All-New Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2018) Unboxing & Review

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“Because from the text bird and i m here. With amazon s all new fire fire hd. 8. Tablets.

Latest 80 pound affordable family tab. Which will be available on. But cody you care from october. The 4th gonna get fully unbox.

Now a bit of a whizz through the hardware and the software. So you know exactly what to expect first of all it s just peel back this little tab here. So inside the box. Nice and straightforward.

You get obviously the tumbler itself. And in here. You get a micro usb. Charging cable.

And you actually do get a three pin plug as well which i wasn t expecting normally manufacturers can be a bit tight and actually provides an adapter so that s always good to see a specially for like any quid price point. And then just your typical quick set up guide. Nice and straight forwards as you can see here. I have the red model of fire hd.

Each you can pick it up in a couple of different hues. As well you can get it in black blue and yellow are all nice vibrant colors as you can see they re just affirming. The fact that it is a family tab. And it is nice and rugged as well these fire h.

These normally withstand the test of time in take you bangs and bumps. And you can actually pick it up in a kid s edition. Which is basically the exact same tablet..


But it comes with a kind of a rubbery bumper thing to properly like baby proof. It there s of course just plastic. As you d expect this sort of price point as i say that s plastic servicing should hopefully stay pretty pristine all of the action is over here on this. Edge here you ve got your power button your volume rocker.

35. Mill. Headphone jack and your micro usb charging port over on this side. You ve got dual speakers and then if we flip it around you have a nice bit of micro sd memory card slot action as well just nicely covered up so it doesn t get full of dust and muck as you see you just slip your card in there nice and easy.

Let s see if it s got any gas in the tank. And then we can have a bit of an explorer of the oh hello. In just the noise. As you can see already nicely covered in fingerprints.

Just from a minutes worth of handling typical stuff at upwards 363. Grams. So it s nice and light definitely even like smaller children won t have any problems or holding. It clutching it for an extended periods or goods welcome into file just get it all set up now and then we can have a bit of an explore the rest of the hardware and the software right so as you can see there we ve got the fire hd.

It s all set up and now we re into a little handy tutorial. So if you used and amazon fire tablet. Before just shows you exactly all you need to know about them layouts and everything those you can see pretty straightforward stuff. It s set up by basically categories.

Unlike most tablets where it s busy just you can choke whatever ups you want on there as you can see your home screen features some of your more favorite stuff. It s just kind of populated with whatever right now because obviously haven t been using it you can quickly flip to any books that you want on amazon to the prime video stuff to good games as well if you ve downloaded any games from the amazon app store and then of course. There is your access to the shop to buy pretty much wherever you want everyday life your access to prime music and everything as well a bit of audible action. So you can probably already see that the fire.

Hd is definitely well designed for someone who has a prime subscription or uses a lot of amazon s services. If you don t read any kindle books you don t have audible. And you don t have prime video or music things like that then the functionality is definitely more limited and as i say..


It is basically set up for someone who uses a lot of those amazon services. Let s explore the hardware a little bit more so first of all the 8 inch display. It s an hd display. It s 1280 by 800 it s not full hd.

If you want to footage the via tablet. You ll have to upgrade to the fire hd. 10. That one is full hd can i see it hd.

Any more in this video. I ll certainly try as you can see there even though it is just your bog standard hd. Visuals are pretty crisp colors are sort of reasonably punchy for a budget device as well so definitely not too shabby. So we ve got a bit of dr.

Strange on the go here. As you can see nice shop visuals. Unfortunately in top brightness. Which is what this is on right now definitely leaves a little bit to be desired.

If you re going to be needing a tablet to watch stuff outdoors. Then that s going to be pretty pretty tricky to make out this is definitely best used indoors. But again for a budget 80 quid tab not too shabby at all if we just boost up the volume as well as you can see it s got a yank a bit punch to it so hopefully should be fine. Even if you re in quite.

A noisy household. So actually powering the fire hd. 8. Well amazon s have been rather.

Big. On that. Front..


It s. Apparently a 13. Gigahertz quad core chipset and that s as much as they ve told us. But i m assuming it s just a bog standard mediatek as usual seems to be apps.

That you find so far touchwood. I m expecting your little stutter and stammer. And as far as games or concern. You probably won t be able to play the latest action packed by proper 3d efforts but certainly for your simple sort of puzzle games things like that and obviously.

Reading books watching video or things like that it ll do the job. I just won t point five gigs of ram in here as well so certainly in terms of multitasking and everything. It s gonna struggle a bit. So probably once you re done with in app.

You re best off just ditch in it and then moving on to the next. One amazon also hasn t actually revealed the size of the battery inside of this thing. But it has says that you should get around 10 hours of mixed use per choice or better video action playing with apps. Things like that since then i was pretty good pretty standard for a tablet of this size and of course.

You ve got usual low power mode and stuff for when you need it. However. Amazon has also stated that this fire hd. Eight charges fully in under six hours.

Which is pretty bad i mean if it s gonna take more than five hours between five and six hours definitely want to leave it charged an overnight otherwise you re basically stuffed as for the storage space you get trace villains. 16 or 32. It s a 16 gig model is eighty quid if you want that 32 gig model that ll be an extra 20 quid for a hundred pounds here in the uk. But of course you do have that microsd expandable ti.

So to be honest. Why would you even bother. And if you want to do a little bit of skyping with friends family..


Things like that you do have a two megapixel front facing camera as well and there s also a two megapixel rear camera. Which you can swap between so we ve pretty basic visuals and everything from that. But it s as they absolutely find us for a quick and simple skype session and of course. This wouldn t be an amazon device without full alexa support.

So if you see it alexa boom. There we go she pops into life and just listens for whatever you want so for instance alexa. What s the weather going to be like tada. One of the fresh new features on the all new fire hd is the shore mode as well and this ties in nicely with the dock.

Which i ll also be doing a full unboxing with so go check that out if you want to know more about the dock itself you can get that with the tablet for just an extra thirty quid pretty solid value for money. However. Even if you don t have the dock you can just stick it into shore mode at any points by pull down the notifications and tapping that little switch and what this does is this you just creates a sort of a almost like a four door frame that styled display. Nice and straightforward so as you can see just displays the time and the weather and you can swipe the screen and bring up any headlines.

Things like that as well and of course you still get that full alexa support. As well. Satnam. Nutshell is the new amazon fire hd.

It fresh for 2018 just get it off that short as you can see basically it sort of a minor upgrade on the previous fire hd. It s definitely stay tuned for the full unboxing that dock. Certainly if you want a simple family tab for 80 quid. This will do the job so thanks for watching.

And don t forget to hit subscribe for more on the list and greatest uk tech and love you bye. ” ..

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