pin and then i forgot and we should have a code. We re not gonna be able to connect to the internet. There we go oh no that s not it maybe it won t get me there we go okay.

There s the code. So then you go on to this website. Nke. Y dot s.

Alt. Hacks. Dot..


Org. You can see it up there. And if you just device type choose that i think 3d s. Is what we want system date.

So it s the first of the first so. But that s probably because the batteries just come out of it. So you would just set that to the first at the first and then inquiry. Number is to go we should then be able to get a code which we will have a look up here so there it is mine is 5 to 9 97.

And if we click ok master key confirmed and i do feel like a hacker right now so we re gonna go over to here choose a four digit pin very very simple 0 0. 0. 0. Okay so the final thing to do then is to reset it which to do that you go into other settings.

Go all the way over to the end for my system memory enter. The pin and then after this we ll be able to check if the 3d actually works. So i m just going to get a charger as well because we re in red right now so back into the system settings slide that up to the top click next. Okay.

So the 3d are obviously works. I m going to do this off. Camera real quick. Wow.

I absolutely cannot believe it i have completely put. The thing back together in total there was three screws missing. It was three tri ring screws and they were fought the sd card the little sd card reader that that goes in the back..


However it s held down by the faceplate anyway. And it doesn t it doesn t seem to affect it or anything. I haven t got an sd card plugged in but the brick connector holds it in fine anyway so i need to find some replacement screws for that it also it didn t have the two rubber feet that go into the little back part there. But that s probably not a big deal either obviously.

The screws are in there. And it s nice and intact. This thing is absolutely in mint condition and i can t think why anyone would sell this for four pounds. I can t think why this was taken apart to begin with you know my guess is it had a parental control on it and it was sold on ebay.

My guess is a father or mother tried to fix this for their son and couldn t and then just thought screw it we ll work on ebay and buying another one because there s no damage to it obviously. The only thing thing with the damage was that joystick. I need to find out why the cursor. If you will sort of goes all over the place when you turn it on initially that could be down to the fact that there is now no joystick plugged in or it could be something else.

So. That s something that is just going to need a little bit of testing. But other than that i m super super happy of this thing seriously over the moon of it to pick up a ds now for the four quid is just absolutely ridiculous as you can see it is going a little bit crazy. But that does calm down eventually and then there we go no it works absolutely fine.

So i ll buy a new joystick. I ll whack that in there i ll keep you updated via my facebook page you want to join that links in the description. Thank you very much for watching this i really hope you have enjoyed this probably isn t going to be a regular series. Because i can t imagine i m gonna find many working consoles in a bag.

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