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” s take a few moments to talk about chromebooks and bookmarks. When you are on on your chromebook. You re logged in to chrome and so one of the things you can do that s very convenient is that you can start bookmarking things. And that any time you log into chrome on other chromebooks or on a desktop.

If you log into chrome. You will actually be able to have the same bookmarks everywhere. So it synchronizes your bookmarks across devices as long as you re logged into chrome. So how do we begin bookmarking well first of all i ve gone to a site that i want to bookmark and this is new york times com.

Maybe that s somewhere i go to check the news every day and i don t want to have to type it in i want to just click and go you ll notice on the right side next to the url in this omnibox that there s a little star and if you hover it says bookmark. So i m gonna go ahead and click there and one of the things that you ll notice is that you ll see bookmarks bar. When you first start using bookmarks. The bookmarks bar folder is going to show up.

And what this means is if i save this here. It s going to show up in the bookmarks bar. So i m going to go ahead and click done you ll notice it put it right here in the bar. Now if you re a person that doesn t see their bookmarks bar.


You re going to want to go to the kebab or to the corndog menu. Then you will go to bookmarks and you will choose show bookmarks bar. So if there s not a checkmark. There as soon as you click that your bar will show up so now i have the new york times.

There and anytime. I m on another website when i click there it ll get directly there. But i know that logo very well i don t even need the words next to it because that tea is very distinctive. So i can do a double finger tap a light tap to get my right click.

And i can actually go to edit. And this title here is very long so i m actually going to delete that name now of course. I m going to leave the website there but i m just deleting the name and i m gonna click save and i want you to see what happens so now what s happened is now i just have that just the tea on the bar. Because i know that s the new york times.

So if you have icons that you recognize anytime. The favicon is very distinctive you can actually remove that text and you can show that it s just the website with the icon and not any text. So now let s talk about folders because once you start adding a lot of things to this bookmarks bar. It s gonna get crowded so let s talk about creating folders now you can do a right click and you can go to add folder this way or if you re already at another site for example.


I m going to go to scholastic comm. Because there s a site that i visit a lot there and once i m at this website. If i want to bookmark it. But i don t yet have a folder down where it says folder and i have bookmarks bar.

There i m going to click. There. And i m actually going to go to choose another folder. When i click on choose another folder.

There s the option to add a new folder. There so i m gonna call this my class websites because i m gonna store the sites that i use with my class the most often in this folder. So after i have it there you ll notice as i click on it the little folders open up so that shows you which folder the bookmark is going to go into so i ve got it in class websites and i m gonna click save so now when i go up to the top of my bookmarks bar i see class websites and if i click on that i ll see that it opens up. And there s a list of websites here.

Now that name of that site is very long so i can do the right click. There and go to edit. And maybe i just want to call this scholastic. It doesn t need all that other stuff it s just scholastic so then i click save and now when i go back to my folder has a shorter name so anytime.


I go to a site. Now that i want to add to this so here s my scholastic kids news site. I want to add to this class website list. I ll go up click the star and it will show the last folder that i use.

But you always open that folder either go down to choose another and create one or find the folder that you want to place the link in change. The name. If you want and click done so now. When i go back to class websites.

I have several things in there now as you start to add things you can click and drag these around so. If you wanted to move them around in different places. You can do that you can also drag and drop things into folders. So if i wanted this new york times icon to actually go into my tech resources folder.

I could drop it inside the folder. If i wanted to so now i have to go inside that folder to get to my new york times or i can drag it back out and put it back on the bar. So these are drag and drop. Once you get them there now on the left hand side.


You will always have http and c or. Bookmarks if you re logged in to. Chrome with your http and. Corg.

Account. Different schools. Have a little bit different options of what s in their bookmarks folder. That s pushed down from the district.

But these are some places that you don t have to make folders for or bookmarks for because they re already bookmarked for you so have fun playing with the with bookmarks and being able to sync those across chrome. So that it s easy to take all those favorite websites with you and organize them so that you re ready to quickly browse whenever. ” ..


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