Bose SoundLink Mini 2 Review & Sound Test

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“Is the bose soundlink mini inside of the box. It comes with the charging cable. Cable. A power adapter.

The speaker and a charging stand. So there are two ways can charge the speaker with the micro usb. Charging cable or with the charging stand. Which makes everything so much easier you just drop.

The speaker on the stand. And then you re charging the speaker since we re talking about charging. Let s talk about the battery light. The speaker lasted over 14 hours when i was playing music at 45 percent volume and on a day to day use i get one week.


Worth of use out of a single charge this speaker. Feels like a brick. It has a single piece aluminum casing which feels durable and compact. And yeah.

It just feels like a quality speaker. So the speaker s got dual passive radiators and a high efficiency transducer. The transducer is custom made for the speaker. It moves twice as much air compared to a typical transducer and more air movement means more powerful sounds so yeah the speaker sounds amazing for its size i have no complaints about the sound quality.

I m actually impressed by how good and loud the speaker can get rich bass. Balanced sound and no distortion even at max volume. Let s do a quick sound test. Tk s macbook.


Pro alright here. We go let s do a sound test. Volume is gonna be a 50. So right now.

I m about two feet away from the speakers. Let s turn it up to 75. Okay. Let s play another.

Song distortion. Even playing music at max volume. Let s play one more song. It s going to be classical closing their dumb part.


I can hear the field of vibration on the door. I don t know what the girl is made out of but it feels like metal and all of the control buttons are on top of the speaker. The button in the middle is a multifunctional button. Which you can use to go back and forward on a track and also pause and play your music.

Which you can also use to answer calls and also use voice assistant. Because this has a built in microphone. I appreciate that led lights indicating the battery life and also the connectivity this speaker. Does talk a lot so it s a good thing.

When i turn it on it tells me that it s powered on how much battery. I have left and it also tells me what devices i m connected to that 70 so overall this speaker. Sounds amazing and it s very compact which i really love about this speaker. I can take it on the go with me.


And it just has a massive sound for it you know the size of the speaker of course. There s probably other cheaper speakers. That s gonna produce louder sound. But it s not gonna be as compact as this speaker and it probably won t come with a charging stand either so if that makes a difference for you do check out the bose soundlink mini.

Oh yeah. This speaker is not waterproof. So that s like the only downside to it for people who like to take this outdoors. And yeah.

It s not really a rugged speaker because ” ..

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